Questions on Science and Technology UPSC

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Questions on Science and Technology UPSC-Sept 8


  1. On which day did the Indian space agency announce that Aditya-L1 took a selfie?
  2. What else did the Aditya-L1 spacecraft capture images of?
  3. What is the destination of Aditya-L1?
  4. When was Aditya-L1 orbited in low earth orbit?
  5. Which Indian rocket was used to orbit the Aditya-L1?
  6. How many times has ISRO raised the spacecraft’s orbit since its launch?
  7. Which institute decoded the whole genome of the ‘Indian oil sardine’?
  8. Is this the first time a marine fish species genome from the Indian subcontinent has been decoded?
  9. What risk might high intake of industrially processed foods pose?
  10. Which two universities conducted the study on the risk posed by food additives?
  11. Who did Google Cloud partner with in the domain of AI and cybersecurity?
  12. How many government officials will be trained in cyber defense best practices through the Google Cloud and CERT-In partnership?
  13. Who created a complete human embryo model using stem cells?
  14. What is the significance of the human-like embryo model?
  15. Which social media platform is testing a feature for sharing feed posts with a ‘Close Friends’ group?
  16. What is the new color variant of Galaxy A54 5G launched by Samsung?
  17. When did the Galaxy A54 5G in the new color variant go on sale in India?
  18. What experiment accompanied the Perseverance rover on Mars?
  19. How many times did MOXIE generate oxygen aboard the Perseverance rover?
  20. Who recently quit Swiggy after a 7-year stint?
  21. How did Anuj Rathi announce his resignation from Swiggy?
  22. What event is causing online food and grocery delivery platforms to expect a surge in demand?
  23. By what percentage does Zepto anticipate a rise in demand in New Delhi and other NCR cities during the G20 Summit weekend?


  1. Thursday.
  2. Images of the Earth and the Moon.
  3. Sun-Earth Lagrange point (L1).
  4. September 2.
  5. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle -XL (PSLV-XL) variant.
  6. Twice.
  7. ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).
  8. Yes.
  9. Risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
  10. Universite Sorbonne Paris Nord and Universite Paris Cite in France.
  11. CERT-In within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).
  12. 1,000 government officials.
  13. A team of Israeli scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.
  14. It will unravel the mysteries of the initial month of embryo development.
  15. Instagram.
  16. ‘Awesome White’.
  17. September 8.
  18. NASA’s oxygen-generating experiment, MOXIE.
  19. 16 times.
  20. Anuj Rathi, senior vice president of revenue and growth.
  21. In a LinkedIn post.
  22. The G20 Summit weekend which is being organized under a heavy security blanket in Delhi-NCR.
  23. 30-40 per cent rise in New Delhi and over 10 per cent in other NCR cities.

Questions on Science and Technology UPSC-July 8

Who are the former Indian-origin executives missing from the Twitter debate? Answer: Parag Agrawal and Vijaya Gadde.

What can an AI-based tool decode during brain tumor surgery? Answer: The tumor’s DNA to determine its molecular identity.

Which generations experience greater levels of fear and guilt about climate change? Answer: Millennials and Generation Z (Gen-Z).

What is the age range of baby boomers? Answer: They are currently between 57-75 years old.

Which smartphone series experienced significant growth in shipments during Q1 2023? Answer: The Nord series.

What was the year-on-year growth in global revenue for the public cloud services market? Answer: 22.9 percent.

Name the top 5 public cloud service providers. Answer: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Google, and Oracle.

What did Canadian researchers discover about patients with suspected long Covid? Answer: Unique patterns of blood plasma proteins that could be a potential drug target.

What percentage of people with a confirmed case of Covid-19 may experience long Covid? Answer: Approximately 10-20 percent.

According to a review of studies, what do board games based on numbers improve in young children? Answer: Maths skills.

What is the purpose of Meta’s Threads, according to Jack Dorsey? Answer: To create a Twitter-like platform.

What is the name of Samsung’s new smartphone recently launched in the country? Answer: Galaxy M34 5G.

How many rings adorn the camera setup of Samsung’s new smartphone? Answer: Three separate rings.

Questions on Science and Technology UPSC

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