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Business News Today-One Liners- April 6, 2024


  1. What entity approved a preferential issue of shares by Vodafone Idea?
  2. How many equity shares did Vodafone Idea decide to issue?
  3. At what issue price per equity share did Vodafone Idea set for its shares?
  4. Who was appointed as the CEO and Managing Director of Wipro?
  5. Who did Srini Pallia succeed as CEO of Wipro?
  6. Where is the inter-state power transmission project set to start?
  7. Which consortium was handed over the Kallam Transco Limited project?
  8. How old was the girl who used Alexa to scare away a monkey?
  9. In which district did the incident of scaring away a monkey using Alexa occur?
  10. By what percentage did the BoB Essential Commodity Index increase in March 2024?
  11. What contributed to the rise in food inflation, according to the Bank of Baroda?
  12. Who resigned as the Director of the Tourism Finance Corporation India Ltd?
  13. Who acquired over 15% of TFCIL’s company?
  14. What partnership did Byby e-Rickshaw announce?
  15. For how long has Byby been manufacturing e-rickshaws?
  16. Who encouraged Indian companies to make electric two-wheelers for the global market?
  17. What was Tata Steel India’s annual crude steel production in 2023-24?
  18. What percentage of growth did Tata Steel’s domestic deliveries see?
  19. What will the rise in EV battery manufacturing in India potentially reduce?
  20. Who found Do Kwon and Terraform Labs liable on civil fraud charges?
  21. When did Elon Musk announce the Tesla Robotaxi unveil?
  22. Who met with Gautam Adani to discuss future collaborations?
  23. How much will Nestle India’s royalty payment increase per annum?
  24. How many GW of hydroelectric power projects are under construction in India?
  25. What was India’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of March 29?
  26. For what reason did India allow limited exports of essential goods to the Maldives?
  27. What total quantity of rice is allowed for export to Maldives?
  28. With which cloud service did Mphasis announce a strategic collaboration?
  29. What is the purpose of the Gen AI Foundry launched by Mphasis?
  30. What major change did Vodafone Idea’s board approve?


  1. The board of directors of Vodafone Idea.
  2. 1,395,427,034 Equity Shares.
  3. Rs 14.87 per equity share.
  4. Srini Pallia.
  5. Thierry Delaporte.
  6. Kallam area of Maharashtra.
  7. M/s Indigrid 2 Limited & Indigrid 1 Limited consortium.
  8. 13 years old.
  9. Basti district of Uttar Pradesh.
  10. 5.9 percent.
  11. Rise in prices of vegetables such as potato and onion.
  12. G.D. Mundra.
  13. Aditya Kumar Halwasiya.
  14. Digital lender Revfin.
  15. 10 years.
  16. Amitabh Kant, G20 sherpa and former NITI Aayog CEO.
  17. 20.8 million metric tons.
  18. 9 percent.
  19. Manufacturing costs.
  20. A jury in New York.
  21. August 8.
  22. Philip Green, Australia’s High Commissioner to India.
  23. 0.15 percent per annum.
  24. 15 GW.
  25. $645.58 billion.
  26. As a goodwill gesture amid soured ties.
  27. 124,218 metric tons.
  28. Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  29. To serve as a platform for modeling industry use cases and developing POCs.
  30. A preferential issue of shares to an Aditya Birla Group entity.

Additional Questions

  1. What is the total amount raised by Vodafone Idea through the preferential share issue?
  2. What role did Rishad Premji hold at Wipro?
  3. What scheme does the Kallam area power project form a part of?
  4. What is the primary aim of the partnership between Byby e-Rickshaw and Revfin?
  5. What significant growth did India’s EV sales experience in 2023?
  6. How much did Tata Steel’s crude steel production increase by in 2023-24 compared to the previous year?
  7. What factors are driving the growth in India’s EV market, according to Counterpoint Research?
  8. What was the outcome of the lawsuit against Do Kwon and Terraform Labs?
  9. What type of vehicle will Tesla unveil on August 8?
  10. What industries did Gautam Adani and Philip Green discuss for future collaboration?
  11. Over how many years will Nestle India’s royalty payment increase be spread?
  12. What effect does higher rainfall have on hydroelectric power projects in India?
  13. How long has India’s foreign exchange reserves been rising consecutively by the end of March 29?
  14. What are the essential goods India allowed for export to the Maldives?
  15. What industry focus does the Gen AI Foundry by Mphasis initially target?

