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Quiz on Science and Technology- February 11, 2024

Questions: Quiz on Science and Technology

  1. What does new research show about 3D ice printing?
  2. What are the potential uses of the blood vessels created by 3D ice printing?
  3. How does 3D ice printing work?
  4. What unique twist can fire up the civil nuclear agreement between India and the US?
  5. How can India use its thorium reserves without waiting?
  6. Why is ovarian cancer hard to diagnose in its early stages?
  7. What new type of test shows promise for ovarian cancer detection?
  8. What has caused Blissclub to lay off a portion of its workforce?
  9. How many employees could be affected by Blissclub’s layoffs, according to Inc42?
  10. What does the new blood test for schizophrenia do?
  11. When is Cisco expected to lay off thousands of employees?
  12. Which Ola Electric product received certification under the government’s PLI scheme?
  13. What trend is associated with a record number of bankruptcy filings in Japan?
  14. How is Google supporting the European parliamentary elections?
  15. What benefit do smokers gain from quitting before the age of 40?
  16. What is India’s target for electronics production and exports?
  17. How has coronavirus affected women’s interest in sexual activity?

Answers : Quiz on Science and Technology

  1. The possibility of using 3D ice printing to create structures resembling blood vessels in the body.
  2. In artificial organ transplants or drug testing.
  3. By adding a stream of water to a very cold surface.
  4. The use of American HALEU fuel in India sourced small pressurized heavy water reactors for global markets.
  5. By using thorium and HALEU fuel in its PHWRs.
  6. Because it has vague symptoms like constipation, bloating, and back pain, and there are no routine screens.
  7. A urine-based test.
  8. The inability to raise fresh capital amid a high cash burn.
  9. Nearly 21 employees, but possibly as high as 30.
  10. Predicts future risks for the disease and matches them to treatments.
  11. During its Q2 2024 earnings report on February 14.
  12. The S1 Pro (Gen-2) electric scooter.
  13. The shift from marriage consultation agencies to dating apps.
  14. By surfacing high-quality information to voters, safeguarding its platforms from abuse, and equipping campaigns with security tools and training.
  15. They can expect to live almost as long as those who never smoked.
  16. $300 billion in production, including $100 billion in exports, in the coming few years.
  17. The study found it can impair sexual function, notably with long Covid having a detrimental effect.

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Quiz on Science and Technology- October 17, 2023

One-Liner Questions:

  1. What is the name of the new e-bike launched by Revolt Motors?
  2. What does the blue finish of the RV400 ‘India Blue – Cricket Special Edition Electric Bike’ signify?
  3. What is the Department of Space in India tasked with building by 2035?
  4. Who is the new Chief Business Officer and Head of Global Industries at GlobalLogic?
  5. What is the ONDC Network’s impact on marginalized sellers and social sector sellers?
  6. What change is Google Drive implementing from January 2, 2024?
  7. How many major tests are planned for India’s Gaganyaan mission?
  8. What is Unicommerce’s CEO Kapil Makhija planning for tier 2 and 3 cities?
  9. Why has Tesla been ordered to recall 54,676 Model X vehicles?
  10. What could bat genes potentially help with, according to a new study?
  11. What neurotransmitter is found in reduced levels in patients with long Covid?
  12. How can ChatGPT be potentially beneficial in the field of clinical depression?


  1. Revolt Motors launched a new e-bike called RV400 ‘India Blue – Cricket Special Edition Electric Bike’.
  2. The blue finish of the RV400 signifies the passion and pride of Indian cricket enthusiasts.
  3. The Department of Space in India is tasked with building India’s own space station by 2035.
  4. Srinivas Shankar is the new Chief Business Officer and Head of Global Industries at GlobalLogic.
  5. The ONDC Network has empowered over one million marginalized sellers, weavers, and food processors and has transformed the lives of more than 300 social sector sellers across 18 states and in over 60 cities.
  6. From January 2, 2024, Google Drive will no longer require third-party cookies to be enabled to download files.
  7. Around 20 major tests are planned for India’s Gaganyaan mission, including three uncrewed missions of the Human Rated Launch Vehicle (HLVM3).
  8. Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, is planning to expand deeper into tier 2 and 3 cities and enable more sellers to offer their products across the country.
  9. Tesla has been ordered to recall 54,676 Model X vehicles because the vehicle controller is “likely to fail to detect low brake fluid and not display a warning light”.
  10. Bat genes could potentially help with unlocking new ways to battle cancer and Covid-19.
  11. Patients with long Covid can exhibit a reduction in circulating levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin.
  12. ChatGPT might be better than a doctor at following recognized treatment standards for clinical depression, offering fast, objective, data-derived insights while also providing confidentiality and anonymity.

