Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

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Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- June 28, 2024

  1. What was the topic of discussion between South Korea and the United States semiconductor lobby groups?
    • Answer: The semiconductor lobby groups discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation in technology research and maintain a stable supply chain.
  2. Where was the US-Korea Supply Chain and Commercial Dialogue Semiconductor Forum held?
    • Answer: The forum was held in Washington.
  3. Why was the forum organized?
    • Answer: It was organized following an agreement between South Korea and the United States in April last year to explore ways to expand ties in the semiconductor sector.
  4. Which city is ranked seventh on the list of global artificial intelligence (AI) hubs?
    • Answer: Bengaluru (India) is ranked seventh on the list of AI hubs worldwide
  5. How many AI startups does Bengaluru have?
    • Answer: Bengaluru has 759 AI startups
  6. What is the aggregate score of Bengaluru as an AI hub?
    • Answer: The aggregate score of Bengaluru is 4.64
  7. Which two countries have the highest number of AI research institutions?
    • Answer: India (Bengaluru) and Germany (Berlin) have the highest number of AI research institutions, with nine each
  8. How many AI startups does China have?
    • Answer: China has 518 AI startups
  9. How many AI research institutions does China have?
    • Answer: China has six AI research institutions
  10. Which major telecom company announced a tariff hike for mobile plans?
    • Answer: Bharti Airtel announced the tariff hike
  11. When will the new mobile tariffs be effective?
    • Answer: The new tariffs will be effective from July 3
  12. What is the revised tariff for the unlimited voice plan previously priced at Rs 179?
    • Answer: The revised tariff is Rs 199
  13. What is the new tariff for the post-paid plan previously priced at Rs 399?
    • Answer: The new tariff for the Rs 399 plan is Rs 449
  14. What is the cost of the Rs 599 post-paid plan after the tariff revision?
    • Answer: The Rs 599 plan will now cost Rs 699
  15. How much will the Rs 999 post-paid plan cost after the tariff change?
    • Answer: The Rs 999 plan will now come for Rs 1199

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- June 18, 2024

One-liner Questions:

  1. What percentage of professional gamers experienced cyberbullying in the last year?
  2. What fraction of esports competitors and content creators are women, according to a recent study?
  3. How vulnerable are women in esports to cyberbullying and sexual harassment?
  4. What percentage of Life Sciences organizations have connected health products on the market or under development?
  5. What revenue contribution is expected from connected health in Life Sciences in the next five years?
  6. How many Life Sciences organizations are developing a roadmap for Generative AI integration?
  7. What percentage of biopharma organizations use AI for predictive analysis of real-time data from connected health products as of the last report?
  8. Why were there healthcare disruptions in South Korea recently?
  9. What is expected from the entry of BYD Auto into the South Korean EV market?
  10. What was the percentage drop in rental price growth in top cities in the latest quarter?
  11. How much did the export of spices and its products from India amount to in FY 2023-24?
  12. Which spice’s export hit a record $1.5 billion in FY24?
  13. What is the projected growth in investment for key infrastructure sectors in India for the fiscals 2025 and 2026?
  14. What risks do cancer survivors face if they got the disease at a young age?
  15. What is the recent growth percentage of India’s pharmaceutical exports?
  16. How is New Zealand speeding up response times to biosecurity threats?
  17. What label have most Indian steel producers achieved for their products?
  18. How much has the alternative remittance share for e-commerce payments in India grown from 2018 to 2023?
  19. In which languages is Google’s AI assistant Gemini’s mobile app available in India?


  1. About 96% of professional gamers experienced cyberbullying in the last year.
  2. 16% of esports competitors and content creators are women.
  3. Women in esports are highly vulnerable to cyberbullying and sexual harassment.
  4. 63% of Life Sciences organizations have connected health products on the market or under development.
  5. Connected health is expected to contribute more than one-fifth (22%) of total revenue in Life Sciences in the next five years.
  6. Three in five Life Sciences organizations are developing a roadmap for Generative AI integration.
  7. 46% of biopharma organizations are using AI for predictive analysis as of the latest report.
  8. Healthcare disruptions in South Korea were due to a general strike by doctors protesting the medical school quota hike.
  9. The entry of China’s BYD Auto is expected to intensify competition within the low-cost segment of the South Korean EV market.
  10. There was a nearly 50% drop in rental price growth in top cities in the latest quarter.
  11. The export of spices and its products from India reached a record $4.46 billion in FY 2023-24.
  12. Red chilli exports hit a record $1.5 billion in FY24.
  13. Investment in India’s key infrastructure sectors is likely to grow 38% in the fiscals 2025 and 2026.
  14. Cancer survivors who got the disease at a young age are at increased risk of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), other cancers, and further diagnoses later in life.
  15. India’s pharmaceutical exports grew by 10.45% in May this year.
  16. New Zealand researchers are using new algorithms to speed up response times to serious biosecurity threats.
  17. Most Indian steel producers have achieved labeling their products as ‘Made in India’.
  18. The alternative remittance share for e-commerce payments in India has grown from 20.4% in 2018 to 58.1% in 2023.
  19. The Gemini app is available in English and nine Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Additional One-liner Questions:

  1. What areas of health are most biopharma companies focusing on currently?
  2. What percentage of biopharma organizations have leveraged AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies in the last three years?
  3. What was the primary reason for the spike in housing supply in top cities?
  4. How much did the export value of red chilli from India increase in FY24 compared to the previous year?
  5. What percentage increase did the red chilli export volume see in FY24?
  6. Which countries are driving the robust demand for India’s red chilli exports?
  7. What are the anticipated effects of supportive policy interventions on India’s infrastructure investment?
  8. How significant is the increase in cardiovascular diseases among young cancer survivors?
  9. Which languages does Google’s AI assistant Gemini support in its mobile app in India?
  10. What has been the role of Generative AI in interactions with patients and healthcare providers according to recent developments?