Additional Answers

  1. Rs 2,075 crores.
  2. Chairman.
  3. Western Region Network Expansion Scheme.
  4. To make financing e-rickshaws smoother for buyers.
  5. Nearly doubled.
  6. 4 percent.
  7. Rising consumer interest, government initiatives, and infrastructure development.
  8. They were found liable on civil fraud charges.
  9. Robotaxi.
  10. Renewable energy, critical minerals, and rooftop solar.
  11. Five years.
  12. Increases the flow from melting snow, enhancing power generation.
  13. Six consecutive weeks.
  14. Sugar, wheat, rice, onions, and eggs.
  15. Financial services.

Business News Today-One Liners- March 29, 2024


  1. Who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for conspiracy and fraud charges?
  2. How long is Sam Bankman-Fried’s sentence?
  3. On what date will the RBI not provide the facility for exchange and deposit of Rs 2000 banknotes?
  4. When will the facility for exchange and deposit of Rs 2000 banknotes resume?
  5. What percentage of the revised annual estimate does India’s fiscal deficit for 2023-24 cover?
  6. What caused the decline in fiscal deficit despite increased government expenditure?
  7. Which company announced a collaboration with IISc for an MTech course in AI?
  8. What percentage of YouTube creators in the YPP are earning money with Shorts?
  9. How much did the eight core industries grow in February compared to the previous year?
  10. What did the Expert Committee recommend for GIFT IFSC?
  11. How much has the Centre transferred to State Governments as tax share up to February 2024?
  12. What is the expected growth in global smartphone shipments in 2024?
  13. How much did SydeLabs raise in its seed funding round?
  14. How many equity shares did RIL agree to subscribe to from MEL?
  15. Did the NCLT stay the EGM called by Byju’s board to raise capital?
  16. What is the name of NXP Semiconductors’ new vehicle software platform?
  17. How much did India’s smart TV shipments decline in 2023?
  18. What is India’s export target by 2030?
  19. Where will Kia assemble the K4 compact sedan?
  20. Which sector has the largest share of public sector banks’ complaints?
  21. How many employment opportunities will Kutch Copper’s refinery project create?
  22. What percentage of Indian organisations are “mature” in cybersecurity readiness?
  23. How many startups are part of Accel’s third cohort for its accelerator programme?
  24. What will X users with 2,500 verified subscriber followers get for free?
  25. What is considered the financial version of ‘fill-it, shut-it, forget-it’?
  26. How much funding did ShareChat raise via convertible debentures?
  27. How many new branches did Federal Bank open across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry?


  1. Sam Bankman-Fried.
  2. 25 years.
  3. April 1.
  4. April 2.
  5. 86.5 per cent.
  6. Higher tax receipts and an increase in non-tax revenue.
  7. Wipro.
  8. More than 25 per cent.
  9. 6.7 per cent.
  10. A comprehensive regulatory regime for bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, and financial crimes compliance services.
  11. Rs 10,33,433 crore.
  12. 3 per cent.
  13. $2.5 million.
  14. 5 crore.
  15. No.
  16. ‘S32 CoreRide’.
  17. 16 per cent.
  18. $2 trillion.
  19. In its plant in Mexico.
  20. Mobile banking.
  21. 2,000 direct and 5,000 indirect.
  22. 4 per cent.
  23. Eight.
  24. Premium features for free.
  25. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).
  26. $48.8 million.
  27. 26

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Additional Questions:

  1. What is the capacity of the copper smelter being set up by Adani Enterprises in the first phase?
  2. Which segment of smartphone shipments is expected to drive the rebound in 2024?
  3. Who led the seed funding round for SydeLabs?
  4. What will X users with over 5,000 verified subscriber followers get for free?
  5. What is the name of the venture capital firm that announced the third cohort of its accelerator program?
  6. How much total funding have the startups from the previous cohorts of Accel’s accelerator program raised?
  7. Who inaugurated the new branches of Federal Bank in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry?
  8. What is the growth trajectory of India’s trade policy aimed at by 2030?
  9. Which industry did the Adani Portfolio make a debut in with the commissioning of Kutch Copper’s refinery project?
  10. How much higher is the Centre’s transfer to State Governments as tax share up to February 2024 compared to the previous year?

Additional Answers:

  1. 0.5 MTPA (million tonnes per annum).
  2. The budget segment ($150-$249) and the premium segment ($600-$799).
  3. RTP Global.
  4. Premium+ for free.
  5. Accel.
  6. Over $200 million.
  7. Shyam Srinivasan, MD and CEO.
  8. Achieving a target of $2 trillion in exports.
  9. The metal industry.
  10. Rs 2,25,345 crore higher.