Quiz on Science and Technology-Sept 9


  1. Who claimed responsibility for hacking the systems of the global travel booking giant Sabre?
  2. How much data did the Dunghill Leak group allege they took from Sabre?
  3. Which smartphone brand is set to fully adopt the new self-developed Kirin processors starting in 2024?
  4. Which company is likely to be impacted the most by Huawei’s decision on processors?
  5. What happened to the Netflix software engineer, Yohannes Kidane, in the US?
  6. When is NASA’s Psyche mission set to liftoff?
  7. What percentage of Indian government and essential services saw a significant increase in disruptive cyberattacks in 2022-2023?
  8. Which virus is responsible for causing Covid-19?
  9. Why do people lose their sense of smell and taste with Covid-19?
  10. What new features is Snapchat planning to roll out for protection of teenagers?
  11. What defines high blood pressure according to a recent study?
  12. What vulnerabilities did Apple recently fix on iPhones?
  13. What new term is replacing “tweet” on Elon Musk-run X?
  14. What notable term has been completely removed and replaced by X?
  15. What commitment did Microsoft make regarding its AI Copilot services and copyright challenges?
  16. Which online grocery delivery company recently elevated Ankit Agarwal’s position?
  17. What was Ankit Agarwal’s role before becoming Chief Product Officer at Zepto?


  1. The Dunghill Leak group.
  2. They claimed to have taken about 1.3 terabytes of data.
  3. Huawei.
  4. Qualcomm.
  5. Yohannes Kidane died by suicide at the San Francisco Bay.
  6. The mission is set to launch on October 5, 10.38 a.m. EDT.
  7. 67 per cent.
  8. SARS-CoV-2.
  9. The virus can infect sensory neurons which affect the peripheral nervous system.
  10. Features to protect teens from being contacted by strangers, provide age-appropriate viewing, and remove accounts promoting age-inappropriate content.
  11. Blood pressure measures greater than or equal to 130/80 mm Hg.
  12. Two zero-day vulnerabilities linked to NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware.
  13. “Post”.
  14. “Twitter”.
  15. Microsoft will defend and cover the costs for any commercial customer sued for copyright infringement when using Microsoft’s Copilots.
  16. Zepto.
  17. He was the SVP of Product.

Quiz on Science and Technology-July 4

  1. What breakthrough has Toyota made in battery technology for electric vehicles? Answer: They can halve the weight, size, and cost of batteries.
  2. By when does Toyota plan to roll out cars with advanced solid-state batteries? Answer: 2025
  3. How many participants will embark on NASA’s first one-year analogue mission to simulate living on Mars? Answer: Four
  4. What is the name of the ground-based mission at NASA’s Johnson Space Center? Answer: CHAPEA (Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog)
  5. What is the research finding about the cause of long Covid? Answer: It is not caused by an immune inflammatory reaction to Covid-19.
  6. What percentage of manufacturing companies hit by ransomware attacks had their data encrypted? Answer: 68 percent
  7. How many engineers will Alstom India onboard for its young engineering graduate programme? Answer: 700
  8. Who announced the reopening of sign-ups for Twitter rival Bluesky? Answer: Bluesky, backed by Jack Dorsey
  9. Which two new outdoor smartwatch series did Garmin launch? Answer: fenix 7 Pro and epix Pro series
  10. Which enterprise IT company plans to manufacture high-volume servers worth $1 billion in India? Answer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  11. How many closest approaches to the Sun has NASA’s Parker Solar Probe completed? Answer: 16
  12. On June 22, how close did NASA’s Parker Solar Probe come to the solar surface? Answer: Within 5.3 million miles

Quiz on Science and Technology

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