Science and Technology Current Affairs UPSC-2022

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Science and Technology Current Affairs UPSC-2022

1. Which nation’s customer experience (CX) maturity score placed it top in Asia Pacific (APAC) and third overall?

2- Where was the first instance of monkeypox discovered?

3. Who said that the past mortality rate for monkeypox was as high as 11% but is currently between 3% and 6%?

4- Which business launched Google TV in India with the premium Matrix QLED Series?

5-Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (SPPL): What is it?

Science and Technology Current Affairs UPSC

6- Who launched its yearly Diwali consumer-focused holiday campaign with Mi-Tech Ka Shubh Muhurat in a lighthearted and unique manner?

7-Who revealed that, starting in 2023, they will collaborate to develop three mobile games based on popular gaming franchises for Netflix?

8-In the Karnataka area of Kokkare Bellur, scientists successfully attached a GPS gadget to which bird?

9- Who made the announcement about India’s first high-throughput satellite (HTS) broadband service, which is run by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), being launched commercially?

10- Who revealed that Nxtra Data Limited, a subsidiary of that company, has teamed up with Bloom Energy to install low-impact fuel cells at its data centre in Karnataka?

Science and Technology Current Affairs UPSC

11- Weekly injections of the newly approved obesity medication semaglutide, which has received preliminary approval in England and the US, more than halve the risk of which health disorder?

12- Which nation ranks 59th globally as e-infrastructure continues to be the poorest area, according to a global study?

13-Which Indian institution has become the first to join IBM’s quantum network in order to enhance the country’s efforts to expand its quantum computing expertise and conduct research?

14-Who collaborated to offer a quantum computing course to over 10,000 participants on the NPTEL Platform?

15-Which company is most likely to release a monthly iPhone subscription plan this year that combines hardware and services like Apple One?

Science and Technology Current Affairs UPSC

16- Who launched three high-end yet reasonably priced QLED TV sets in India with built-in Google TV?

17-When were Blaupunkt TVs reintroduced to India?

18-Which are intended to minimise their environmental impact, according to the Apple company?

19-Who claimed it purchased health food company MyFitness for an undisclosed fee with the intention of growing the brand to Rs 1,000 crore in the following three to four years?

20-Mohammad Patel and Rahil Virani, who founded the company in 2019, are well-liked among athletes, Millennials, and Gen Zers. What is that company?

Science and Technology Current Affairs UPSC


1- India.

2-In Australia

3-The World Health Organisation (WHO)

4-Technology company Kodak TV 

5- It is the official manufacturer of Kodak TVs.

6-Tech brand Xiaomi India

7-Popular video streaming platform Netflix and Ubisoft

8- A pelican bird 

9-Satellite internet provider Hughes Communications India

10-Bharti Airtel

11-The risk of type 2 diabetes



14-IBM Quantum and IIT Madras

15-Tech giant Apple

16-German audio-visual brand Blaupunkt

17- In July 2021

18-iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

19-Direct-to-consumer (D2C) company Mensa Brands

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