Business News Today-One Liners- January 27, 2024

One-Liner Questions-Business News Today

  1. What is the current gap between credit and deposit growth rates of banks as of January 2024, according to RBI data?
  2. What was the year-on-year credit growth rate of banks as of January 12, 2024?
  3. What percentage of its workforce is logistics company Flexport reportedly planning to lay off?
  4. When did Flexport previously cut its workforce by 20 percent?
  5. How much did Yes Bank’s net profit increase in the October-December quarter of the current financial year?
  6. Who co-founded Flipkart and exited the board after more than 16 years?
  7. What sectors were FPIs selling in the cash market through January 25?
  8. What is the length of the greenfield Ayodhya bypass project?
  9. What did Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek criticize Apple for regarding App Store changes?
  10. How many Amazon shares did MacKenzie Scott sell in 2023?
  11. How much did SpiceJet raise in the first tranche of its preferential issue?
  12. What was the Federal Reserve’s preferred price gauge rate in December 2023?
  13. Which two companies are involved in a $19 billion merger being probed by the UK’s CMA?
  14. What agreement was signed by the Tata Group and Airbus?
  15. What was Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng’s reaction to the UK pausing bilateral free trade talks?
  16. What engine purchase agreement was announced by Akasa Air and CFM International?

Answers To Business News Today Questions

  1. The gap between credit and deposit growth rates was 7.09 percentage points.
  2. The year-on-year credit growth rate was 19.93 percent.
  3. Flexport is reportedly planning to lay off around 20 percent of its workforce.
  4. Flexport previously cut its workforce by 20 percent in October of the previous year.
  5. Yes Bank’s net profit increased over 4-fold.
  6. Binny Bansal co-founded Flipkart and exited the board.
  7. FPIs were selling in autos, auto ancillary, media, entertainment, and marginally in IT.
  8. The Ayodhya bypass project is 68 km long.
  9. Spotify’s CEO criticized Apple’s proposed App Store changes as “vague and misleading.”
  10. MacKenzie Scott sold nearly 65.3 million Amazon shares.
  11. SpiceJet raised Rs 744 crore.
  12. The Federal Reserve’s preferred price gauge held at 2.6 percent.
  13. The merger between Vodafone and CK Hutchison-owned Three UK.
  14. Tata Group and Airbus signed an agreement to manufacture H125 helicopters.
  15. Mary Ng expressed disappointment over the UK’s decision.
  16. Akasa Air and CFM International announced an agreement to purchase CFM LEAP-1B engines.

Business News Today-One Liners- January 10, 2024

One-Liner Questions: Business News Today-One Liners

  1. What was Ola’s revenue in the fiscal year 2022-23?
  2. By what percentage did Ola reduce its losses in FY23?
  3. What was the growth percentage in revenue for ANI Technologies, Ola’s parent company, in FY23?
  4. What was ANI Technologies’ revenue in FY22?
  5. What did the Large and Medium Industries Minister invite a Japanese delegation for?
  6. What is Karnataka’s aim in the Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing sector?
  7. In December 2023, which was more expensive: a vegetarian thali or a non-vegetarian thali?
  8. What was the percentage change in the cost of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal plates in December 2023 compared to December 2022?
  9. Where did Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong visit recently?
  10. What role is Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) expected to play according to Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane?
  11. What new facility did Giridhar Aramane inaugurate at BEL’s Central Research Laboratory?
  12. What was the total consumer spending on mobile apps in 2023?
  13. How much is the mobile app economy worth as of 2023?
  14. By when will India become the world’s third-largest economy, according to the Finance Minister?
  15. What is the expected size of India’s economy by 2047?
  16. What new feature has Zomato introduced for its restaurant partners?
  17. Who is eligible for Zomato’s “daily payouts” feature?
  18. What is ICRA’s outlook on the Indian aviation industry for the rest of FY2024?
  19. What prototype did Hyundai Motor Group unveil at CES 2024?
  20. What is the name of the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) model showcased by Supernal?

Answers: Business News Today-One Liners

  1. Ola’s revenue was Rs 2,800 crore.
  2. Ola cut its losses by almost 50 percent.
  3. ANI Technologies registered a 42 percent growth in revenue.
  4. ANI Technologies’ revenue was Rs 1,970 crore in FY22.
  5. The minister invited the Japanese delegation to invest in the clean mobility sector.
  6. Karnataka aims to be the premier destination for EV manufacturing.
  7. The vegetarian thali was more expensive.
  8. Vegetarian meal cost rose by 12 percent, while non-vegetarian meal cost declined by four percent.
  9. Lee Jae-yong visited a research laboratory for sixth-generation mobile technology.
  10. BEL is expected to play a role in providing equipment to the armed forces and Indian Coast Guard.
  11. Giridhar Aramane inaugurated ‘Abhigyaan’ at BEL’s CRL.
  12. Consumer spending on mobile apps was $171 billion in 2023.
  13. The mobile app economy is worth nearly a half-a-trillion-dollar.
  14. India will become the third-largest economy by 2027-28.
  15. India’s economy is expected to be at least $30 trillion by 2047.
  16. Zomato introduced the “daily payouts” feature.
  17. Restaurants receiving 100 or fewer orders a month are eligible.
  18. ICRA’s outlook on the aviation industry is stable.
  19. Hyundai unveiled the prototype of a new air taxi model.
  20. The eVTOL model showcased by Supernal is named S-A2.