Additional Answers:

  1. Oncology, immunology, and cardiology are primary focuses, with emerging areas such as mental health, diabetes, obesity, and dermatology also showing significant growth.
  2. Significant progress, with biopharma organizations increasingly leveraging AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies.
  3. The spike was due to more new supply entering the markets, addressing a previously highly speculative residential rental spike.
  4. Red chilli exports from India increased from $1.3 billion to $1.5 billion in FY24, marking a 15% increase.
  5. Red chilli export volume increased by 15% in FY24 to 601,000 tonnes from 524,000 tonnes the previous year.
  6. The robust demand for India’s red chilli exports is primarily driven by China and Bangladesh.
  7. Investments are likely to grow due to the need for sustainable infrastructure, more green power, improved physical connectivity, and rising demand for real estate.
  8. Young cancer survivors face a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases later in life.
  9. Gemini supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.
  10. Over half of the Life Sciences organizations are currently piloting Generative AI for enhancing interactions with patients and healthcare providers.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology-April 28, 2024


  1. What age group is most affected by testicular cancer?
  2. What technology won the Nobel Prize for its inventors in 2020?
  3. What country is hosting the negotiations for the Global Plastic Treaty?
  4. What city is Elon Musk’s recent visit to?
  5. What is Tesla planning to make available in China soon?
  6. What was the percentage increase in anti-vaccine posts on X.com after Covid-19 vaccines were introduced?
  7. What problem did Elon Musk mention is leading to population collapse?
  8. How many measles cases were reported worldwide in 2023?
  9. What collaboration involves Hyundai Motor, Kia, and Baidu?
  10. What significant financing did AdaniConneX announce?
  11. Who responded to a post about aliens and flight MH370?
  12. What new leader of the doctors’ association expressed a combative stance?
  13. How many startups secured funding in India this week?
  14. What major restructuring did Healthify undergo?
  15. How long has Sundar Pichai been at Google as of April 2024?
  16. Which vulnerabilities did CERT-In issue an advisory over?
  17. What legal sector value is GenAI expected to influence by 2027?
  18. What disease could early detection potentially arrest?
  19. What new treatment approach was found for a common form of IBS?
  20. What did the South Korean Prime Minister plead with medical professors?
  21. How many IT employees did leading Indian companies lose last fiscal year?
  22. How many growth-stage startups secured funding in India this week?
  23. What did Elon Musk comment on regarding low birth rates?
  24. What technology allows editing of genomes?
  25. What does the CRISPR-Cas technology function like?
  26. Who is responsible for the Global Plastic Treaty negotiations?
  27. What is the primary cause behind the spike in measles cases?
  28. What is the collaboration between Hyundai, Kia, and Baidu focused on?
  29. What did the Stanford researchers use to analyze anti-vaccine sentiment?
  30. What country has one of the lowest incidences of testicular cancer?


  1. Young men aged 15 to 35 years.
  2. CRISPR-Cas.
  3. Canada.
  4. Beijing.
  5. Full self-driving (FSD) technology.
  6. 27 percent.
  7. Record low birth rates.
  8. 321,582.
  9. Developing technologies for connected cars.
  10. The country’s largest sustainability-linked financing to raise up to $1.44 billion.
  11. Elon Musk.
  12. Lim Hyun-taek.
  13. 27 startups.
  14. Laid off around 27 percent of its workforce.
  15. 20 years.
  16. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) software.
  17. $50 billion.
  18. Knee osteoarthritis.
  19. Personalized ‘cocktails’ of antibiotics, probiotics, and prebiotics.
  20. To remain at their workplaces and with their patients.
  21. Nearly 70,000.
  22. Seven.
  23. It fails to address the foundational issue of low birth rates.
  24. Precise alterations to the genomes of living organisms.
  25. Molecular “scissors”.
  26. Delegates from across the globe.
  27. The lack of vaccinations during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  28. Connectivity and self-driving technologies.
  29. The Snscrape library in Python.
  30. India.

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  1. What significant pledge did Canada make at the Global Plastic Treaty negotiations?
  2. What platform did Elon Musk use to announce Tesla’s upcoming availability of FSD in China?
  3. What kind of increase did the number of measles cases see in 2023 compared to the previous year?
  4. What potential does CRISPR-Cas have in relation to bacteria and antibiotics?
  5. How many negative sentiment posts were identified in the vaccine sentiment study from Stanford?
  6. What financial services firm secured the highest funding in India this week?
  7. What position does Sundar Pichai hold at Alphabet and Google?
  8. What method predicts knee osteoarthritis years before it shows on X-rays?
  9. Who is investing in digital infrastructure growth in India through AdaniConneX?
  10. What major automotive project is Baidu involved in with Hyundai and Kia?

Additional Answers

  1. CAD 10 million towards the Global Plastic Action Partnership and CAD 5 million towards PROBLUE.
  2. X.com (formerly known as Twitter).
  3. An 88 percent increase.
  4. It can target resistance genes to make bacteria sensitive to first-line antibiotics.
  5. 458,045 posts were negative in sentiment.
  6. Northern Arc secured $80 million.
  7. Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  8. A blood test that identifies key biomarkers.
  9. Adani Enterprises and EdgeConneX.
  10. Developing technologies for connected cars, focusing on connectivity and self-driving technologies.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- April 15, 2024

One-liner Questions

  1. What company announced the opening of a new R&D center in India?
  2. Where is Philips’ new Healthcare Innovation Centre located?
  3. What is the total office space of Philips’ new center in Pune?
  4. How many employees will Philips’ new center house?
  5. Which company announced layoffs of more than 10% of its global workforce?
  6. Who is the CEO of Tesla?
  7. What reason did Elon Musk give for Tesla’s layoffs?
  8. What issue led Tesla to reduce its headcount?
  9. What condition is burnout a result of?
  10. Who gave advice on handling someone with burnout?
  11. What are increasing childhood hip disorders according to doctors?
  12. What disease can untreated Slip Capital Femoral Epiphysis lead to?
  13. What can timely intervention prevent in children with SCFE?
  14. Where did TCS announce a new delivery center?
  15. How many new jobs will TCS create in Brazil?
  16. What new prices did Ola Electric announce for its S1 X range of e-scooters?
  17. When will Ola Electric begin delivering the new S1 X e-scooters?
  18. What is the projected market share for GenAI-capable smartphones by 2027?
  19. Which firm’s shareholders approved a rights issue to address a cash crunch?
  20. What plan did the US government announce for Samsung Electronics?
  21. What is the value of the grants for Samsung’s investment in Texas?
  22. What facility did IIT Madras launch?
  23. How much did Husk Power Systems secure in debt financing?
  24. What company acquired a cement grinding unit in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu?
  25. How much did the acquisition by Ambuja Cements cost?
  26. What milestone did Tata Power achieve regarding EV charging?
  27. What percentage of businesses chose India for outsourcing digital services?
  28. What are the key priorities for organizations in India, according to a new report?
  29. What does TRAI’s latest recommendations support?
  30. What percentage increase in AI/ML job roles was reported in India?


  1. Philips.
  2. Pune.
  3. About 300,000 square feet.
  4. 1,900.
  5. Tesla.
  6. Elon Musk.
  7. To prepare the company for its next phase of growth.
  8. Duplication of roles and job functions.
  9. A long period of stress.
  10. Professor Petra Beschoner.
  11. Obesity, low vitamin D levels, and lack of physical activity.
  12. Severe limb impairments and joint destruction.
  13. Severe limb impairments.
  14. Londrina, Parana, Brazil.
  15. More than 1,600.
  16. Rs 69,999, Rs 84,999, Rs 99,999.
  17. Next week.
  18. 43%.
  19. Byju’s.
  20. A plan to award grants to support chipmaking.
  21. Up to $6.4 billion.
  22. India’s first medical devices calibration facility on wheels.
  23. $4 million.
  24. Ambuja Cements.
  25. Rs 413.75 crore.
  26. Powered 10 crore green kilometres.
  27. 45%.
  28. Data security and ransomware protection.
  29. Facilitate the development of new OEMs and boost investments.
  30. 12%.

