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Science and Technology Bits- April 25, 2024

One-Liner Questions

  1. How many ICICI Bank customers had their credit card data exposed?
  2. What action did ICICI Bank take after the exposure of customer credit card data?
  3. What was exposed via the ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay app?
  4. What risks does malaria pose during pregnancy?
  5. When is World Malaria Day observed?
  6. What is the deadliest malaria parasite?
  7. How often have Indian organizations been attacked by hackers recently?
  8. What percentage of attacks on companies originate from emails?
  9. What was the percentage of malicious files distributed via email in the last month?
  10. What unique claim was made about a 72-year-old American who underwent a TKR procedure?
  11. What challenges do overweight individuals face in accessing TKR?
  12. How might rare gene variants influence Parkinson’s disease risk?
  13. What program did Google open applications for in India?
  14. What recent restriction did the RBI impose on Kotak Mahindra Bank?
  15. What was Tech Mahindra’s profit after tax for FY24?
  16. How much did ACC Limited’s profit increase year-on-year?
  17. What new model did BMW launch in India?
  18. What colors is the BMW i5 M60 xDrive available in?
  19. What strategic supports are essential for India’s semiconductor journey?
  20. What is the projected timeline for India to meet its semiconductor demand?
  21. What percentage of Indians have encountered deepfake political content?
  22. What are the health risks associated with emulsifiers in food?
  23. When will the Alienware x16 R2 be available for purchase in India?
  24. How much is Swiggy planning to raise through its IPO?
  25. What common gene module is shared by depression and cardiovascular disease?


  1. At least 17,000.
  2. The bank blocked the affected cards and is issuing new ones.
  3. Credit card details, including full number and CVV, were exposed.
  4. Significant risks to the brain development of babies.
  5. April 25 every year.
  6. Plasmodium falciparum.
  7. On average 2,444 times per week.
  8. Over 90%.
  9. 62%.
  10. He is the heaviest-weighed patient to undergo such surgery.
  11. Increased surgical risks and technical complexities.
  12. They may explain why some with high exposure develop the disease while others do not.
  13. ‘Startups Accelerator: AI First’ program.
  14. It barred the bank from taking new customers online and issuing fresh credit cards.
  15. Rs 2,358 crore, down 51.2% year-on-year.
  16. 378%.
  17. BMW i5 M60 xDrive.
  18. Alpine White, M Brooklyn Grey, M Carbon Black, Cape York Green, Phytonic Blue, Black Sapphire, Sophisto Grey, Oxide Grey, and Mineral White.
  19. Providing strategic support for chip design firms, enhancing funding mechanisms, and investing in refurbished fabrication units.
  20. By 2029.
  21. 22%.
  22. Risks include cancers and type 2 diabetes.
  23. From April 25.
  24. Up to Rs 10,414 crore.
  25. They partly develop from the same gene module.

  1. Which hospital performed the Total Knee Replacement on a 72-year-old American?
  2. What did the UCLA study find about Parkinson’s disease and pesticides?
  3. What is the main focus of Google’s ‘Startups Accelerator: AI First’ program?
  4. What was the reason behind RBI’s action against Kotak Mahindra Bank?
  5. What were Tech Mahindra’s revenue and EBITDA for the last fiscal year?
  6. How did ACC Limited achieve a lifetime high annualized profit?
  7. What strategic milestone is India aiming to achieve in the semiconductor industry by December?
  8. What percentage of Indians are concerned about AI-powered deepfakes?
  9. What diseases are linked to the gene module shared by depression and cardiovascular disease?
  10. What new product did Dell Technologies launch in India?

Additional Answers

  1. Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai.
  2. Found that some rare gene variants were enriched in patients with severe Parkinson’s disease who also had high pesticide exposure.
  3. To provide three months of equity-free support to startups using artificial intelligence.
  4. Due to failures in implementing robust technology.
  5. Rs 51,996 crore and Rs 4,965 crore, respectively.
  6. Through improvements in volume, cost, and efficiency parameters.
  7. The first ‘Make in India’ semiconductor chip.
  8. 75% of Indians are concerned about deepfakes.
  9. About 280 million people have depression, and 620 million people have cardiovascular disease.
  10. Alienware x16 R2, a gaming laptop powered by the latest Intel Core Ultra processor.