Business News Today-One Liners- December 15

Questions-Business News Today-One Liners

  1. Which two sectors made the highest gains for the year ending November 23, and what were their respective gains?
  2. What percentage of budgetary allocations for development projects have major departments in Uttar Pradesh spent for 2023-2024 till mid-December?
  3. What percentage of its staff did Bolt lay off recently?
  4. How much additional stake did Hero MotoCorp acquire in Ather Energy, and what is their total stake now?
  5. What do Emkay Global Financial Services predict about the Fed’s and RBI’s rate cuts?
  6. What was the market response of Infibeam Avenues after announcing the acquisition of a stake in Pirimid Fintech?
  7. What percentage of Indian founders expect fundraising to get easier in the coming months, according to the ‘Elevation Founder Pulse 2023’ report?
  8. What is the expected global coal demand decline in 2026, according to the IEA?
  9. Who was recently sacked as the CEO of Sports Illustrated, and who replaced him?
  10. Who is the new CEO of BlackBerry, and what recent divisional change did the company announce?
  11. What is the Uttar Pradesh Industries and Infrastructure Department planning to create in all 75 districts?
  12. What significant event is Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurating in Bengaluru?
  13. How much growth has India’s biotechnology industry experienced in the past eight years?
  14. How many Flying Training Organisations operate in India, and what is the current status of pilot licenses?
  15. What record did the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport achieve in November?

Answers-Business News Today-One Liners

  1. Realty (59%) and auto (33%) sectors made the highest gains.
  2. About 50% of the budgetary allocations.
  3. Bolt laid off 29% of its staff.
  4. Hero MotoCorp acquired an additional 3% stake, making their total stake 39.7%.
  5. Emkay Global Financial Services predicts three rate cuts by the Fed in CY24 and expects the RBI to follow suit.
  6. Infibeam Avenues’ market response was a 5% increase in trade.
  7. 50% of Indian founders expect fundraising to get easier.
  8. A 2.3% decline in global coal demand is expected.
  9. Ross Levinsohn was sacked, and Manoj Bhargava replaced him.
  10. John J Giamatteo is the new CEO, and BlackBerry announced the separation of IoT and cybersecurity businesses into standalone divisions.
  11. Land banks in all 75 districts.
  12. Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate the CII EXCON in Bengaluru.
  13. India’s biotechnology industry has grown eightfold.
  14. There are 34 FTOs operating at 55 bases, with no shortage of pilots and a sharp increase in CPLs issued.
  15. The CSMIA recorded the highest passenger traffic of 4.46 million in November.

Business News Today-One Liners- November 14, 2023

One-Liner Questions:

  1. What was the amount of the policy-based loan signed between the Indian government and the ADB?
  2. Who signed the loan agreement on behalf of the Indian Government?
  3. Which milestone did the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) cross for the first time?
  4. What was the closing point value of the KSE-100 index?
  5. How much has the Government’s e-Marketplace (GeM) achieved in GMV in the current financial year?
  6. What was India’s outward FDI commitment in October this year?
  7. Who is the latest recipient of SK hynix’s mobile DRAM chip?
  8. What was the percentage decrease in Nifty at the close on Monday?
  9. What is the annual production goal of Hyundai’s new EV plant?
  10. Where was the “PhonePe” licensed car spotted?
  11. What is the significant reduction in net loss achieved by The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd in FY24 compared to FY23?
  12. What advice does Ashishkumar Chauhan give to retail investors regarding derivatives?
  13. What did Avaya’s CEO say about India’s role in their global operations?
  14. How much has Avaya committed to the development of a youth skilling centre in Hyderabad?
  15. What announcement did Gautam Singhania make regarding his personal life?
  16. How does Goldman Sachs view the future of Indian equities?


  1. $400 million.
  2. Juhi Mukherjee, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance.
  3. The 56,000 milestone.
  4. 56,523.58 points.
  5. Rs 2 lakh crore.
  6. $1.89 billion.
  7. Chinese smartphone maker Vivo.
  8. Down 0.43%.
  9. 200,000 vehicles annually.
  10. Palo Alto, California.
  11. From Rs 3,586.93 crore to Rs 42.17 crore.
  12. To avoid it due to high risks.
  13. India is a key growth engine.
  14. Over Rs 5 million.
  15. Separation from his wife, Nawaz Modi Singhania.
  16. As having the most promising long-term growth opportunities in the region.

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