Technology Current Affairs-Nov 27, 2022

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Technology Current Affairs-Nov 27, 2022

1- With 396.4 million players, which nation currently has the second-largest gaming population in the world?

  1. What are the top three nations in terms of both gaming income and player numbers?
  2. Who, little than a month after the billionaire took office, lost half of the top 100 Twitter advertisers?

4- How many million WhatsApp users’ phone numbers have allegedly been stolen and sold on a “well-known” hacker forum?

5- Based on information from market research firm Niko Partners, how many of the top 10 Asian countries’ gamers are now from India?

Technology Current Affairs

6- Who offers a variety of privacy settings that users can activate to shield themselves from prying eyes, such as obscuring status and profile pictures?

7-A historic agreement to create a loss and damage fund, a long-requested demand by vulnerable countries to aid communities affected by climate change, was finally reached last week at whose summit?

8-Who is committed to advancing sustainable development and was signed by 150 head of state representatives at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit?

9- Who discovered that the average number of mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, and fish populations had plummeted by a terrible 69% since 1970?

10- Who has announced new Workspace enhancements, including resizable pivot tables in Sheets and enhanced search outcomes in Gmail?


Technology Current Affairs

11- Who was travelling to the International Space Station (ISS) with a telescope for the moon and solar panels?

12- Who obtained a temporary order from the Irish court to stop Elon Musk from firing her?

13-What is currently undergoing a mass extinction that is resulting in the extinction of thousands of species annually, and new research indicates that the first such event ever occurred millions of years earlier than previously believed?

14- Who photographed a peculiar galaxy merger in the early universe?

15- On Saturday, Facebook blocked whose post about the 2008 Mumbai terrorist bombings because it had been flagged as spam by the social media site.

Technology Current Affairs

16- On which day did the devastating Mumbai terrorist attacks, which left more than 160 people dead after 12 synchronised bombings and gun strikes over the course of four days were carried out by terrorists from Pakistan, reach their 14th anniversary?

17- Who has successfully completed a brief but crucial 18-second flight with its Mars Ingenuity helicopter to test out new capabilities?

18- Who has taken down the phone spoofing website iSpoof, which defrauded its victims of $120 million?

19- Give the name of the CEO of Wefox, a $4.5 billion digital insurance company, who has expressed his “disgust” at the tech industry’s mass layoffs of “people.”

20- With its rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, designated PSLV-C54, who successfully launched the Indo-French Ocean observation satellite EOS 06 and eight additional nanosatellites into orbit?

Technology Current Affairs


1- India

2-India, Thailand, and the Philippines

3- Elon Musk

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

4-487 million users

5- 50.2 per cent.


7- At the COP27 climate summit

8- The Convention on Biological Diversity

9-The World Wildlife Fund for Nature’s (WWF) Living Planet Report (LPR) 2022

10- Google.


11- SpaceX’s 26th commercial resupply mission for NASA

12-A senior Twitter employee Sinead McSweeney, who is Twitter’s global vice-president for public policy.

13- Earth.

14-The NASA Hubble Space Telescope

15-Member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC), Sanjeev Sanyal

16-November 26, 2022

17-NASA engineers

18-The US authorities

19-Julian Teicke

20- India on Saturday (November 26).

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