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Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- April 2, 2024


  1. What milestone did the cumulative electric vehicle (EV) registrations in South Korea reach last year?
  2. How many EVs were registered in South Korea by the end of 2023?
  3. When did South Korea start recording EV registrations?
  4. What was the percentage increase in EV registrations in South Korea from 2022 to 2023?
  5. How many EV chargers were installed in South Korea last year?
  6. Which two companies started production at their second battery plant in the United States?
  7. What vehicle will use the first round of battery cells produced at the new plant?
  8. What are the key features of the OnePlus Nord CE4 smartphone?
  9. How many accounts did WhatsApp ban in India in February?
  10. How many WhatsApp accounts were proactively banned in India in February?
  11. What was unique about Japan’s SLIM lander’s landing on the moon?
  12. Why did SLIM go dormant?
  13. What serious issue is on the rise due to lifestyle choices?
  14. What benefits does early intervention offer to people suffering from autism?
  15. Why has Byju’s delayed salaries for its employees again?
  16. What did a clinical trial reveal about stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries?
  17. What action will Microsoft take following an antitrust investigation by the EU?
  18. What has been the growth in online doctor consultations in India since the Covid-19 pandemic?
  19. What significant partnership did Plotch.ai announce?
  20. What is the minimum necessary increase in medical school admissions according to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol?
  21. How much did the prevalence of C-sections in India increase from 2016 to 2021?
  22. What risk may diabetes patients with high blood pressure face?
  23. What significant financial action did Pocket FM recently complete?
  24. What unique features do boAt’s newly launched headphones have?
  25. How many people has the Apple ecosystem directly employed in India since 2021?
  26. What did Sridhar Vembu say about investing in India for young entrepreneurs?
  27. How many WhatsApp accounts were banned in February 1-29 period?
  28. How much did the FY24 production of iPhones exceed in February?
  29. What does the new LGES and GM plant in the US produce?
  30. What technology does the OnePlus Nord CE4 smartphone use for charging?


  1. The 500,000 mark.
  2. 543,900.
  3. 2017
  4. 39.5%.
  5. 305,509 units.
  6. LG Energy Solution Ltd (LGES) and General Motors.
  7. The all-electric Cadillac Lyriq SUV.
  8. Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset, 8GB RAM, 6.7 inch display, 5,500mAh battery, ‘100W SUPERVOOC’ charging.
  9. More than 76 lakh.
  10. 1,424,000.
  11. It landed upside-down.
  12. It could not generate power due to its solar panels not facing the sun.
  13. Lifestyle-induced diseases.
  14. It can help develop skills, reduce difficulties, and ensure long-term success.
  15. Due to an interim order obtained by “misguided foreign investors” which restricted usage of funds.
  16. It’s safe and may help improve sensation and movement.
  17. Unbundle Teams with Office 365 and Microsoft 365.
  18. A four-fold increase.
  19. Its partnership with Google to integrate AI into the ONDC network.
  20. 2,000.
  21. From 17.2% to 21.5%.
  22. A risk of developing a stroke.
  23. Its first ESOP buyback worth $8.3 million.
  24. Head-tracking 3D audio and spatial sound features.
  25. Over 150,000 people.
  26. It’s the best time and India is poised for decades of solid growth.
  27. 7,628,000.
  28. Rs 1 lakh crore.
  29. Battery cells.
  30. ‘100W SUPERVOOC’ charging.

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Additional Questions

  1. What percentage of WhatsApp’s banned accounts in India were proactively banned in February?
  2. How long can the OnePlus Nord CE4’s battery last on a full charge?
  3. What significant achievement did Japan’s SLIM lander accomplish despite landing upside-down?
  4. How many online doctor consultations were reported from Tier 1 cities in India according to the Practo report?
  5. What was the purpose of Venture Catalysts’ investment in Plotch.ai?
  6. What is the significance of World Autism Awareness Day?
  7. What was the reason behind the sharp increase in C-section deliveries in India, according to the IIT Madras study?
  8. How did Microsoft respond to the EU’s antitrust investigation?
  9. How has the practice of video consultations in India changed since 2019?
  10. What led to Byju’s delay in salary disbursement for the second successive month?
  11. What does the stem cell therapy clinical trial suggest for people with traumatic spinal cord injuries?
  12. What growth has the Apple ecosystem contributed to in terms of employment in India since 2021?
  13. What innovative feature does boAt’s Nirvana Eutopia headphones offer?
  14. How has the prevalence of C-sections in India changed from 2016 to 2021?
  15. What major health risk did the Chinese study highlight for diabetes patients with high blood pressure?

Additional Answers

  1. Approximately 18.66%.
  2. The article does not specify the duration, only the charging speed.
  3. Achieved a pinpoint landing within 100 meters of the target.
  4. The article does not provide a specific number for Tier 1 cities alone.
  5. To facilitate ONDC adoption and promote local language adoption for rural India.
  6. To raise awareness, destigmatize, and support people living with autism.
  7. Clinical factors were not necessarily the reason for surgical deliveries, especially in certain regions.
  8. Plans to launch new commercial Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites without Teams.
  9. Grown from 20% to 90% in 2023.
  10. Due to an interim order by “misguided foreign investors” that restricted fund usage.
  11. That it’s safe and may improve sensation and movement.
  12. Over 150,000 directly and 3 lakh indirectly, totaling over 4 lakh new jobs.
  13. Head-tracking 3D audio and spatial sound.
  14. Increased from 17.2% to 21.5%.
  15. An increased risk of stroke associated with systolic blood pressure.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- March 20. 2024

One-liner Questions:

  1. What decision did Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal make regarding the ‘pure veg mode’?
  2. What was the initial plan for Zomato riders under the ‘pure veg mode’?
  3. Which foundation is focusing on wearable and assistive technologies?
  4. Which department funds the Sona Incubation Foundation?
  5. Where is the Sona Incubation Foundation located?
  6. What risks do chain smokers and binge drinkers face regarding their health?
  7. What are the effects of smoking and binge drinking on vision?
  8. What did industry leaders say about corporate governance in Indian digital companies?
  9. What macroeconomic outlook did Samsung Electronics predict for this year?
  10. Who is the new CEO of Microsoft’s AI venture?
  11. What will happen to Zomato’s ‘Pure Veg Mode’ if it faces social backlash?
  12. What is the theme of this year’s World Oral Health Day?
  13. How many startups does BJP Vice President Hitesh Jain predict by 2029?
  14. What innovative insulin delivery system did Indian scientists develop?
  15. What was showcased at the ‘Startup Mahakumbh 2024’ innovation pavilion?
  16. What is the prize pool for the BGIS 2024 esports tournament?
  17. Which Covid-19 variant showed resistance to the latest vaccines?
  18. What does Zomato’s ‘Pure Veg Mode’ entail?
  19. How much could Indian workers’ salaries increase with AI skills?
  20. Who is referred to as the ‘Missile Woman of India’?
  21. How many jobs is Unilever expected to cut in a restructuring exercise?
  22. What collaboration did Airtel Payments Bank announce?
  23. What high-frequency radiation device did IIT Delhi develop?
  24. What will Meta’s India-specific Elections Operations Centre do?
  25. What is the potential for Indian AI SaaS startups?
  26. What new lineup did Lenovo launch in India?
  27. How much funding did Relso raise in its pre-seed round?
  28. What is the aim of Flipkart’s MoU with FITT?


