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Quiz Recent Advances in Science and Technology-October 3, 2023

Important one-liners on 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine

  1. Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman win the 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their mRNA vaccine against Covid-19.
  2. The Nobel Prize recognizes their work on nucleoside base modifications enabling mRNA vaccines.
  3. The duo’s research has fundamentally altered our understanding of mRNA’s role in the immune system.
  4. Interest in mRNA technology gained momentum around 2010.
  5. Before focusing on Covid-19, mRNA vaccines were also explored for Zika and MERS-CoV.
  6. Two mRNA vaccines for Covid-19 were developed in record time after the 2020 outbreak.
  7. These mRNA vaccines showed around 95% effectiveness and were approved in December 2020.
  8. The Nobel Committee praises the Laureates for their role in swiftly developing a vaccine during a global health crisis.
  9. Katalin Kariko was born in Hungary and later became a senior vice president at BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals.
  10. Drew Weissman hails from Massachusetts and received his MD and PhD from Boston University.
  11. Both Kariko and Weissman have had long-standing affiliations with the University of Pennsylvania.
  12. The Nobel win challenges the notion that only big pharma companies played a role in combating Covid-19.
  13. Kariko and Weissman’s mRNA research received significant public funding.
  14. Governments are advised to focus on public funding for future pandemics as drugmakers may not share vaccines globally.
  15. Pharma companies have been reluctant to share mRNA technology with developing countries.
  16. Weissman is assisting a WHO-backed initiative to develop mRNA technology in lower-income nations.
  17. Kariko holds positions at Szeged University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.
  18. Weissman established his research group at the Perelman School of Medicine in 1997.
  19. The Laureates’ work serves as a pivotal moment in vaccine development and global health.
  20. The Nobel win underscores the role of academia in solving urgent global health issues.

These one-liners encapsulate key points from the article. These resources could be useful for students preparing for exams that include current affairs or science and technology sections.

Quiz Recent Advances in Science and Technology-Sept 17


  1. Which country is making significant progress in eliminating tuberculosis?
  2. What feature is Google Chrome soon adding for desktop users similar to Microsoft Edge?
  3. What does the “read aloud” feature allow users to control?
  4. According to a recent study, women who exercise during which age range can have better heart health later in life?
  5. Which university conducted the study about women retaining benefits of exercise?
  6. What was Elon Musk’s emotional state as a child according to his new biography?
  7. Who wrote Elon Musk’s new biography?
  8. Which feature has Microsoft removed from the Edge browser to improve the end-user experience?
  9. How do intrusive thoughts affect people with obsessive-compulsive disorder compared to others?
  10. What solution does a study suggest can alleviate the organ shortage crisis?
  11. Who lost around $870,000 to a crypto scam on September 15?
  12. Which platform was the unusual transaction in Mark Cuban’s cryptocurrency wallet noticed on?
  13. Did researchers find evidence that YouTube promoted anti-vaccine sentiment during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  14. What did the study on YouTube and anti-vaccine sentiment ask participants to do?
  15. What new feature has Google Voice introduced similar to “suspected spam caller warnings”?
  16. What percentage of its workforce is Airtable laying off?
  17. Why is Airtable laying off a portion of its workforce?
  18. Which companies have Iranian state-backed hackers targeted, according to Microsoft analysts?
  19. Since when have the hackers been successfully breaching organizations, as stated by Microsoft?


  1. India.
  2. A “read aloud” feature.
  3. The rate at which articles are read aloud by adjusting the playback speed.
  4. Their 20s.
  5. The University of Queensland in Australia.
  6. “Lonely and sad”.
  7. Walter Isaacson.
  8. “Web Select”.
  9. Intrusive thoughts for those with OCD are more frequent, last longer, and create a need to act on the compulsion to neutralize these thoughts.
  10. Neonatal kidney transplantation.
  11. Mark Cuban.
  12. EtherScan.
  13. No.
  14. To intentionally find an anti-vaccine video with as few clicks as possible, starting from an initial informational Covid-19 video posted by the WHO.
  15. A feature to alert users of suspected spam SMS messages.
  16. About 27%.
  17. As part of a strategy to focus the company on winning large enterprise clients while also controlling spending.
  18. Satellite, defence, and pharmaceutical companies.
  19. Since February.

Quiz Recent Advances in Science and Technology-July 11, 2023

  1. What has the Delhi High Court asked LinkedIn to provide information about? Answer: Information regarding its grievance officers and the process for handling complaints under the IT Rules.
  2. Which brand launched its second-generation flagship smartphone with a Glyph Interface and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform? Answer: Nothing
  3. Why do online gaming industry stakeholders criticize the 28% GST on gaming? Answer: They consider it “unconstitutional, irrational, and egregious” and believe it will harm the skilled online gaming sector.
  4. What waste product from the paper industry can be used to make common drugs like paracetamol and ibuprofen? Answer: A compound found in pine trees.
  5. What diseases are on the rise in the national capital due to the early onset of monsoon? Answer: Dengue, flu, water-borne diseases, and gastroenteritis disease.
  6. How much money did Decentralised Finance (DeFi) lose to hackers in Q2 this year? Answer: $228 million
  7. According to a study, how much more likely are Earth-like exoplanets to have liquid water? Answer: 100 times more likely
  8. What type of TV show is Amazon reportedly launching on its Prime streaming service? Answer: A Shark Tank-type show to empower promising startups in India.
  9. What did NASA award to Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace to advance spacewalking capabilities? Answer: Task orders
  10. What is the expected launch date for India’s third moon mission? Answer: July 14
  11. What limitation did users of Meta’s Threads discover when searching for links to the platform? Answer: Elon Musk has begun limiting search results for Threads links on Twitter.
  12. For what missions did NASA award task orders to Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace? Answer: To advance spacewalking capabilities in low Earth orbit and moonwalking services for Artemis missions.

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