Science and Technology Bits- April 11, 2024

One-liner Questions

  1. Who is set to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi for investments in India’s EV space?
  2. How much revenue could Tesla generate in India by 2030?
  3. What did PM Modi convince Elon Musk to consider building in India?
  4. Which company announced the expansion of its India Technology Centre (ITC)?
  5. For what purpose will the Multi-Vehicle Simulator (MVS) be used at CNH’s ITC?
  6. On what day is World Parkinson’s Day observed?
  7. What kind of diet is recommended for managing Parkinson’s disease?
  8. Which tech giant sent threat notifications about mercenary spyware attacks?
  9. Which smartphone manufacturers announced collaboration with Google on AI model Gemini 1.0 Ultra?
  10. What did Elon Musk share on X regarding his meeting with PM Modi?
  11. How much is Tesla’s potential investment for a manufacturing plant in India?
  12. Which states are considered for Tesla’s EV manufacturing in India?
  13. What did Elon Musk claim about X platform and Brazilian law?
  14. What percentage of lung cancer cases occur in non-smokers?
  15. Who were appointed as members of the UGC for a three-year term?
  16. Which two companies partnered to create an AI chip software ecosystem?
  17. How much funding did IIT Hyderabad’s CfHE raise?
  18. Which console market player became the top in 2023?
  19. How is Prime Minister Narendra Modi expected to impact the gaming industry in India?
  20. What campaign targets Android users with fake messaging apps?
  21. Who was appointed as CEO of Wipro’s Americas 1 Strategic Market Unit?
  22. How many Biryani orders did Swiggy receive during Ramzan?
  23. Which edtech startup announced workforce cuts as part of a restructuring exercise?
  24. What alliance was formed to boost India’s semiconductor industry?
  25. What service did Meta India introduce for DTC commuters in Delhi-NCR?
  26. Which was the most popular home appliances brand in the US last year?


  1. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.
  2. $3.6 billion.
  3. A Tesla plant and a global supply chain system.
  4. CNH.
  5. Ergonomics simulation, user experience testing, customer clinics, design reviews, and product validation.
  6. April 11.
  7. A well-balanced diet with whole foods, lean protein, beans and legumes, and whole grains with adequate hydration.
  8. Apple.
  9. OnePlus and OPPO.
  10. Musk announced his visit to India to meet PM Modi.
  11. $2-3 billion.
  12. Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.
  13. Musk claimed X was asked to suspend accounts of Brazilian Parliament members and journalists.
  14. 15-20%.
  15. Ashish Kumar Chauhan and Sridhar Vembu, among others.
  16. Naver Cloud and Intel.
  17. $9.6 million.
  18. Sony.
  19. Revolutionize gaming in India.
  20. ‘eXotic Visit’.
  21. Malay Joshi.
  22. Close to 60 lakh.
  23. Scaler.
  24. IESA and SEMI.
  25. WhatsApp-based QR ticketing service.
  26. Samsung Electronics.

More One-liner Questions

  1. Which disease’s management was discussed on World Parkinson’s Day?
  2. What does the MVS at CNH’s ITC aim to enhance in the Indian off-highway segment?
  3. What is notable about the spyware attacks mentioned by Apple?
  4. What AI platform will OnePlus and OPPO integrate into their smartphones?
  5. Which platform did Elon Musk use to announce his visit to India?
  6. What significant action is Elon Musk expected to announce during his India visit?
  7. In what context did Elon Musk mention the US House of Representatives and Brazil?
  8. What is the primary source of radon gas exposure related to lung cancer in non-smokers?
  9. What is the professional background of Ashish Kumar Chauhan, appointed as a UGC member?
  10. What is the goal of the partnership between Naver Cloud and Intel?
  11. What does the funding for IIT Hyderabad’s CfHE aim to improve?
  12. Which company surpassed Nintendo in the gaming console market in 2023?
  13. What is the vision of PM Modi for the gaming industry in India?
  14. Who are the primary targets of the ‘eXotic Visit’ espionage campaign?
  15. What strategic move was made by Wipro in its Americas 1 Strategic Market Unit?
  16. What was unique about Swiggy’s Biryani orders during Ramzan?
  17. Why did the edtech startup Scaler cut its workforce?
  18. What is the aim of the MoU between IESA and SEMI?
  19. How does the new QR ticketing service by Meta India aim to improve commuter experience in Delhi-NCR?
  20. Which brand led the US home appliances market in sales and quantity in 2023?


  1. Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Play a key role in enhancing global operations.
  3. They are well-funded and evolve over time.
  4. Gemini 1.0 Ultra.
  5. X (formerly Twitter).
  6. Investment plans and setting up a manufacturing plant.
  7. Inquiry regarding possible law violations in Brazil.
  8. Breakdown of radioactive material underground.
  9. Mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay and alumnus of IIM Calcutta.
  10. Create an AI chip software ecosystem.
  11. Accelerate healthcare solutions development and adoption.
  12. Sony, due to PS5’s popularity.
  13. To revolutionize gaming.
  14. Android users in India and Pakistan.
  15. Appointed Malay Joshi as CEO.
  16. 15% increase compared to regular months.
  17. To reach long-term growth and sustainability.
  18. Enhance the Indian semiconductor ecosystem.
  19. Simplify transit booking and buying tickets via WhatsApp.
  20. Samsung Electronics.

