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Science and Technology Latest Development


1-What risk do cancer patients hospitalized with Covid-19 face in terms of blood clots, according to a study?

2-What percentage higher was the relative risk of venous thromboembolisms (VTE) for those taking systemic anti-cancer treatment, as per the JAMA Oncology study?

3-How has Novo Nordisk’s market value surpassed Denmark’s estimated GDP, and what weight-loss drugs does the company manufacture?

4-What new series of missions is SpaceX planning as part of its rideshare program, and what is the potential impact on small launch providers?

5-What rideshare services does SpaceX offer on the Falcon 9 rocket, and how many spacecraft has it delivered to orbit through rideshare missions?

6-How might a drug used to fight prostate cancer offer benefits against Covid and its variants, based on research findings?

7-What change is Google making to the inactivity period for Google Accounts, and when will inactive accounts and their content be eligible for deletion?

8-Why did a Microsoft travel guide recommend tourists visit the Ottawa Food Bank, and what was the reason behind this recommendation?

9-What recent upgrade has SpaceX made to its Starship vehicle, and what are the two main components of Starship?

10-What was the outcome of the first flight test of SpaceX’s fully integrated Starship and Super Heavy rocket?

11- Why was Amazon Alexa accused of sexism, and what question related to the Women’s World Cup triggered the controversy?


1-Cancer patients with Covid-19 and those on anti-cancer drugs have an increased risk of venous thromboembolisms (VTE), or blood clots in veins.

2-The relative risk of VTE was 33% higher in individuals taking systemic anti-cancer treatment, as shown in the JAMA Oncology study.

3-Novo Nordisk’s market value exceeded Denmark’s GDP due to the popularity of its weight-loss drugs Wegovy and Ozempic.

4-SpaceX’s Bandwagon program plans new missions to mid-inclination orbits, potentially affecting small launch providers.

5-SpaceX offers rideshare services through its Transporter program on the Falcon 9 rocket, delivering 682 spacecraft to orbit.

6-A drug used against prostate cancer may also be effective against Covid and its variants due to a potential link with androgen receptors.

7-Google is updating the inactivity period for Google Accounts to two years, and inactive accounts and content may be deleted from December 1, 2023.

8-Microsoft’s recommendation to visit the Ottawa Food Bank in a travel guide was due to human error, not unsupervised AI.

9-SpaceX upgraded its Starship vehicle, consisting of a spacecraft and a Super Heavy booster, for upcoming flights to celestial destinations.

10-SpaceX’s first flight test of the integrated Starship and Super Heavy rocket took off successfully on April 20.

11-Amazon Alexa faced accusations of sexism after it failed to respond to a question about the Lionesses’ semi-final victory during the Women’s World Cup.

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