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  1. What did Jordan emphasize regarding the Syrian refugees?
  2. Who were released from prison in Qatar and returned to Iran?
  3. Who announced the release of the two Iranians imprisoned in Qatar?
  4. What is essential for preserving regional security according to the top UN envoy for Libya?
  5. Who did the Spanish King Felipe nominate to form a government?
  6. Which news agency reported about King Felipe’s decision?
  7. What has the UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus said about the situation near a village buffer zone?
  8. What incident did the Security Council condemn related to Cyprus?
  9. Which Australian state announced the introduction of an Australian Sign Language syllabus in schools?
  10. When will the Auslan syllabus start being taught in classrooms?
  11. Who developed the new Auslan syllabus in New South Wales?
  12. What have UN humanitarians called for in relation to the Sudan conflict?
  13. Who did Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein hold talks with?
  14. What topics did the Iraqi Foreign Minister and the visiting Turkish counterpart discuss?
  15. When is US President Joe Biden scheduled to visit India?
  16. Why is Joe Biden visiting India?
  17. What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi address at the BRICS Business Forum Leaders’ Dialogue?
  18. How did Modi describe India’s economic status?
  19. What bail amount was former US President Donald Trump granted?
  20. What new AI tool did Meta launch recently?
  21. How many languages can ‘SeamlessM4T’ support, depending on the task?
  22. Who is suing the Worcester Art Museum?
  23. Why is Rachel Parikh suing the Worcester Art Museum?


  1. Jordan emphasized the need for the international community to take practical and immediate steps for the voluntary return of Syrian refugees.
  2. Two Iranians were released from prison in Qatar and returned to Iran.
  3. Iranian Ambassador to Qatar, Hamidreza Dehghani, announced their release.
  4. It is essential to restore Libya’s stability.
  5. The Spanish King Felipe nominated Alberto Nunez Feijoo, the right-wing Peoples’ Party (PP) leader.
  6. Xinhua news agency reported about King Felipe’s decision.
  7. They said the situation near a village of the island’s buffer zone has calmed after a violent eruption last week.
  8. The Security Council condemned an assault on UN peacekeepers and damage to UN vehicles in Cyprus by Turkish Cypriot personnel.
  9. New South Wales (NSW) announced the introduction.
  10. It will start being taught at the beginning of 2026.
  11. The syllabus was developed in consultation with the deaf community, teachers, students, and parents.
  12. They called for an end to renewed clashes to allow for aid delivery to civilians, including in South Darfur and South Kordofan.
  13. Fuad Hussein held talks with visiting Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan.
  14. They discussed Iraq’s water share and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants based in Iraq.
  15. Joe Biden is scheduled to visit India from September 7-10.
  16. He is visiting for the annual meeting of the G-20 and to discuss the modernisation of multilateral development banks such as the World Bank.
  17. Modi addressed the BRICS Business Forum Leaders’ Dialogue in Johannesburg.
  18. Modi described India as the world’s fastest-growing major economy and said it will soon become a $5 trillion economy.
  19. Donald Trump was granted a consent bond bail of $200,000.
  20. Meta launched a new all-in-one, multilingual multimodal AI translation and transcription model.
  21. ‘SeamlessM4T’ can support up to 100 languages depending on the task.
  22. Rachel Parikh, an Indian-American curator, is suing the Worcester Art Museum.
  23. Rachel Parikh is suing because she was allegedly “mocked” for her brown skin tone and subjected to a “hostile” work environment.

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