Science and Technology Bits- March 25, 2024


  1. What name did the International Astronomical Union approve for the Chandrayaan-3 landing site?
  2. On what date was the Chandrayaan-3 landing site name announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
  3. What name has been given to the Chandrayaan-2 landing failure spot?
  4. Which day will be celebrated as “National Space Day” in India?
  5. What symbolizes the Moon’s Shiv Shakti point, according to PM Modi?
  6. What is considered the biggest threat to the upcoming election in India?
  7. Through what platforms are election threats expected to be shared?
  8. How many countries are facing the highest levels of election cyber interference threats this year?
  9. When did the proliferation of deepfake content surge online?
  10. What directive has the Indian government issued to social media platforms regarding deepfake content?
  11. Who found a link between diabetes control and reduced dementia risk in Alzheimer’s patients?
  12. How many startups secured funding in India last week according to Entrackr?
  13. What is a major symptom of tuberculosis (TB)?
  14. Which nuclear power plant unit was connected to the UAE’s power transmission grid?
  15. What is MTBVAC?
  16. What led to an increase in TB deaths annually?
  17. What study is being conducted in South Africa involving MTBVAC?
  18. What strategy does Samsung’s Raju Pullan believe will drive growth in India?
  19. What was Elon Musk’s opinion about OpenAI’s success?
  20. What caused the confrontation between the South Korean government and doctors?
  21. Who resigned from Stability AI to pursue ‘decentralised AI’?
  22. What delayed the Soyuz MS-25 flight to the ISS?
  23. When is the Soyuz expected to dock at the ISS?
  24. How long will Tracy C. Dyson spend aboard the ISS?
  25. Who will return to Earth in September along with Dyson?


  1. Shiva Shakti.
  2. August 28, 2023.
  3. Tiranga point.
  4. The day of the touchdown of the Vikram Lander on the Moon, August 23.
  5. A symbol of unity from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari.
  6. Misinformation and disinformation spread through AI-generated deepfakes and fake content.
  7. Social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and others.
  8. 10 countries.
  9. Late 2017.
  10. They have been urged to regulate the proliferation of AI-generated deepfake content.
  11. Narendra Kumar, an associate professor at Texas A&M University.
  12. 22 startups secured over $447 million.
  13. Coughing.
  14. The fourth unit of the South Korea-built Barakah nuclear power plant.
  15. The first live attenuated vaccine of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from a human.
  16. Health restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  17. A Phase 2 study to determine whether MTBVAC is safe in HIV infected adults.
  18. Focusing on premiumisation.
  19. He thought that the company would fail and chose to part ways.
  20. A mass resignation of medical school professors and striking trainee doctors protesting an increase in medical school enrollment quota.
  21. Emad Mostaque.
  22. A dead battery.
  23. 11:09 a.m. on Monday (March 25).
  24. Six months.
  25. Oleg Kononenko and Roscosmos’ Nikolai Chub.

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Additional Questions:

  1. What initiative has the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) taken ahead of the Lok Sabha elections regarding AI-generated deepfakes?
  2. What association did Narendra Kumar’s study highlight regarding Alzheimer’s disease?
  3. How many types of startup deals were reported last week according to Entrackr?
  4. Besides coughing, what other symptoms indicate tuberculosis (TB)?
  5. When did the Barakah nuclear power plant’s Unit 4 begin operations?
  6. What is the significance of the clinical trials of MTBVAC in India?
  7. How many annual TB deaths have risen to due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  8. What percentage of the industry’s growth does Samsung lead in regarding 5G in India?
  9. What was Sam Altman’s comment regarding Elon Musk and OpenAI?
  10. How many trainee doctors have been on strike in South Korea?
  11. Who are the interim co-CEOs of Stability AI following Emad Mostaque’s resignation?
  12. From which launch site did the Soyuz MS-25 rocket lift off?
  13. Who are the members of Expedition 70 that the Soyuz crew will join?
  14. What mission duration is scheduled for Marina Vasilevskaya aboard the ISS?
  15. What issue caused the delay of the Soyuz MS-25 flight’s initial launch attempt?

Additional Answers:

  1. The Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) has issued an advisory to social media platforms to remove AI-generated deepfakes from their platforms.
  2. The study found that diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are strongly linked, suggesting controlling or avoiding diabetes could reduce the risk of dementia in Alzheimer’s.
  3. There were nine growth-stage deals and 11 early-stage deals reported.
  4. Unexplained weight loss, fatigue, night sweats, prolonged fever, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and coughing up blood.
  5. Earlier this month, with its first megawatts of carbon-free electricity delivered on Saturday before the announcement.
  6. The trials represent the testing of the first live attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine isolated from a human.
  7. Over 1.6 million.
  8. 52 percent, indicating Samsung is advancing faster than the overall industry growth for 5G.
  9. He said that Elon Musk thought the company would fail, leading to their parting ways.
  10. More than 90 percent of the country’s 13,000 trainee doctors.
  11. Shan Shan Wong, Chief Operating Officer, and Christian Laforte, Chief Technology Officer.
  12. Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
  13. NASA astronauts Loral O’Hara, Matthew Dominick, Mike Barratt, Jeanette Epps, and Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko, Nikolai Chub, and Alexander Grebenkin.
  14. 12 days.
  15. A dead battery.