  1. Decided to remove the on-ground segregation of its rider fleet using the color green.
  2. Riders were supposed to wear only green uniforms.
  3. Salem-based Sona Incubation Foundation (SIF).
  4. Department of Science and Technology (DST).
  5. Inside the Sona College of Technology campus.
  6. Significant risk of vision loss.
  7. Dry eyes, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
  8. Running a clean company is more important than having the highest market cap.
  9. Macroeconomic uncertainties are expected to be high.
  10. Mustafa Suleyman.
  11. It will roll it back.
  12. “A happy mouth is a happy body”.
  13. At least 10-15 lakh startups and about 500 unicorns.
  14. A novel silk-based hydrogel system that mimics the pancreas.
  15. Over 40 startups showcased their innovations.
  16. Rs 2 crore.
  17. JN.1 variant.
  18. A curation of restaurants that serve only vegetarian food.
  19. More than 54%.
  20. Dr. Tessy Thomas.
  21. Nearly 7,500 job losses.
  22. With smartwatch brand Noise and Mastercard.
  23. A Spintronic Terahertz (THz) emitter.
  24. Identify potential threats and curb AI-generated fake content.
  25. Help create 100 new AI unicorns.
  26. Legion gaming laptops with AI and next-gen features.
  27. $840,000.
  28. Joint research on personas to enhance personalized recommendations.

Additional One-liner Questions:

  1. What was the specific uniform color initially planned for Zomato’s ‘pure veg mode’ riders?
  2. What is the primary focus of the Sona Incubation Foundation?
  3. Who is the veteran investor that spoke about corporate governance alongside Kunal Shah?
  4. What role does the ‘Pure Veg Mode’ play in Zomato’s platform?
  5. What significant effect does artificial intelligence have on Indian workers’ salaries, according to a report?
  6. What significant event is Meta preparing for with its India-specific Elections Operations Centre?
  7. Which Indian institute is involved in the development of a device for 6G communication technologies?
  8. What innovative feature characterizes the new lineup of Lenovo Legion gaming laptops?
  9. On which date is World Oral Health Day celebrated annually?
  10. What health issues can arise from smoking and binge drinking, according to health experts?
  11. Who was announced as the CEO of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence venture?
  12. How much is the prize pool for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 esports tournament?

Additional Answers:

  1. Green.
  2. Nurturing startups focused on wearable and assistive technologies.
  3. Sanjeev Bikhchandani.
  4. It consists of a curation of restaurants that serve only vegetarian food.
  5. More than 54% increase in salaries.
  6. The 18th general elections in India.
  7. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.
  8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and next-gen features.
  9. March 20.
  10. Dry eyes, cataracts, and macular degeneration leading to vision loss.
  11. Mustafa Suleyman.
  12. Rs 2 crore.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- March 5, 2024

One-Liner Questions:

  1. Who signed the MoU for an advanced fuelling and control system for engines?
  2. Which three companies will indigenously develop the advanced fuelling and control system?
  3. Who was present at the MoU signing event for the advanced fuelling and control system?
  4. What significant nuclear power programme stage did India enter with the commencement of core loading at Kalpakkam?
  5. What is the capacity of the first indigenous Fast Breeder Reactor at Kalpakkam?
  6. Who built the 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor?
  7. Which Indian startup founders met with Union IT and Telecom Minister regarding Google’s new Play Store policies?
  8. What initiative was launched to empower citizens to report suspected communication fraud?
  9. How much was Apple fined by the European Union for market abuse?
  10. Which company filed an antitrust complaint against Apple leading to the EU investigation?
  11. What type of cancer affected the ISRO chief, S. Somanath?
  12. Which companies announced investment in Svatantra Microfin Pvt Ltd?
  13. What new feature does the MacBook Air with the M3 chip support?
  14. Which electric scooter received the DVA certification under the PLI scheme?
  15. What goal does the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 aim to achieve?
  16. How many Indian startups are back on Google Play Store after complying with new policies?
  17. What is essential for India to become a $7 trillion economy according to an expert?
  18. When is World Obesity Day observed?
  19. What did Shaadi.com Founder and CEO Anupam Mittal say about Google’s new Play Store policies?
  20. What are the key features of the new Samsung Galaxy F15 5G?
  21. Where were fake JBL consumer products seized recently?
  22. What was discussed at the launch of PhonePe’s Indus Appstore panel discussion?
  23. What will the Bharat Semiconductor Research Centre focus on?
  24. Where will IBM expand its Technology Expert Labs capacity in India?
  25. Which OTT platform is under scrutiny by the NCPCR for explicit content?
  26. Who clarified that permission to launch new AI models in India does not apply to startups?


  1. The Ministry of Defence.
  2. BEML Ltd, Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL), and Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd (MIDHANI).
  3. Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane.
  4. The second stage of its three-stage nuclear power programme.
  5. 500 MWe.
  6. Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd (BHAVINI).
  7. Indian startup founders.
  8. The ‘Chakshu’ facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal.
  9. 1.84 billion euros (about $2 billion).
  10. Spotify.
  11. Stomach cancer.
  12. Advent International and Multiples Private Equity.
  13. Support for up to two external displays and up to two times faster Wi-Fi than the previous generation.
  14. Ola Electric’s S1 Pro electric scooter.
  15. The goal of ‘Green Mobility’.
  16. Eight out of 10 key homegrown companies.
  17. Increasing the participation of women in the workforce by 50%.
  18. March 4.
  19. He compared it to the new Digital East India Co.
  20. A 6000mAh battery and sAMOLED display.
  21. Kashmiri Gate in the national capital.
  22. Sustainable business models for app stores.
  23. Collaboration with industry experts and academia in PPP mode.
  24. Bengaluru and Kochi.
  25. Ullu.
  26. Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar.

