World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz

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World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz- December 20

One-Liner Questions-World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz

  1. Who blamed the Pakistan army for the country’s woes?
  2. What did Israeli President Isaac Herzog declare regarding a ceasefire?
  3. Why are Yemen’s Houthi rebels attacking commercial ships?
  4. What challenges does Donald Trump face for the 2024 presidential nomination?
  5. What positive signs are showing in the US economy as 2023 ends?
  6. How are attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea affecting oil prices?
  7. What did President Vladimir Putin say about Russia’s position in the Ukraine conflict?
  8. What incident occurred with a cab driver in Singapore?
  9. Who was killed by the IDF and Shin Bet in southern Gaza?
  10. Why did Natasha Fyles resign as Leader of Australia’s Northern Territory?
  11. What new requirements did New Zealand’s Education Minister announce for students?
  12. What scandal are Tokyo prosecutors investigating related to Japan’s LDP?
  13. What did the Ministry of Health in Gaza report about hospitals in southern Gaza?
  14. What stance did Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister take on undocumented immigrants?
  15. What is Moody’s forecast for Bangladesh’s credit rating?
  16. How has Italy’s population changed in 2022?
  17. What violent incident occurred in Bangladesh ahead of the 2024 general elections?
  18. What protest occurred outside Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar’s home?
  19. How many Palestinians have died since the Israel-Hamas war began?
  20. Who is Ashwin Ramaswami and what is he running for?

Answers: World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz

  1. Nawaz Sharif blamed the Pakistan army.
  2. Isaac Herzog declared Israel’s willingness for a second temporary ceasefire.
  3. Houthi rebels are attacking ships in revenge against Israel.
  4. Trump faces challenges from within the party and needs to appeal to conservative voters.
  5. The US economy shows signs of improvement with lower inflation and a stronger job market.
  6. Attacks are causing a rise in oil prices due to rerouted shipping.
  7. Putin claimed Russia has the initiative in Ukraine and can act freely.
  8. A cab driver was fined for racially insulting a passenger.
  9. Hamas financier Subhi Farwanah was killed in an airstrike.
  10. Natasha Fyles resigned over failure to disclose shareholdings.
  11. New Zealand students must have one hour daily of reading, writing, and math.
  12. Prosecutors are investigating Japan’s LDP for a political fund scandal.
  13. Hospitals in southern Gaza are in a catastrophic and complex situation.
  14. Anwaarul Haq Kakar emphasized Pakistan’s need to address undocumented immigrants.
  15. Moody’s predicts a stable outlook for Bangladesh’s credit rating.
  16. Italy’s population fell below 59 million in 2022.
  17. A train was set on fire in Dhaka, killing four people.
  18. Pro-Palestinian supporters protested outside Shri Thanedar’s home.
  19. Over 19,000 Palestinians have died since the war began.
  20. Ashwin Ramaswami is running for Georgia’s state Senate.

World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz- October 18, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. Who condemned the deadly Gaza hospital blast and called for a humanitarian ceasefire?
  2. How did South Korea react to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s offering at the Yasukuni Shrine?
  3. How many suspected human traffickers have been arrested by Mexican authorities this year?
  4. Who is the Sikh mayor of a city in New Jersey receiving hate-filled letters?
  5. When will Canada send a business mission to Ukraine for economic rebuilding?
  6. What is Turkish President Erdogan’s inflation target by the end of 2028?
  7. Who failed to garner enough support to become the new Speaker of the US House of Representatives?
  8. Which company is Israel in talks with to roll out Starlink internet services?
  9. What has the White House said about Israeli involvement in the Gaza hospital explosion?
  10. What is the US State Department’s current travel advisory level for Lebanon?
  11. What has the Israel Defense Forces promised regarding the Gaza hospital blast?
  12. Who will US President Joe Biden be meeting during his trip to Israel?
  13. What did UN Human Rights Chief Volker Turk say about the strike at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City?
  14. What is the reward for information about the cab driver who hit an Indian-origin mother in West London?