Science and Technology Bits- February 26

Questions: Science and Technology Bits

  1. Who mentioned India has become a global benchmark in fintech due to regulations?
  2. What does UPI stand for in the context of fintech services?
  3. How many Licensing Agreements for Transfer of Technology were handed over by the DRDO?
  4. What is one of the technologies transferred by the DRDO to industries?
  5. Which company partnered with Mattel to create the Barbie Flip Phone?
  6. What feature is highlighted in the Barbie Flip Phone?
  7. Which brand introduced the AI-powered Magic6 Pro smartphone?
  8. What is the primary focus of Honor’s suite of smart devices?
  9. What new device is Samsung planning to unveil at the Mobile World Congress?
  10. What does the Galaxy Ring aim to offer in terms of technology?
  11. What is the main concern with cybercriminals according to experts?
  12. What new technology is seen as a double-edged sword in cybersecurity?
  13. Where is VinFast setting up its first EV manufacturing facility in India?
  14. What unique feature did Elon Musk highlight about Tesla’s humanoid robot, Optimus?
  15. How does a flexitarian diet compare to an omnivorous diet in terms of cardiovascular risk?
  16. What will be a focal point at the Mobile World Congress 2024?
  17. In what ecosystem has augmented reality taken centre stage?
  18. What initiatives have boosted the digital India ecosystem according to Sampad Swain?
  19. What percentage of young women in India are affected by iron deficiency?
  20. What new method have hackers started using this year involving AI?
  21. What did researchers map out to understand the relation of sex to lasting love?
  22. What disease does the new simple blood test diagnose?
  23. How does GPT-4 compare to human ophthalmologists in diagnosing eye diseases?
  24. What joint venture is likely between Adani Group and Uber?
  25. How will Uber’s fleet change due to the joint venture?
  26. What did Indian researchers explore in Kaziranga National Park?
  27. What warning did the Centre issue to Google India regarding AI models?
  28. What is the significance of Kaziranga National Park in climate interpretation?
  29. How do cybercriminals exploit new technologies?
  30. What is the role of artificial intelligence in modern cybersecurity?

Answers: Science and Technology Bits Questions

  1. Harshil Mathur, CEO of Razorpay.
  2. Unified Payments Interface.
  3. 23 Licensing Agreements.
  4. Manufacturing of carbon/carbon aircraft brakes for LCA Tejas.
  5. Human Mobile Devices (HMD).
  6. Vintage chic with a dash of pink and sparkle.
  7. Honor.
  8. Empowering human-centric experiences.
  9. Galaxy Ring smart device.
  10. Personalized health care experiences using AI.
  11. The increasing frequency and complexity of cyber incidents.
  12. Artificial intelligence (AI).
  13. Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu.
  14. The robot confidently walking on the factory floor.
  15. Lower cardiovascular risk.
  16. The convergence of AI and personal computing devices.
  17. Android ecosystem.
  18. Aadhaar and Jan Dhan Yojana.
  19. Around 90%.
  20. Generative AI (GenAI) using ChatGPT and Gemini AI models.
  21. The first brain-wide map of brain regions related to lasting love.
  22. Sarcoidosis.
  23. Match and outperform human ophthalmologists.
  24. To help expand Uber’s fleet on alternative and renewable energy.
  25. Likely to grow to 200,000 vehicles.
  26. Pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs for climate interpretation.
  27. That India’s ‘Digital Nagriks’ should not be experimented on with ‘unreliable’ algorithms or AI models.
  28. A critical reserve for tropical species and gene reservoir.
  29. By exploiting new technologies to avoid being caught or noticed.
  30. Providing decision-making support in cybersecurity and other domains.

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Science and Technology Bits- February 7, 2024

  1. What is SpaceX currently being investigated for in the US?
  2. How many former employees have alleged discrimination and sexual harassment at SpaceX?
  3. Who is leading the team that identified key genes related to Parkinson’s disease in young Indians?
  4. Which journal published the trial results of a new cell therapy for ARDS caused by severe Covid-19?
  5. What are the top priorities for Indian adults in 2024 according to the Amex Trendex report?
  6. How does Meta plan to tackle AI-generated content on its platforms like Facebook and Instagram?
  7. How did a Russian man use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to find his life partner?
  8. Which Indian institute developed the beta glucosidase enzyme for biofuel production?
  9. How much did Spotify’s premium subscriber base grow by in the last quarter?
  10. How rare is Ewing’s sarcoma of the breast, and what’s the prognosis?
  11. What is the focus of the Yogi Adityanath government’s enhancement of the ‘EV Upyog’ portal?
  12. Which platform did CRED acquire on Tuesday, and what’s its significance?
  13. What percentage wage increase are Samsung’s unionized workers demanding for this year?
  14. Which sectors witnessed significant growth in AI-related hiring in India in January 2024?
  15. How much is the Yandex group’s Russia-based businesses being divested for?
  16. Which new segment did Elista enter, and what technology are their new ACs equipped with?


