Business News Today-One Liners

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Business News Today-One Liners

One-Liner Questions:

  1. What was the amount of the policy-based loan signed between the Indian government and the ADB?
  2. Who signed the loan agreement on behalf of the Indian Government?
  3. Which milestone did the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) cross for the first time?
  4. What was the closing point value of the KSE-100 index?
  5. How much has the Government’s e-Marketplace (GeM) achieved in GMV in the current financial year?
  6. What was India’s outward FDI commitment in October this year?
  7. Who is the latest recipient of SK hynix’s mobile DRAM chip?
  8. What was the percentage decrease in Nifty at the close on Monday?
  9. What is the annual production goal of Hyundai’s new EV plant?
  10. Where was the “PhonePe” licensed car spotted?
  11. What is the significant reduction in net loss achieved by The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd in FY24 compared to FY23?
  12. What advice does Ashishkumar Chauhan give to retail investors regarding derivatives?
  13. What did Avaya’s CEO say about India’s role in their global operations?
  14. How much has Avaya committed to the development of a youth skilling centre in Hyderabad?
  15. What announcement did Gautam Singhania make regarding his personal life?
  16. How does Goldman Sachs view the future of Indian equities?


  1. $400 million.
  2. Juhi Mukherjee, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance.
  3. The 56,000 milestone.
  4. 56,523.58 points.
  5. Rs 2 lakh crore.
  6. $1.89 billion.
  7. Chinese smartphone maker Vivo.
  8. Down 0.43%.
  9. 200,000 vehicles annually.
  10. Palo Alto, California.
  11. From Rs 3,586.93 crore to Rs 42.17 crore.
  12. To avoid it due to high risks.
  13. India is a key growth engine.
  14. Over Rs 5 million.
  15. Separation from his wife, Nawaz Modi Singhania.
  16. As having the most promising long-term growth opportunities in the region.

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