World Current Affairs 2023

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World Current Affairs 2023

  1. What was the historic low external debt-to-GDP ratio of Russia by the end of the first quarter? Answer: 15 per cent.
  2. By what percentage did Fiji witness an increase in tourist arrivals for June 2023 compared to June 2019? Answer: 11 per cent.
  3. Which active volcano in the Philippines could be affected by heavy rain from an approaching tropical depression potentially turning into a super typhoon? Answer: Mayon volcano.
  4. Which political party in Cambodia held a massive rally to mark the end of the campaign for the general election on July 23? Answer: The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).
  5. How many people were killed and injured in a stabbing spree near Sillim subway station in Seoul? Answer: One man killed and three others wounded.
  6. What was the age range of the victims in the deadly shooting incident in Auckland, New Zealand? Answer: Two men in their 40s.
  7. How much funds were approved by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for the general elections? Answer: Over $149 million.
  8. How many people affected by sexual exploitation and abuse were assisted by the UN trust fund formed in 2016? Answer: 43,000 people.
  9. According to the government report, what two trends were revealed about Australians’ living conditions? Answer: Australians are living longer, but housing is taking up more of their income.
  10. Which department released the annual report of the Trust Fund in Support of Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse? Answer: The UN Department of Management Strategy, Policy, and Compliance.

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