  1. Discrimination and sexual harassment.
  2. Seven former employees.
  3. Parkinson’s Research Alliance of India (PRAI) and MedGenome.
  4. Nature Communications.
  5. Physical and mental well-being, and personal finance management.
  6. By labeling AI-generated images and providing users with a feature to disclose AI-generated content.
  7. He used ChatGPT to run a Tinder bot that matched him with 5,239 girls.
  8. National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science & Technology (CSIR-NIIST).
  9. By 4 percent.
  10. Very rare, with a fatal prognosis in large or metastatic tumors.
  11. Promoting the use and manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (EV) in Uttar Pradesh.
  12. Kuvera, an online wealth management platform.
  13. 5.4 percent.
  14. AI, healthcare, hospitality, and FMCG.
  15. $5.2 billion.
  16. Air conditioner (AC) segment with inverter technology.

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Science and Technology Bits- January 23, 2024

One-Liner Questions: Science and Technology Bits

  1. What condition is closely related to Long Covid according to a recent study?
  2. What is ME/CFS?
  3. What percentage of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop long Covid?
  4. What behavior might indicate a sleep disorder, as suggested by a study?
  5. What is NASA’s new Mars exploration platform called?
  6. What unique feature does the Mars Aerial and Ground Intelligent Explorer (MAGGIE) have?
  7. To comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, what option is Meta providing to its users?
  8. What is the starting price of Lenovo’s new Legion 9i gaming laptop?
  9. Who is taking over as Group CFO at Udaan after Aditya Pande’s exit?
  10. How has the Indian government expedited the electronics testing process?
  11. What significant event occurred with Singapore-based Terraform Labs in the US?
  12. How many pre-bookings did Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series achieve in India within three days?
  13. What is the mortality rate of the mutant Covid-19 strain in “humanised” mice, according to a study?
  14. What new MRI technique may help people with severe depression?
  15. By when does Zomato aim to achieve 100% deliveries through electric vehicles?
  16. What was the growth rate of global connected car sales in Q3 2023?
  17. When is JAXA’s Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) scheduled to land on the Moon?

Answers: Science and Technology Bits Questions

  1. Long Covid is closely related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).
  2. ME/CFS is a post-stressor fatigue condition that can be triggered by various factors.
  3. About 10% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop long Covid.
  4. Using strategies like opening the window, drinking tea or coffee, or turning up the radio to stay alert while driving might indicate a sleep disorder.
  5. NASA’s new Mars exploration platform is called the Mars Aerial and Ground Intelligent Explorer (MAGGIE).
  6. MAGGIE is powered by solar energy and has vertical take-off/landing (VTOL) capability.
  7. Meta is allowing users to unlink their Instagram and Facebook accounts in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland.
  8. The Lenovo Legion 9i gaming laptop is launched at a starting price of Rs 449,990.
  9. Kiran Thadimarri and Vishnu Menon will take care of the CFO role at Udaan.
  10. The Indian government introduced a more efficient parallel testing process, reducing testing and registration time for electronics from 16-20 weeks to 8-12 weeks.
  11. Terraform Labs filed for bankruptcy in the US after the collapse of its cryptocurrencies UST and Luna.
  12. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series secured 250,000 pre-bookings in India in just three days.
  13. The mutant Covid-19 strain, GX_P2V, caused a 100% death rate in “humanised” mice.
  14. A new MRI technique, neuro-navigated Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS), may help ease symptoms of severe depression for at least six months.
  15. Zomato aims for 100% deliveries through electric vehicles by 2033.
  16. Global connected car sales grew by 28% in Q3 2023.
  17. JAXA’s Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) is scheduled to land on the Moon on January 19.

Science and Technology Bits- December 22, 2023

Questions: Science and Technology Bits

  1. What new safety feature has Google announced for Chrome on desktop?
  2. How does Chrome’s Safety Check feature help users?
  3. Where will Chrome display safety alerts?
  4. What changes has the FTC proposed regarding children’s data?
  5. Why are Apple’s Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 being pulled from the US store?
  6. When is Hyperloop One shutting down its operations?
  7. Has Zomato made an offer to acquire Shiprocket?
  8. What is the potential benefit of electrical stimulation of the spinal cord?
  9. How does an increase in waist measurement affect a woman’s risk of infertility?
  10. How can AI and an iPad game assist in diagnosing autism?
  11. What impact does long Covid have on heart rate variability?
  12. What is the reported offer made by Zomato to acquire Shiprocket?
  13. What is Google’s new AI support assistant chatbot?
  14. What does the Telecommunications Bill 2023 allow regarding spectrum allocation?
  15. What new feature has Samsung added to its Health app?