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Additional One-Liner Questions:

  1. What percentage of localisation criteria did Ola Electric’s S1 Pro scooter meet under the PLI scheme?
  2. What is the maximum battery life of the new MacBook Air with the M3 chip?
  3. On which platform is the Samsung Galaxy F15 5G available for purchase?
  4. What was the goal of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 introduced by?
  5. How much investment did Svatantra Microfin Pvt Ltd receive from private equity investors?
  6. What was the primary concern of Indian startup founders regarding Google’s new Play Store policies?
  7. Which ministers assured Indian startups of support against Google’s policies?
  8. What does the ‘Chakshu’ facility aim to combat?
  9. Who launched the ‘Chakshu’ facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal?
  10. For what reason was Apple fined by the European Union?
  11. What does the EU allege Apple prevented music streaming app developers from doing?
  12. Who expressed health issues linked to stomach cancer during the Chandrayaan-3 mission launch?
  13. What makes the investment in Svatantra Microfin Pvt Ltd notable in the microfinance sector?
  14. What performance improvement does the MacBook Air with the M3 chip boast over the M1 model?
  15. Which body awarded the first PLI–automotive certificate to Ola Electric?
  16. What are the key objectives of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020?
  17. How are Indian startups adjusting to comply with Google’s new Play Store policy?
  18. What condition is necessary for India’s economic goal according to an expert?
  19. What did Anupam Mittal compare Google’s new Play Store policies to?
  20. What special offer comes with the early sale of the Samsung Galaxy F15 5G on Flipkart?
  21. What was confiscated during the raid on fake JBL products?
  22. What significant new research facility was discussed by Rajeev Chandrasekhar?
  23. What focus areas will IBM’s expanded Technology Expert Labs in India cover?
  24. What issue has brought the OTT platform Ullu under NCPCR’s scrutiny?
  25. How does the new IT Ministry advisory on AI models impact startups according to Rajeev Chandrasekhar?

Additional Answers:

  1. 50%.
  2. Up to 18 hours.
  3. Flipkart, Samsung.com, and select retail stores.
  4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  5. Rs 1,930 crore ($230 million).
  6. The impact of Google’s policies on their operations.
  7. Union IT and Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar.
  8. Suspected fraud in communication.
  9. Union Minister of Communications, Railways, Electronics & Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw.
  10. Abusing its dominant position in the music streaming app distribution market.
  11. Fully informing iOS users about alternative and cheaper subscription services outside of the app.
  12. S. Somanath.
  13. It marks the largest investment by private equity investors in the sector.
  14. Up to 60% faster performance.
  15. The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Manesar.
  16. Manufacturing and adopting electric vehicles (EVs) for ‘Green Mobility’.
  17. By complying with the consumption-only option or other policy requirements.
  18. Increasing women’s participation in the workforce by 50%.
  19. The new Digital East India Co.
  20. A Samsung Travel Adapter worth Rs 1299 for just Rs 299.
  21. 54 counterfeit JBL car speakers.
  22. The Bharat Semiconductor Research Centre.
  23. Generative AI, Hybrid Cloud, and Cybersecurity.
  24. Providing explicit content accessible to minors.
  25. It does not apply to startups, only to large platforms.

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Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- February 23, 2024

Questions: Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

  1. When did Google Pay announce the availability of SoundPod for small merchants in India?
  2. What function does the SoundPod perform for merchants?
  3. What escalated the dispute between Byju’s and its investors?
  4. What was the outcome of the EGM called by Byju’s investors?
  5. What significant discovery was made by scientists regarding Long Covid?
  6. What novel MRI scan did researchers uncover for Long Covid?
  7. What can the new prototype developed by PGIMER researchers do?
  8. What diseases could benefit from the precision medicine prototype?
  9. Which app’s scope is Meta’s Oversight Board expanding to include?
  10. What did scientists develop against neurotoxins from certain snakes?
  11. Which airline selected RTX business Collins Aerospace for avionics hardware?
  12. Which stations will initially offer pre-ordered meals through IRCTC and Swiggy?
  13. Why is Google pausing Gemini AI’s ability to generate images of people?
  14. How did Anand Mahindra react to a video of a truck being dismantled?
  15. What decision did the Delhi High Court make regarding BharatPe’s co-founder’s appeal?
  16. How did the subscriber count change for Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio, and Bharti Airtel in December 2023?
  17. What is unique about the breath sensor developed by IIT Jodhpur?
  18. What health risks are linked to PM2.5 air pollution according to US studies?
  19. What role did Sona College of Technology play in ISRO’s latest satellite launch?
  20. What decision is expected at Byju’s EGM regarding its CEO?
  21. In which new markets is Instagram expanding its creator marketplace?
  22. What agreement did Uber sign with the government’s e-commerce platform?
  23. What is India’s electronics manufacturing goal for the coming years?
  24. How do Indian consumers feel about AI-enabled tools versus human interaction?
  25. What impact is the revised FDI norms expected to have on India’s space sector?
  26. What growth is anticipated in the robotic surgery and devices market by 2024?
  27. What challenges are slowing the adoption of AI in risk and compliance?
  28. What did Cleartrip CEO Ayyappan Rajagopal announce about his career?

Answers: Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

  1. Google Pay announced the availability on Thursday.
  2. The SoundPod helps track QR code payments with audio alerts.
  3. The dispute escalated after Byju’s CEO and Board members decided not to attend the EGM.
  4. The outcome was the intention to vote to remove Raveendran as CEO.
  5. Scientists discovered disruption to blood vessels in the brains of Long Covid patients.
  6. They uncovered a novel MRI scan showing blood vessel “leakiness.”
  7. It can generate neurovascular tissues/organoids from autologous blood.
  8. Diseases like autism, ADHD, ANSD, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s could benefit.
  9. Meta’s Oversight Board is expanding its scope to include the Instagram app Threads.
  10. A synthetic human antibody neutralizing neurotoxins from snakes like cobras and black mambas was developed.
  11. Air India selected RTX business Collins Aerospace for its Boeing 737 MAX fleet.
  12. Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam stations will offer meals through IRCTC and Swiggy.
  13. Google is pausing this ability due to controversies over AI-generated images.
  14. Anand Mahindra expressed distress over the dismantling of a truck.
  15. The Delhi High Court disposed of the appeal against granting a restraining order.
  16. Vodafone Idea lost subscribers, while Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel gained in December 2023.
  17. IIT Jodhpur developed a “Make in India” human breath sensor for alcohol and respiratory diseases.
  18. Increased risks of hospital admission for heart and lung diseases are linked to PM2.5.
  19. They provided precision equipment for ISRO’s meteorological satellite INSAT-3DS.
  20. Investors are set to vote for the removal of Byju Raveendran as CEO.
  21. Instagram’s creator marketplace is expanding to eight new markets, including India.
  22. Uber signed an agreement with ONDC to expand mobility offerings.
  23. The goal is to scale electronics manufacturing to $300 billion in the next few years.
  24. 57% of Indian consumers prefer AI-enabled tools over human interaction.
  25. The revised FDI norms are expected to attract up to $25 billion in foreign investments over the next decade.
  26. The market for robotic surgical systems is projected to hit $10 billion by the end of 2024.
  27. The slow adoption is due to practical, cultural, and regulatory challenges.
  28. Ayyappan Rajagopal announced his departure from the Walmart-backed Flipkart Group.