  1. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the deadly Gaza hospital blast and called for a humanitarian ceasefire.
  2. South Korea expressed disappointment and regret.
  3. Mexican authorities have arrested 315 suspected human traffickers so far this year.
  4. Ravi Bhalla, the Sikh mayor of Hoboken City in New Jersey.
  5. Canada will send a business mission to Ukraine in 2024.
  6. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan aims to reduce inflation to 4.7% by the end of 2028.
  7. Right-wing Republican Jim Jordan.
  8. Israel is in talks with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.
  9. The White House has said that the Israelis have “categorically denied” being behind the Gaza hospital explosion.
  10. The US State Department has raised its travel advisory for Lebanon to Level 4 ‘Do Not Travel’.
  11. The Israel Defense Forces has said that the country will release more evidence to prove it was not responsible for the blast.
  12. US President Joe Biden plans to meet Israeli officials, landing at the Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.
  13. UN Human Rights Chief Volker Turk said the strike that killed hundreds of people is “totally unacceptable.”
  14. A UK-based independent charity is offering a reward of 5,000 pounds.

World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz-Sept 10


  1. How many days does Ukraine have left for its counter offensive against Russia, according to the US Army chief?
  2. Who has the Sri Lanka President appointed to probe the allegations about the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings?
  3. What does South Korea plan to do in response to the massive earthquake in Morocco?
  4. What magnitude was the earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday?
  5. How many people were killed due to the earthquake in Morocco?
  6. Where did the bus accident happen in Pakistan that killed six people?
  7. By how much did Bangladesh’s inflation rise in August?
  8. What caused the surge in Bangladesh’s inflation in August?
  9. Where did Russia start an economic forum recently?
  10. Who is trapped under 3,000 ft underground and where?
  11. Why was a Christian couple taken into custody in the jurisdiction of North Cantonment Police Station?
  12. Why were the lights of the Eiffel Tower turned off on Saturday?
  13. What are the Hindus in California protesting against?
  14. How did the US react to the final Delhi Declaration of G20 on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?
  15. According to Morocco’s interior ministry, what is the death toll from the earthquake?


  1. 30 days.
  2. A retired Supreme Court judge-headed committee.
  3. South Korea will closely cooperate with Morocco and the international community to provide necessary support.
  4. 6.8 magnitude.
  5. More than 2,000 people.
  6. Sheikhpura in Pakistan’s Punjab province.
  7. To 9.92% from 9.69% the previous month.
  8. Higher food prices.
  9. Vladivostok.
  10. Mark Dickey in Turkey’s third-deepest cave.
  11. For allegedly desecrating a copy of the Quran.
  12. In tribute to victims of Morocco’s earthquake.
  13. An anti-caste discrimination bill.
  14. The US lauded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diplomatic skills and praised the declaration.
  15. Over 2,000.

World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz-July 25

Which anniversary of the Korean War armistice is North Korea set to celebrate this week?
Answer: 70th anniversary

What does North Korea refer to the Korean War as?
Answer: The Great Fatherland Liberation War

How many women are set to participate in the saree walkathon in London on National Handloom Day?
Answer: Around 500 women

Where does Carles Puigdemont currently live in exile?
Answer: Belgium

What is the name of the super typhoon sweeping across the Pacific Ocean towards the Philippines?
Answer: Doksuri

What was the magnitude of the earthquake that jolted Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province?
Answer: 6.0 on the Richter scale

How many ballistic missiles did North Korea fire into the East Sea, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff?
Answer: Two ballistic missiles

What will the Ukrainian Defence Minister continue attacks on?
Answer: Crimea and the Kerch bridge

Who will be reviewing the allegations of workplace discrimination made by Sergeant Uvaraja Gopal in Singapore?
Answer: Police

Where was the former White House chef Tafari Campbell found dead?
Answer: In a pond on Martha’s Vineyard island, Massachusetts.

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