Answers: Science and Technology Bits

  1. Google has announced a new safety feature that automatically alerts users if their passwords saved in Chrome have been compromised.
  2. It alerts about potentially harmful extensions, outdated Chrome versions, and site permissions needing attention.
  3. Alerts will appear in the three-dot menu in Chrome.
  4. The FTC has proposed limiting the collection and use of children’s data for monetization, especially targeted advertising.
  5. Due to a patent dispute with Masimo and an impending import ban by the US ITC.
  6. December 31, with the sale of its assets and employee layoffs.
  7. Zomato denied making any offer to acquire Shiprocket, contrary to a Bloomberg report.
  8. It’s feasible, well-tolerated, and may treat depression.
  9. A woman’s risk of infertility increases by 3% for every extra 1 cm of waist measurement.
  10. AI and data from an iPad coloring game could help in the early diagnosis of autism.
  11. It can significantly impact HRV at rest and during deep breathing.
  12. Zomato reportedly made an offer close to $2 billion, but no final decision has been made.
  13. It’s a chatbot that provides product assistance and solves account issues on Google’s help pages.
  14. It allows for spectrum allocation for satellite-based services without auctions, benefiting companies like OneWeb, Starlink, and Amazon’s Kuiper.
  15. A Medications tracking feature to manage prescription and over-the-counter medications, first available in the US.

Science and Technology Bits- November 26, 2023

Questions: Science and Technology Bits

  1. How much did US online sales generate on Black Friday?
  2. What portion of Black Friday online sales came from mobile shopping?
  3. What were the best-selling categories on Black Friday?
  4. How much sales were made through ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ on Black Friday?
  5. How much did online sales total on Thanksgiving Day?
  6. How much additional venture capital did Neuralink raise recently?
  7. What new feature is WhatsApp reportedly working on for Android users?
  8. What new therapy is being developed for rare and hereditary diseases?
  9. What is the risk comparison between coal PM2.5 and PM2.5 from other sources?
  10. What was the finding of the study regarding the Covid-19 booster vaccine dose?
  11. What did a new study reveal about E. coli bacteria?
  12. Which two cryptocurrency firms associated with Justin Sun were hacked?
  13. What dramatic event occurred with Sam Altman and OpenAI?
  14. How is AI transforming India’s technological landscape?
  15. What are Microsoft’s aims regarding OpenAI and AGI?

Answers: Science and Technology Bits

  1. Black Friday generated a record $9.8 billion in US online sales.
  2. Mobile shopping accounted for $5.3 billion of the online sales.
  3. Electronics, toys, and gaming were the best-selling categories.
  4. Sales from ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ amounted to $79 million.
  5. Online sales on Thanksgiving Day totalled $5.6 billion.
  6. Neuralink raised an additional $43 million in venture capital.
  7. WhatsApp is working on a feature to display profile info in conversations.
  8. Researchers are developing gene therapy for rare and hereditary diseases.
  9. Mortality risk from coal PM2.5 is more than double that from other sources.
  10. A half dose of the Covid-19 booster vaccine produces a similar immune response with fewer side effects.
  11. E. coli bacteria are more capable of evolving antibiotic resistance than previously thought.
  12. The HTX digital currency exchange and another firm associated with Justin Sun were hacked.
  13. Sam Altman was sacked from OpenAI, joined Microsoft, and then returned to OpenAI within six days.
  14. AI in India is enhancing efficiency in business, healthcare, and education sectors.
  15. Microsoft aims to take full control of the momentum around AGI.

Science and Technology Bits- November 9, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. What percentage of consumers in India intend to shop online from D2C merchants this festive season?
  2. How much did Spinny’s losses increase to in FY23?
  3. What were the major factors contributing to Spinny’s increased expenditure in FY23?
  4. What new feature is Instagram planning to introduce for direct messages?
  5. Who announced Instagram’s new feature regarding read receipts?
  6. What is Samsung Gauss and what are its capabilities?
  7. What is the purpose of the ‘Lantern’ programme that Meta is participating in?
  8. Who led the global EV battery market in the first half of this year?
  9. What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcome regarding patent applications in India?
  10. Which celebrities are featured in the P Mark Mustard Oil ad campaign?
  11. What did Seven launch for contactless payment?
  12. What is the projected CAGR for AI in the medical devices industry from 2023 to 2027?
  13. At what price is JioPhone Prima available and where can it be purchased?
  14. What is the operating system for JioPhone Prima?
  15. How much did Info Edge lose after writing off its investment in 4B Networks Private Limited?
  16. What did the ESA’s Euclid mission recently send back?
  17. How many fake messages does an average Indian receive each day, and how much time is spent reviewing them?
  18. What percentage of Indians have clicked on or fallen for fake messages, according to McAfee’s study?