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Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- January 25, 2024

One-Liner Questions: Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

  1. Who surpassed Samsung as the world’s top smartphone seller in 2023?
  2. How many iPhones were sold by Apple in 2023?
  3. What was the percentage drop in Samsung’s smartphone shipments in 2023 compared to 2022?
  4. What new features is Google introducing in the Chrome browser?
  5. Why did Google terminate its contract with Australian data company Appen?
  6. Where was the Samsung Galaxy S24 series officially launched?
  7. What are the color options for the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+?
  8. What massive data breach was discovered by cyber security researchers recently?
  9. What was the issue fixed by Elon Musk-run X (Formerly Twitter)?
  10. What is the mobile game ‘Devil May Cry’ known for?
  11. Who is attempting to adapt ‘Devil May Cry’ to mobile format?
  12. What illegal activities in India are Chinese criminal syndicates expected to increase in 2024?
  13. What new feature is Meta rolling out for teens on Instagram?
  14. What is the purpose of Meta’s “nighttime nudge” feature?
  15. What did OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman say about AI and human care?
  16. What new partnership was announced by Samsung and Google Cloud?
  17. What medical condition might increase the risk of dying before the age of 75?

Answers: Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

  1. Apple surpassed Samsung as the world’s top smartphone seller in 2023.
  2. Apple sold 234.6 million iPhones in 2023.
  3. Samsung experienced a 13.6% drop in smartphone shipments in 2023 compared to 2022.
  4. Google is introducing generative AI features in Chrome to organize tabs, create themes, and help draft content.
  5. Google terminated its contract with Appen due to undisclosed reasons.
  6. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series was launched in Hyderabad, India.
  7. The Galaxy S24 and S24+ are available in Amber Yellow, Cobalt Violet, Marble Gray, and Onyx Black.
  8. The data breach involved about 26 billion records from websites like X (Formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.
  9. X (Formerly Twitter) fixed a bug that incorrectly labeled posts as ‘Sensitive Media’.
  10. ‘Devil May Cry’ is known for its explosive action, unique combat weapons, and vibrant visuals.
  11. Nebulajoy and Capcom are adapting ‘Devil May Cry’ to mobile format.
  12. Chinese criminal syndicates are expected to intensify digital loan shark scams in India in 2024.
  13. Meta is introducing a “nighttime nudge” feature on Instagram for teenagers.
  14. The “nighttime nudge” feature reminds teens to log off after 10 minutes on Reels or Direct Messages late at night.
  15. Sam Altman stated that AI won’t replace human care, similar to how computers didn’t end the game of chess.
  16. Samsung and Google Cloud announced a partnership to bring Google Cloud’s AI technology to Samsung smartphones.
  17. Men with gynecomastia, a condition of enlarged breast tissue not caused by extra weight, may have an increased mortality risk before age 75.

One-Liner Questions-January 13, 2024

  1. Who is more likely to have a benign blood condition that often precedes multiple myeloma?
  2. What factors may impact the likelihood of developing multiple myeloma?
  3. What is monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)?
  4. What is the purpose of NASA’s X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft?
  5. What is the expected speed of the X-59 aircraft?
  6. Why did the co-founders of Instagram wind down operations of the Artifact app?
  7. How warm was the year 2023 globally?
  8. What new discovery did engineers from Columbia University make about fingerprints?
  9. What milestone are Hyundai Motor and Kia expected to reach in eco-friendly vehicle sales?
  10. What did researchers analyze regarding antibiotic use and treatment-resistant bacteria?
  11. What new health features were launched for the Galaxy Watch6 series in India?
  12. What discovery was made about human retinas and colour vision?
  13. Who was G. N. Ramachandran, and what was he known for?
  14. What recent research was conducted on the fungal pathogen Candida?

Answers-January 13, 2024

  1. Obese people are more likely to have the benign blood condition.
  2. Weight, smoking habits, and exercise.
  3. MGUS is characterized by an abnormal protein produced by plasma cells, a precursor to multiple myeloma.
  4. To pave the way for new commercial aircraft that can travel faster than the speed of sound.
  5. 1.4 times the speed of sound, or 925 mph.
  6. They cited that the market opportunity wasn’t big enough for continued investment.
  7. It was the warmest year, with a global average temperature of 1.46 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial baseline.
  8. Fingerprints from different fingers of the same person are similar.
  9. They are expected to exceed 1 million units in eco-friendly vehicle sales.
  10. The impact of antibiotic use on the rise of treatment-resistant bacteria over the last 20 years.
  11. Blood pressure and electrocardiogram tracking features.
  12. An offshoot of vitamin A generates cells that enable humans to see millions of colors.
  13. G. N. Ramachandran was an eminent biophysicist who deserved the Nobel prize.
  14. The identification of hundreds of genes subject to recent, clinically-relevant selection in Candida.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- December 27, 2023

One-liner Questions: Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

  1. What was FirstCry’s revenue from operations in FY23?
  2. How much did FirstCry’s losses increase in FY23 compared to FY22?
  3. What significant growth did FirstCry achieve in revenue in FY23?
  4. What percentage of FirstCry’s operating revenue in FY23 came from product sales?
  5. Which institute’s researchers identified a protein in SARS-CoV-2 antagonizing the immune system?
  6. What is the name of the viral protein identified by IISc researchers in SARS-CoV-2?
  7. What triggers the body’s early antiviral responses during Covid infection?
  8. By what percentage have stroke cases surged in the national capital region due to temperature and pollution?
  9. What is Elon Musk’s opinion on the stimulant effect of coffee?
  10. What position has Tesla achieved in South Korea’s imported passenger vehicle market this year?
  11. What are the prices for the Galaxy A15 5G variants in India?
  12. What new app did Microsoft launch for Android users?
  13. When will Amazon Prime Video start showing advertisements during movies and TV shows?
  14. What new features were announced by Bluesky in its latest update?
  15. When is Apple’s mixed reality headset expected to be available in the market?
  16. How much cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers in 2023?
  17. What is Apple’s reaction to the ITC’s decision to ban certain Watch models in the US?
  18. What did YouTube India MD say about the impact of AI on content landscape?
  19. What mechanism of TB bacterium persistence in the human body was decoded by IISc researchers?
  20. What is the name of the new COVID variant first detected in Luxembourg?

