Ladakh’s Nyoma: Unveiling the Apex Combat Airfield


Ladakh’s Nyoma: Unveiling the Apex Combat Airfield Triumphs of the Border Roads Organisation Daring to tread where few have ventured? This epitomizes the very essence of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO). Embarking on the magnum opus of fashioning the loftiest fighter airfield in Nyoma, amidst the arresting vistas of Ladakh, India audaciously proclaims its pledge … Read more

Uttar Pradesh Current Affairs

Uttar Pradesh Current Affairs

Uttar Pradesh Current Affairs-September 4, 2023 Questions: Answers: Uttar Pradesh Current Affairs- January 3, 2022 Watch some important aspects of Uttar Pradesh Current Affairs 1- Prime Minister Narendra Modi lay the groundwork for the Major Dhyan Chand Sports University in Meerut on Sunday (January 2, 2022). (Uttar Pradesh). The prime minister was joined by Uttar … Read more

Agriculture Current Affairs

Agriculture Current Affairs

Watch some of the Agriculture Current Affairs in the form of quiz questions with answers:- August 18, 2023 What health benefits does Joha rice offer?Answer: Prevents type 2 diabetes and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids which work against heart disease. How many adults were affected by diabetes in 2021 according to the International Diabetes … Read more

Ashoka Chakra: India’s Symbol of Enlightenment and Unity

Ashoka Chakra

Ashoka Chakra: India’s Symbol of Enlightenment and Unity The Ashoka Chakra, an emblem prominent in Indian iconography, finds its origins in the representation of the Dharmachakra, a seminal concept within Buddhism symbolizing the “Wheel of Dharma” or the pathway towards enlightenment. Historically, this emblematic representation can be traced to numerous edicts of Emperor Ashoka, with … Read more

Telangana Current Affairs-2023

Latest Current Affairs One Liners

Telangana Current Affairs-2023 Who chairs the officials committee appointed by the Telangana State government for enhancing milling capacity and auctioning excess paddy? Answer: Chief Secretary A Shanti Kumari.How many members are there in the committee formed by the Telangana government for paddy-related recommendations? Answer: Five members.What government decision led to the formation of the officials … Read more

Latest Haryana GK Questions-2023

Latest Haryana GK Questions

Latest Haryana GK Questions-2023 What compensation rate did the Congress’ Haryana unit demand for farmers affected by floods? Answer: Rs 40,000 per acre. Who disbursed relief material among villagers in Dudhan Sadhan and Patran areas of Patiala, Punjab? Answer: Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament and Chairman of Sun Foundation. What is the monthly pension … Read more