  1. More than two out of five consumers.
  2. Spinny’s losses swelled to Rs 820 crore.
  3. The major factors were advertising-cum-promotion, information technology, legal-professional, and other overheads.
  4. Instagram plans to introduce the ability to turn off read receipts.
  5. Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri announced the new Instagram feature.
  6. Samsung Gauss is a generative language model that assists with tasks like composing emails, summarizing documents, and translating content.
  7. The ‘Lantern’ programme aims to share signals about accounts and behaviors that violate child safety policies.
  8. Chinese battery player CATL led the market.
  9. Prime Minister Modi welcomed the 31.6 percent growth in patent applications by residents of India.
  10. Boman Irani and Neena Gupta are featured in the P Mark Mustard Oil ad campaign.
  11. Seven launched the ‘7 Ring’ for contactless payment.
  12. The projected CAGR for AI in the medical devices industry is 29.1 percent.
  13. JioPhone Prima is available at Rs 2,599 at key retail stores and online platforms.
  14. JioPhone Prima is based on the Kai-OS platform.
  15. Info Edge lost around Rs 532 crore after writing off its investment in 4B Networks Private Limited.
  16. The ESA’s Euclid mission sent back the first full-colour images of the cosmos.
  17. An average Indian receives nearly 12 fake messages each day and spends 1.8 hours a week reviewing them.
  18. According to McAfee’s study, 82 percent of Indians have clicked on or fallen for fake messages.

Science and Technology Bits- October 21, 2023

One-Liner Questions

  1. What “adversarial activity” was identified by Okta?
  2. What could the threat actor do after accessing Okta’s support case management system?
  3. Why was India’s Gaganyaan-Test Vehicle-D1 mission put on hold?
  4. What was the purpose of Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1?
  5. What recent development occurred at Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd’s Kakrapar Atomic Power Station?
  6. What did a study led by NYU Grossman School of Medicine reveal about women and cognitive decline?
  7. How much did Paytm’s revenue grow in Q2FY24?
  8. What new feature is WhatsApp rolling out?
  9. How much was the GMV of e-commerce platforms in India in the first week of the festive sale season?
  10. What restrictions has China announced on graphite products?
  11. What are Chinese scammers doing in India according to a new report?
  12. What is the purpose of the India Semiconductor Research Centre (ISRC)?
  13. What agreement have Toyota and Tesla reached?
  14. What did a study on electric scooters find concerning injuries in children and teens?


  1. Okta identified “adversarial activity” that leveraged a stolen credential to gain access to Okta’s support case management system.
  2. The threat actor was able to view files uploaded by certain Okta customers as part of recent support cases.
  3. The Gaganyaan-Test Vehicle-D1 mission was put on hold five seconds before liftoff due to computer systems putting the blast off on hold.
  4. The purpose of Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1 was to demonstrate the crew escape system.
  5. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd has begun loading of fuel at its second 700 MW unit at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station after clearance from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.
  6. The study revealed that women with heart-healthy diets during middle age were about 17% less likely to report memory loss and other signs of cognitive decline decades later.
  7. Paytm posted a revenue of Rs 2,519 crore, marking a 32% growth YoY in Q2FY24.
  8. WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new feature that will allow users to reply to status updates using avatars on iOS and Android.
  9. E-commerce platforms in India clocked a GMV of Rs 47,000 crore in the first week of the festive sale season, a 19% growth from the same period last year.
  10. China has announced additional export restrictions on some graphite products starting from December, affecting EV manufacturers worldwide.
  11. Chinese scammers are using illegal instant loan apps to lure victims in India with false promises and then vanish after extracting personal information and fees.
  12. The ISRC will be a core institution in India’s growing capabilities in semiconductors and will be the Indian equivalent of several other global research centers.
  13. Toyota and Tesla have reached an agreement to adopt the North American Charging Standard on Toyota’s battery electric vehicles beginning in 2025.
  14. A study led by an Indian-origin scientist found a 71% increase in injuries reported in children and teens aged 18 and younger related to e-scooters, with the head being the most injured body part.

