World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz

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World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz-Sept 10


  1. How many days does Ukraine have left for its counter offensive against Russia, according to the US Army chief?
  2. Who has the Sri Lanka President appointed to probe the allegations about the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings?
  3. What does South Korea plan to do in response to the massive earthquake in Morocco?
  4. What magnitude was the earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday?
  5. How many people were killed due to the earthquake in Morocco?
  6. Where did the bus accident happen in Pakistan that killed six people?
  7. By how much did Bangladesh’s inflation rise in August?
  8. What caused the surge in Bangladesh’s inflation in August?
  9. Where did Russia start an economic forum recently?
  10. Who is trapped under 3,000 ft underground and where?
  11. Why was a Christian couple taken into custody in the jurisdiction of North Cantonment Police Station?
  12. Why were the lights of the Eiffel Tower turned off on Saturday?
  13. What are the Hindus in California protesting against?
  14. How did the US react to the final Delhi Declaration of G20 on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?
  15. According to Morocco’s interior ministry, what is the death toll from the earthquake?


  1. 30 days.
  2. A retired Supreme Court judge-headed committee.
  3. South Korea will closely cooperate with Morocco and the international community to provide necessary support.
  4. 6.8 magnitude.
  5. More than 2,000 people.
  6. Sheikhpura in Pakistan’s Punjab province.
  7. To 9.92% from 9.69% the previous month.
  8. Higher food prices.
  9. Vladivostok.
  10. Mark Dickey in Turkey’s third-deepest cave.
  11. For allegedly desecrating a copy of the Quran.
  12. In tribute to victims of Morocco’s earthquake.
  13. An anti-caste discrimination bill.
  14. The US lauded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diplomatic skills and praised the declaration.
  15. Over 2,000.

World Current Affairs 2023 Quiz-July 25

Which anniversary of the Korean War armistice is North Korea set to celebrate this week?
Answer: 70th anniversary

What does North Korea refer to the Korean War as?
Answer: The Great Fatherland Liberation War

How many women are set to participate in the saree walkathon in London on National Handloom Day?
Answer: Around 500 women

Where does Carles Puigdemont currently live in exile?
Answer: Belgium

What is the name of the super typhoon sweeping across the Pacific Ocean towards the Philippines?
Answer: Doksuri

What was the magnitude of the earthquake that jolted Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province?
Answer: 6.0 on the Richter scale

How many ballistic missiles did North Korea fire into the East Sea, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff?
Answer: Two ballistic missiles

What will the Ukrainian Defence Minister continue attacks on?
Answer: Crimea and the Kerch bridge

Who will be reviewing the allegations of workplace discrimination made by Sergeant Uvaraja Gopal in Singapore?
Answer: Police

Where was the former White House chef Tafari Campbell found dead?
Answer: In a pond on Martha’s Vineyard island, Massachusetts.

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