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Daily Current Affairs in English- July 9, 2024


  1. What incentive was announced for the two young sports stars of Odisha?
  2. Who are the two young sports stars from Odisha mentioned in the announcement?
  3. What sport does Kishore Jena participate in?
  4. What sport does Amit Rohidas play?
  5. For which event have Kishore Jena and Amit Rohidas qualified?
  6. What message did Novak Djokovic send to Wimbledon fans after reaching the quarterfinals?
  7. Who did Novak Djokovic defeat to reach his 15th Wimbledon quarterfinal?
  8. What was the final score of Novak Djokovic’s match against Holger Rune?
  9. How many Grand Slam quarterfinals has Novak Djokovic reached?
  10. Whose record is Novak Djokovic aiming to equal at Wimbledon?
  11. Who will Novak Djokovic face next after reaching the quarterfinals?
  12. What alert did Bhuvan Bam issue to his fans?
  13. What false information was being circulated about Bhuvan Bam?
  14. What action has the South Korean government taken regarding trainee doctors?
  15. Why have trainee doctors in South Korea left their worksites?
  16. What was the South Korean government’s message to hospitals about trainee doctors?
  17. What did Lionel Scaloni confirm about Lionel Messi’s participation in the Copa America semifinal?
  18. Why was Messi’s fitness in doubt for the Copa America semifinal?
  19. Who did Argentina play against in the quarterfinal of the Copa America?
  20. How did Messi perform in the penalty shootout against Ecuador?
  21. What event led to tightened security along the Jammu-Srinagar national highway?
  22. How many soldiers were killed in the terror attack in J&K’s Kathua district?
  23. What immediate action was taken after the terror attack in Kathua district?
  24. Which actresses are set to star in the upcoming legal drama ‘All’s Fair’?
  25. Who is the writer-director of the upcoming legal drama ‘All’s Fair’?
  26. What is the setting of the series ‘All’s Fair’?
  27. What roles will Halle Berry and Glenn Close play in the production of ‘All’s Fair’?
  28. What is the title of the upcoming legal drama series starring Halle Berry, Glenn Close, and Kim Kardashian?
  29. What company is acquiring SiliConch Systems?
  30. How much is the acquisition of SiliConch Systems by L&T Semiconductor Technologies worth?
  31. What is the structure of the acquisition cost for SiliConch Systems?
  32. Over how many years will the deferred amount of the acquisition be payable?


  1. An incentive of Rs 15 lakhs each was announced.
  2. Ace javelin thrower Kishore Jena and Indian field hockey player Amit Rohidas.
  3. Javelin throw.
  4. Field hockey.
  5. The Paris Olympic.
  6. He accused some of the Centre Court crowd of using a Holger Rune chant as “an excuse to boo”.
  7. Holger Rune of Denmark.
  8. 6-3, 6-4, 6-2.
  9. 60 Grand Slam quarterfinals.
  10. Federer’s haul of eight Wimbledon titles.
  11. Alex de Minaur.
  12. He alerted his fans about a fake video of him being circulated on social media.
  13. The video falsely represents Bhuvan urging people to invest in tennis through a certain bookie’s predictions.
  14. It will reduce next year’s quota of trainee doctors unless they accept their resignations by next week.
  15. In protest of the medical reform.
  16. A measure to put pressure on trainee doctors to return to hospitals.
  17. Messi will be fit to play against Canada in the Copa America semifinal.
  18. Messi missed the last group stage match against Peru due to a thigh complaint.
  19. Ecuador.
  20. He completed 90 minutes but missed from the spot in the penalty shootout.
  21. The terror attack in J&K’s Kathua district.
  22. Five soldiers were killed.
  23. A massive CASO (Cordon & Search Operation) was immediately started.
  24. Halle Berry, Glenn Close, and Kim Kardashian.
  25. Ryan Murphy.
  26. An all-female law firm in Los Angeles.
  27. Both actresses will serve as executive producers on ‘All’s Fair’.
  28. ‘All’s Fair’.
  29. L&T Semiconductor Technologies.
  30. Rs 183 crore.
  31. An upfront amount of Rs 133 crore and a deferred amount of Rs 50 crore payable over four years.
  32. Four years.

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