Science and Technology Bits- October 8, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. How many Indian adults of working age may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?
  2. What percentage of Indian adults suffer from OSA according to AIIMS?
  3. Are men or women at a higher risk of OSA in India?
  4. What television technology is Samsung’s QLED television an alternative to?
  5. What new TV has Samsung added to its high-end television lineup?
  6. What kind of ads has Elon Musk-owned X Corp launched?
  7. How many Google Pixel smartphones have been shipped since 2016?
  8. What did South Korean researchers discover about post-Covid-19 infections?
  9. How accurately did the new AI developed at The University of Texas predict earthquakes during its trial in China?
  10. What changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy according to a study in mice?
  11. How many genes are implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders like autism?
  12. How many products are available in Myntra’s Big Fashion Festival this year?
  13. What response are Indian E2W market leaders Ola Electric and Ather Energy witnessing from investors?
  14. What novel method did researchers propose to fight malignant tumors using a childhood vaccine?
  15. How did Google-owned YouTube and Telegram respond to the IT Ministry’s notice on CSAM?
  16. Why are Covid-19 cases rising in Singapore?
  17. What is the purpose of UK-based climate tech company SatVu’s HotSat-1 satellite?
  18. How often does SatVu’s HotSat-1 satellite view every spot on Earth?


  1. Approximately 104 million (10.4 crore) Indian adults of working age may be suffering from OSA.
  2. According to AIIMS New Delhi, about 11 per cent of Indian adults suffer from OSA.
  3. Men are at a higher risk of OSA (13 per cent) compared to women (5 per cent).
  4. Samsung’s QLED television is an alternative to OLED technology.
  5. Samsung has added the Neo QLED 4K TV to its lineup.
  6. X Corp has launched clickbait ads that users cannot block or report.
  7. Google has shipped nearly 40 million Pixel smartphones since 2016.
  8. South Korean researchers found a significantly higher risk of multiple new-onset autoimmune and autoinflammatory connective-tissue disorders after Covid-19 infection.
  9. The new AI correctly predicted 70 per cent of earthquakes a week before they happened during its seven-month trial.
  10. During pregnancy, the brain gets ‘rewired’ to prepare for motherhood, influenced by both oestrogen and progesterone.
  11. At least 500 genes are implicated in such neurodevelopmental disorders.
  12. Myntra’s Big Fashion Festival offers more than 23 lakh fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products.
  13. Ola Electric and Ather Energy are witnessing a lukewarm response from investors despite gaining significant market shares.
  14. Researchers demonstrated that a protein antigen from a childhood vaccine can be delivered into the cells of a malignant tumour to refocus the body’s immune system against the cancer.
  15. Google-owned YouTube and Telegram stated that they have a “zero-tolerance policy” on CSAM and related content.
  16. The rise in Covid-19 cases in Singapore is attributed to the EG.5 and its sub-lineage HK.3 variants.
  17. SatVu’s HotSat-1 satellite provides valuable and unique insight into economic activity and energy efficiency across industries using thermal imaging.
  18. SatVu’s HotSat-1 satellite views every spot on Earth at roughly the same time every day.

Science and Technology Bits- August 22, 2023


1-Why did Cruise, the self-driving car subsidiary of GM, agree to reduce its robotaxi fleet, and by how much?

2-What statement did Elon Musk make about the current state of “social networks,” and what commitment did he express?

3-How has Tesla’s app gained support for automation with Apple Shortcuts, and what advantage does this offer Tesla owners?

4-What visual changes has Google introduced to the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps on Android, and what other changes are coming?

5-How is talent acquisition startup HireMee contributing to bridging the skill gap in India, and where has it recently entered?

6-When is India’s moon lander expected to make a landing on the lunar soil, and what is the purpose of the Chandrayaan-3 mission?

7-What previous challenge did India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission face, and when is the Chandrayaan-3 lander expected to soft-land on the moon?

8-How did Chandrayaan-3 enter its orbit and complete its trajectory towards the moon?

9-What increased risk of health condition was discovered among victims of partner violence and child abuse?

10-Why have industry groups and tech giants like Apple and Intel protested against India’s recent import restrictions?


1-Cruise reduced its robotaxi fleet by 50% after US regulators mandated the cut following a crash involving one of its EVs.

2-Elon Musk stated that there are currently no great “social networks,” but he is committed to creating at least one.

3-Tesla’s app now supports automation with Apple Shortcuts, allowing iPhone users to use Siri for Tesla functions without third-party apps.

4-Google introduced a modernized visual design for the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps on Android, including refreshed icons and background colors.

5-Talent acquisition startup HireMee has entered Karnataka, partnering with state education boards to provide AI-proctored assessments.

6-India’s moon lander is set to soft-land on the lunar soil on August 23 as part of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

7-Chandrayaan-2’s lander, Vikram, crashed on the moon, leading to Chandrayaan-3’s focus on soft-landing the lander.

8-Chandrayaan-3 was put into orbit on July 14 and completed its trajectory towards the moon on August 1 after a successful perigee-firing.

9-Victims of partner violence and child abuse face a 20% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

10-Industry groups and tech giants like Apple and Intel protested against India’s import restrictions on PCs, laptops, and servers.

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