Science and technology current affairs- January 2, 2023

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Science and technology current affairs- January 2, 2023

1-Redfall, an Xbox-exclusive game, is apparently scheduled to release in early May of this year, most likely in the first week.

  • According to Windows Central, Redfall is created by Arkane Studios, which Microsoft purchased in 2021 when it acquired ZeniMax Media.

2-The $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, one of the biggest privately held game developers and publishers in the world, by Microsoft received approval from the European Commission in March 2021.


Science and technology current affairs

3-Elon Musk run Tesla has announced that the Model S and Model X will soon be available in China. The price will be disclosed on Friday, and deliveries will begin in the first half of this year.

4-Apple had stated that it intended to introduce a “dedicated” classical music application in 2022 after purchasing the classical music service Primephonic, but the year has now passed without the programme going live.

5-Investments by five Private Equity-Venture Capital (PE-VC) firms in India decreased by 29% in 2022 compared to the record highs in 2021. According to Venture Intelligence, PE-VC firms invested $46 billion (across 1,261) in Indian companies in 2022 as opposed to $65 billion (across 1,362 deals) the year before.

6-India created 21 unicorn companies in total in 2022, 18 of them in the first half of the year and fewer than half the 44 unicorns created in 2021. Unicorns are startups sponsored by venture capital and valued at $1 billion or more.

Science and technology current affairs

7-As Covid-19 infection instances recur in various nations, particularly China, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and other tech titans ushered in the New Year on Sunday with a message for peace and health for humanity.

Sundar Pichai

8 – Governed by Elon Musk Between October 26 and November 25, Twitter in India suspended 45,589 accounts for encouraging non-consensual nudity and child sexual exploitation.

9 – During the reporting period in India, Twitter banned 48,624 accounts in total.

10-Big social media and digital platforms with more than 5 million members are required to provide monthly compliance reports under the new IT Rules 2021.

Science and technology current affairs

11-US finally says goodbye to 3G technology.

12-By the end of 2025, 2G will be phased out in France, with 3G following by the end of 2028.

13-Although the first 3G phones started to debut in the early 2000s, it wasn’t until the smartphone boom in the US that the network truly took off.

14-In India, where 5G services have been launched, 4G now accounts for close to 99 percent of all data traffic used in the nation.

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