Quiz on Latest Science and Technology

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Quiz on Latest Science and Technology-August 24


1-Which country became the first to land a spacecraft on the moon’s South Pole?

2-Which newspaper’s science editor, Ian Sample, commented on India’s moon landing?

3-According to ‘The New York Times’, what is significant about the area Chandrayaan-3 is set to explore?

4-Which Russian spacecraft was supposed to land on the moon before Chandrayaan-3 but crashed instead?

5-Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?

6-Who is the deputy to Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar?

7-Which number country is India in terms of reaching the moon after the US, Russia, and China?

8-Who was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan that witnessed the Chandrayaan-3 landing?

9-In which year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?

10-According to India’s Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj, what does Chandrayan-3’s landing symbolize?

11-Where did the United States Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield post her congratulatory message to India?

12-What mistake did Rajasthan Sports Minister Ashok Chandna make regarding Chandrayaan-3?

13-Who are the two top American leaders mentioned that congratulated India for Chandrayaan-3’s touchdown?

14-At what time did the moon rover roll down onto the moon’s surface?

15-Who is the Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)?

16-What two symbols are engraved on the wheels of the rover?

17-What will the moon rover collect while on the moon?

18-Where will the data from the moon lander be passed on to?

19-What are the three main components of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft?

20-What instruments does the moon rover have to determine the elemental composition near its landing site?

21-What is the mission life of the lander and the rover?

22-What is the purpose of the SHAPE payload in the propulsion module?

23- How long is the life of the payload in the propulsion module post ejection of the lander?



2-‘The Guardian’

3-It is an area that was yet to be visited and has water ice that could be a resource for future missions.

4-Russia’s Luna-25

5-Nitish Kumar

6-Tejashwi Yadav


8-Ashok Gehlot

9-July 1969

10-The aspirations of 1.4 billion Indians.

11-X (formerly Twitter)

12-He congratulated the non-existent passengers of the spacecraft.

13-Vice President Kamala Harris and Ambassador Eric Garcetti

14-Around 12.30 a.m. Thursday

15-Dr. S. Unnikrishnan Nair

16-The logo of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the national emblem

17-Samples of the moon

18-Mission Operations Complex at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC), Bengaluru

19-A propulsion module, a lander, and a rover

20-Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS)

21- 1 Lunar day or 14 Earth days

22-To study the spectral and Polari metric measurements of Earth from the lunar orbit.

23-Between three and six months.

Quiz on Latest Science and Technology-July 24, 2023

What is the world’s first outdoor thermal robot called that mimics human body functions in response to heat stress?
Answer: ANDI

How many surface areas does the thermal robot ANDI have that are individually controlled with temperature sensors and pores that bead sweat?
Answer: 35

According to a new study, what percentage of the world’s population is active on social media?
Answer: More than 60 per cent

How much did the percentage of social media users increase compared to the previous year, as per the digital advisory firm Kepios?
Answer: 3.7 per cent

Approximately how many healthcare industry professionals with prior AI experience endorsed its use in clinical practice and administrative tasks?
Answer: About 50 per cent

Which company’s CEO, Sam Altman, launched the cryptocurrency startup ‘Worldcoin’ with the aim of distinguishing humans from AI online and increasing economic opportunity?
Answer: OpenAI

What has replaced Twitter’s blue bird logo on the web version of the platform?
Answer: The ‘X’ logo

In which country did the smart wearables brand Fire-Boltt foray as part of its expansion strategy in the Southeast Asia region?
Answer: Indonesia

According to a new study, which foods pack the greatest prebiotic punch to keep the gut healthy?
Answer: Dandelion greens, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, leeks, and onions

RingCentral announced the opening of its inaugural office in which Indian city and its plans to double its workforce in the next 12 months in the country?
Answer: Bengaluru

What enhancements are widely rolling out on WhatsApp’s interface, aligned with Material Design 3, on Android beta?
Answer: Rounded menus, bottom navigation bar, and a new floating action button

How much liquidity will Swiggy employees have the option to receive against their ESOPs in the second milestone of its ESOP liquidity programme?
Answer: Up to $50 million

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