Latest Science and Technology News 2023

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Latest Science and Technology News 2023


1-How has the government’s GST affected Spartan Poker, and what action did the platform take?

2-What percentage of its workforce did Spartan Poker reportedly lay off, as per Money Control?

3-Who are the founders of Spartan Poker, and what does the platform offer?

4-What benefits were observed for individuals following a plant-based diet with specific lifestyle factors?

5-In a study of adults in the UK, what positive outcomes were associated with adhering to a Mediterranean lifestyle?

6-What change did Elon Musk announce regarding the block feature on X (formerly Twitter)?

7-Why have parents in the US sued the gaming platform Roblox, and what is the lawsuit’s claim?

8-Why have US regulators instructed Cruise, GM’s self-driving car subsidiary, to reduce its robotaxi fleet?

9-According to a report from Adalytics, what concerning practice is YouTube allegedly engaged in regarding ads and content?

10-How did US researchers restore vision in patients with eye injuries, and what is the treatment called?

11-How has the Galaxy Z Flip series of flip phones evolved over the years, and what is the standout feature of the Galaxy Z Flip5?

12-Why did global payments processor end its relationship with Binance?

13-According to a small study, what impact can severe Covid-19 have on the innate immune system?

14-How is Amazon incentivizing creators on its “Inspire” shopping feed, and how have some creators responded?

15- What compensation is Amazon offering to select influencers for creating videos on its platform?


1-Spartan Poker has been affected by the government’s 28% GST on online gaming and has laid off 40% of its workforce.

2-Spartan Poker reportedly laid off 125 people, accounting for 40% of its workforce.

3-Spartan Poker was founded by Amin Rozani, Sameer Rattonsey, and Peter Abraham, offering online poker tournaments.

4-Individuals adhering to a plant-based diet with lifestyle factors had a 29% lower risk of all-cause mortality and 28% lower risk of cancer mortality.

5-Individuals closely following a Mediterranean lifestyle had lower risks of all-cause and cancer mortality.

6-Elon Musk announced the removal of the block feature on X, allowing blocking only in direct messages.

7-Parents in the US sued Roblox, alleging the company facilitated child gambling through third-party websites.

8-US regulators directed Cruise to reduce its robotaxi fleet by 50% following a car crash with a fire truck.

9-YouTube allegedly serves ads from major advertisers on channels labeled as “made for kids,” as per an Adalytics report.

10-US researchers used cultivated autologous limbal epithelial cell transplantation (CALEC) to restore vision in patients with eye injuries.

11-The Galaxy Z Flip series has evolved to include the Galaxy Z Flip5 with an upgraded Flex Window that is 3.78 times larger. ended its relationship with Binance due to growing regulatory concerns.

13-Severe Covid-19 can lead to lasting changes in the innate immune system, the body’s first line of defense.

14-Amazon is offering creators on its “Inspire” shopping feed $25 per video, though some creators are critical of the low payouts.

15-Amazon is offering select influencers $25 per qualifying video for its “Inspire” shopping feed, up to a maximum of 500 videos.

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