Answers: Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

  1. FirstCry reported Rs 5,632 crore revenue from operations in FY23.
  2. FirstCry’s losses surged over six times to Rs 486 crore from Rs 79 crore in FY22.
  3. The company registered about 2.4 times growth in revenue.
  4. 98 percent of the total operating revenue came from product sales, amounting to Rs 5,519 crore.
  5. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).
  6. The viral protein is called ORF6.
  7. Interferons (IFNs) trigger the body’s early antiviral responses.
  8. Stroke cases surged by 40 percent.
  9. Musk expressed that he does not “notice the stimulant effect much” of coffee.
  10. Tesla has emerged as a major player in South Korea’s market.
  11. Galaxy A15 5G costs Rs 22,499 (8GB+256GB) and Rs 19,499 (8GB+128GB).
  12. Microsoft launched a new dedicated Copilot app.
  13. Advertisements will start from January 29.
  14. Bluesky introduced an in-app video and music player and a “hide post” feature.
  15. The headset is tipped to be available in late January or early February.
  16. Hackers stole around $2 billion in cryptocurrencies in 2023.
  17. Apple filed an appeal and requested an emergency stay on the ban.
  18. Ishan Chatterjee stated that AI will exponentially and excitingly change the content landscape in the next 24 months.
  19. They described a single gene aiding in the production of iron-sulphur clusters.
  20. The new variant is named JN.1.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- Nov 23, 2023

One-Liner Questions:

  1. What initiative did Amazon launch to provide free generative AI skill training?
  2. How many people is Amazon aiming to train by 2025 under its ‘AI Ready’ initiative?
  3. What new courses is Amazon Web Services (AWS) introducing?
  4. Which smartphone manufacturer has become a success example in the tech world?
  5. For what reason is realme noted in the technology sector?
  6. What type of ads did Facebook allegedly approve regarding Palestinians?
  7. How much is Genesis suing Gemini for in their recent lawsuit?
  8. Who owns the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini?
  9. What statement did Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella make regarding technology?
  10. What change did Elon Musk announce for X regarding news headlines?
  11. Which company completed a $69 billion acquisition of VMware?
  12. What growth did Unicommerce’s revenue from operations see in FY23?
  13. Who is returning as CEO to OpenAI?
  14. Who are the new board members of OpenAI?
  15. What new support did AMD extend to its Radeon RX 7900 XT GPUs?
  16. What advantage do bilinguals have over monolinguals, according to a study?
  17. What does the new study say about the effectiveness of chlorine disinfectants against C. diff?
  18. How many Internet users are now on social media platforms?


  1. Amazon launched the ‘AI Ready’ initiative.
  2. Amazon aims to train two million people by 2025.
  3. AWS is introducing eight new, free AI and generative AI courses.
  4. realme has become a success example in the tech world.
  5. realme is noted for its innovation and user-centric design philosophy.
  6. Facebook allegedly approved ads calling for violence against Palestinians.
  7. Genesis is suing Gemini for $689 million.
  8. Gemini is owned by the Winklevoss twins.
  9. Satya Nadella stated that technology, including AI, is only a tool.
  10. Elon Musk announced that X would start showing news headlines again.
  11. Broadcom completed its $69 billion acquisition of VMware.
  12. Unicommerce’s revenue grew 52.5 percent in FY23.
  13. Sam Altman is returning as CEO to OpenAI.
  14. The new OpenAI board members include Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo.
  15. AMD extended PyTorch and ROCm support to Radeon RX 7900 XT GPUs.
  16. Bilinguals may be better at shifting their attention compared to monolinguals.
  17. The study found that chlorine disinfectants do not kill C. diff.
  18. Nearly 95 percent of all Internet users are now on social media platforms.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- November 5, 2023

One-Liner Questions:

  1. What has Google emphasized about the next generation of AI and large language models (LLMs)?
  2. Who is Dr. Karen DeSalvo and what potential of AI has she highlighted?
  3. What capability was demonstrated using a GPT-4 model AI chatbot at the UK’s AI safety summit?
  4. Who shared their findings on the GPT-4 model AI chatbot with OpenAI?
  5. What health benefit is associated with practicing mindfulness focused on healthy eating?
  6. What is Elon Musk’s AI chatbot Grok compared to traditional GPT models?
  7. How is the xAI ‘Grok’ AI assistant made available to users?
  8. What health issue has been linked with kidney disease?
  9. What measure is Discord taking to fight malware?
  10. What gender difference did a study find regarding sharing negative information?
  11. What can the new genetic testing device developed by UK researchers identify in three minutes?
  12. What new feature does the latest macOS update include?
  13. Why is Viasat laying off 800 employees?
  14. How many employees were laid off by NFT marketplace startup OpenSea?
  15. What milestone did Hyundai Motor and Kia reach in the US with their electric vehicles?
  16. How can users access Elon Musk’s xAI chatbot Grok?
  17. What was Delhivery’s net loss in the September quarter of the current financial year?
  18. Why has ISRO Chairman S. Somanath decided to withhold the release of his autobiography?
  19. How many tablet shipments were recorded worldwide in Q3?


  1. Google stressed that the next generation of AI and LLMs promises high-quality, affordable care and health with equity and inclusion.
  2. Dr. Karen DeSalvo is the Chief Health Officer at Google and she mentioned AI’s potential to transform global health similar to the discovery of penicillin.
  3. The AI chatbot performed illegal financial trades and covered them up.
  4. Apollo Research shared its findings with OpenAI.
  5. It can improve self-awareness and help people adhere to a heart-healthy diet.
  6. Elon Musk stated that Grok has current information, unlike traditional GPT models.
  7. It is available through X Premium Plus subscription, costing $16 per month.
  8. Cognitive problems have been linked with kidney disease.
  9. Discord will switch to temporary file links, refreshing every 24 hours.
  10. Men are less likely than women to share negative information about themselves.
  11. It can identify Covid-19, various pathogens, and conditions like cancer.
  12. macOS update includes a liquid detection feature for USB-C ports.
  13. Viasat is laying off employees due to integrating the Inmarsat business post-acquisition.
  14. About half of its workforce was laid off.
  15. Hyundai Motor and Kia sold over 100,000 electric vehicles in the US.
  16. It requires a $16 per month X Premium Plus subscription.
  17. Delhivery’s net loss was more than halved to Rs 103 crore.
  18. To avoid unnecessary controversies that arose from it.
  19. There were 33 million tablet shipments, a 7% annual decline.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology- October 22, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. How was the fraudulent transaction of over Rs 16,180-crore detected?
  2. Who lodged the FIR regarding the mega-scam in Thane?
  3. Which two probiotics strains have been identified to help lower high blood pressure?
  4. What is the connection between childhood exposure to air pollution and girls’ puberty?
  5. How did researchers map almost 6,000 proteins from different eye cell types?
  6. Which platform was found to spread the majority of misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war?
  7. How did Telegram respond to claims about its IP address security?
  8. What risks does the live streaming platform Twitch pose to minors?
  9. How much is global spending on GenAI software projected to reach by 2027?
  10. What was the nature of the cyberattack against the International Criminal Court (ICC)?
  11. What are Indian consumers prioritizing when purchasing TVs?
  12. What problem in sperm formation has new research shed light on?
  13. How much is global IT spending expected to reach by 2024?


  1. The fraudulent transaction was detected by a digital payments company.
  2. Thane’s Shrinagar Police Station lodged the FIR.
  3. Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.
  4. Girls who had higher residential exposure to fine particulate matter air pollution throughout their childhoods tended to have their first periods sooner.
  5. By analyzing tiny drops of eye fluid that are routinely removed during surgery and using an AI model.
  6. X (formerly Twitter).
  7. Telegram claimed it is the most secure mass market messenger when it comes to protecting IP addresses during calls.
  8. Minors can interact with adult strangers and donate money to streamers without supervision.
  9. $143 billion.
  10. The cyberattack was an attempted “espionage.”
  11. Affordability and premium experiences at reasonable price points.
  12. The process of sperm formation might be the reason why some men do not produce enough sperm to fertilise an egg.
  13. $5.1 trillion.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology-October 4, 2023

Nobel in Physics 2023- Important One Liners

  1. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2023 was awarded for exploring electrons with attosecond pulses of light. The accolade was bestowed upon Pierre Agostini of Ohio State University, Ferenc Krausz of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Germany, and Anne L’Huillier from Lund University in Sweden, for their pioneering techniques in producing attosecond light pulses to investigate electron movements within matter.
  2. Pierre Agostini is from Ohio State University.
  3. Ferenc Krausz is associated with the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany.
  4. Anne L’Huillier hails from Lund University, Sweden.
  5. The trio was honored for generating attosecond pulses to study electron dynamics in matter.
  6. An attosecond is so brief that its count in one second equals the seconds since the universe’s birth.
  7. Their experiments provided imagery of processes inside atoms and molecules.
  8. The new methods give tools for exploring electrons inside atoms and molecules.
  9. These short pulses measure rapid electron movements or energy changes.
  10. The prize money totals 11 million Swedish kronor, split equally among the Laureates.
  11. In 1987, L’Huillier observed numerous overtones when transmitting infrared laser light through noble gas.
  12. Overtones arise from laser light’s interaction with gas atoms, energizing some electrons which then emit light.
  13. L’Huillier’s discovery paved the way for further advancements.
  14. By 2001, Agostini produced consecutive light pulses, each lasting 250 attoseconds.
  15. Concurrently, Krausz isolated a single light pulse that spanned 650 attoseconds.
  16. Their work enables the study of previously unobservable rapid processes.
  17. Attosecond physics offers insights into electron-driven mechanisms.
  18. Eva Olsson emphasizes the significance of accessing the world of electrons.
  19. Potential applications range from electronics to medical diagnostics.
  20. In electronics, understanding electron behavior in materials is crucial.
  21. Attosecond pulses can identify diverse molecules, benefiting medical diagnostics.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology-August 24


1-Which country became the first to land a spacecraft on the moon’s South Pole?

2-Which newspaper’s science editor, Ian Sample, commented on India’s moon landing?

3-According to ‘The New York Times’, what is significant about the area Chandrayaan-3 is set to explore?

4-Which Russian spacecraft was supposed to land on the moon before Chandrayaan-3 but crashed instead?

5-Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?

6-Who is the deputy to Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar?

7-Which number country is India in terms of reaching the moon after the US, Russia, and China?

8-Who was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan that witnessed the Chandrayaan-3 landing?

9-In which year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?

10-According to India’s Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj, what does Chandrayan-3’s landing symbolize?

11-Where did the United States Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield post her congratulatory message to India?

12-What mistake did Rajasthan Sports Minister Ashok Chandna make regarding Chandrayaan-3?

13-Who are the two top American leaders mentioned that congratulated India for Chandrayaan-3’s touchdown?

14-At what time did the moon rover roll down onto the moon’s surface?

15-Who is the Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)?

16-What two symbols are engraved on the wheels of the rover?

17-What will the moon rover collect while on the moon?

18-Where will the data from the moon lander be passed on to?

19-What are the three main components of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft?

20-What instruments does the moon rover have to determine the elemental composition near its landing site?

21-What is the mission life of the lander and the rover?

22-What is the purpose of the SHAPE payload in the propulsion module?

23- How long is the life of the payload in the propulsion module post ejection of the lander?



2-‘The Guardian’

3-It is an area that was yet to be visited and has water ice that could be a resource for future missions.

4-Russia’s Luna-25

5-Nitish Kumar

6-Tejashwi Yadav


8-Ashok Gehlot

9-July 1969

10-The aspirations of 1.4 billion Indians.

11-X (formerly Twitter)

12-He congratulated the non-existent passengers of the spacecraft.

13-Vice President Kamala Harris and Ambassador Eric Garcetti

14-Around 12.30 a.m. Thursday

15-Dr. S. Unnikrishnan Nair

16-The logo of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the national emblem

17-Samples of the moon

18-Mission Operations Complex at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC), Bengaluru

19-A propulsion module, a lander, and a rover

20-Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS)

21- 1 Lunar day or 14 Earth days

22-To study the spectral and Polari metric measurements of Earth from the lunar orbit.

23-Between three and six months.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology-July 24, 2023

What is the world’s first outdoor thermal robot called that mimics human body functions in response to heat stress?
Answer: ANDI

How many surface areas does the thermal robot ANDI have that are individually controlled with temperature sensors and pores that bead sweat?
Answer: 35

According to a new study, what percentage of the world’s population is active on social media?
Answer: More than 60 per cent

How much did the percentage of social media users increase compared to the previous year, as per the digital advisory firm Kepios?
Answer: 3.7 per cent

Approximately how many healthcare industry professionals with prior AI experience endorsed its use in clinical practice and administrative tasks?
Answer: About 50 per cent

Which company’s CEO, Sam Altman, launched the cryptocurrency startup ‘Worldcoin’ with the aim of distinguishing humans from AI online and increasing economic opportunity?
Answer: OpenAI

What has replaced Twitter’s blue bird logo on the web version of the platform?
Answer: The ‘X’ logo

In which country did the smart wearables brand Fire-Boltt foray as part of its expansion strategy in the Southeast Asia region?
Answer: Indonesia

According to a new study, which foods pack the greatest prebiotic punch to keep the gut healthy?
Answer: Dandelion greens, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, leeks, and onions

RingCentral announced the opening of its inaugural office in which Indian city and its plans to double its workforce in the next 12 months in the country?
Answer: Bengaluru

What enhancements are widely rolling out on WhatsApp’s interface, aligned with Material Design 3, on Android beta?
Answer: Rounded menus, bottom navigation bar, and a new floating action button

How much liquidity will Swiggy employees have the option to receive against their ESOPs in the second milestone of its ESOP liquidity programme?
Answer: Up to $50 million

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