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Current affairs on business associate-April 5, 2024


  1. What has caused Brent crude to rise to $91?
  2. Who mentioned the macro headwinds for India due to rising oil prices?
  3. What are the two headwinds impacting equity markets according to V K Vijayakumar?
  4. When is the US jobs data expected to be released?
  5. What is India’s GDP growth projection for 2024-25?
  6. What is the forecast for India’s inflation for 2024-25?
  7. Who announced India’s GDP growth and inflation forecast?
  8. Why did X users start losing followers on Friday?
  9. What action did Elon Musk’s social media platform take against bots?
  10. What did the RBI decide regarding the key policy rate?
  11. At what percentage was the key policy rate left unchanged?
  12. How many times has the RBI left the policy rate unchanged consecutively?
  13. What were the rates for SDF and the Bank Rate set at?
  14. By how much did EV sales in South Korea fall in the first quarter?
  15. How much did gasoline hybrid model sales increase in South Korea during the same period?
  16. What was LG Electronics’ operating profit for the first quarter of this year?
  17. By what percentage did LG Electronics’ operating profit decrease?
  18. What was Samsung Electronics’ estimated operating profit for the first quarter?
  19. By how much did HDFC Bank’s ADR jump after announcing Q4 business performance?
  20. What issue are Air India’s pilots unions protesting?
  21. From when can taxpayers file their ITRs for the Assessment Year 2024-25?
  22. What collaboration did Blinkit announce?
  23. Who has been appointed as CEO of EET Retail?
  24. What has the NSE sought from several companies?
  25. When will the RBI’s ETCD circular now come into effect?
  26. What investment is Tesla planning in India?
  27. How much tax and interest has Hero MotoCorp been ordered to pay?
  28. What stock price target did Anand Mahindra set for 2022?
  29. What was the Nifty’s close on Thursday?
  30. How much has gold risen since the beginning of 2024?


  1. Middle East skirmishes.
  2. V K Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist, Geojit Financial Services.
  3. Geopolitical issues and concerns about the Fed’s rate cut.
  4. Friday following the article’s publication.
  5. 7 percent.
  6. 4.5 percent.
  7. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das.
  8. To remove bots.
  9. Removal of spam and porn bots.
  10. Left the key policy rate unchanged.
  11. 6.5 percent.
  12. Seven times.
  13. SDF at 6.25 percent and Bank Rate at 6.75 percent.
  14. 25 percent.
  15. 46 percent.
  16. 1.33 trillion won.
  17. 11 percent.
  18. 6.6 trillion won.
  19. More than 6 percent.
  20. New contract terms following a merger.
  21. 1st April, 2024.
  22. Selling PlayStation 5.
  23. Narayan Bhatra.
  24. Clarifications regarding price and volume surges.
  25. May 3, 2024.
  26. A $2-$3 billion EV plant.
  27. Rs 605 crore.
  28. Rs 2,000.
  29. 22,514.65.
  30. 6 percent.

Additional Questions

  1. Who will collaborate with Sony to sell PlayStation 5 on their platform?
  2. What is the retail division of EET Fuels announcing?
  3. When has the RBI postponed the implementation of its ETCD circular to?
  4. Which states are being considered by Tesla for setting up an EV plant in India?
  5. What was the specific tax and interest demand made to Hero MotoCorp?
  6. What record did the Indian benchmark indices achieve according to Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates?
  7. What sector’s growth accelerated in March, leading to the fastest employment increase in seven months?
  8. What fund was launched by Centre Court Capital (CCC) to support the sports and gaming ecosystem in India?
  9. Which carmakers will recall vehicles due to faulty components?
  10. How much is South Korea investing in AI projects to integrate it into everyday life?

Additional Answers

  1. Blinkit.
  2. The appointment of Narayan Bhatra as Chief Executive Officer.
  3. May 3, 2024.
  4. Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.
  5. Rs 308.65 crore in taxes and Rs 296.22 crore in interest.
  6. Their best close ever.
  7. The services sector.
  8. A Rs 350 crore fund.
  9. Mercedes-Benz Korea, Stellantis Korea, Honda Motor, and Jaguar Land-Rover Korea.
  10. 710.2 billion won.

Current affairs on business associate- February 22, 2024

Current affairs on business associate: One-liner Questions

  1. Which company announced a layoff of approximately 10% of its salaried workforce in 2023?
  2. What event did One 97 Communications Limited organize for the merchant community?
  3. How much did the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) of sugarcane increase for the 2024-25 sugar season?
  4. Who led the American delegation to Ayodhya?
  5. Into which new segment has 63 moons Technologies Limited forayed?
  6. What ruling did the Karnataka High Court make regarding Byju’s?
  7. Which company received approval from the Greater Noida Authority for housing projects?
  8. How many semiconductor fabrication plants does the government plan to have in the next five years?
  9. How many individuals will Microsoft India and iCreate provide AI skilling opportunities to?
  10. What kind of hub has NTPC planned to develop in Andhra Pradesh?
  11. What was the purpose of the Ministry of Coal’s roadshow?
  12. Which bank did Paytm Payments Bank choose for its nodal account?
  13. Who signed an Inventory Technical Management programme with Air India?
  14. With which company did LTIMindtree sign an MoU for AI adoption in India and Europe?
  15. What did the Financial Stability and Development Council discuss under Nirmala Sitharaman’s chairmanship?
  16. What is the expected salary increase percentage in India for 2023?
  17. How much has the CAPEX by public sector coal companies reached as of January 2023?
  18. Is Zee Entertainment Enterprises aware of any SEBI order against them?
  19. What is India’s GDP growth forecast for Q3 FY2024 according to ICRA?
  20. Which type of fraud represents a bigger threat in India, according to a report?
  21. From which cities does the Prime Minister dream startups in new technologies should emerge?
  22. Which company did UST acquire to expand in the ANZ region?
  23. What amendments did the PFRDA notify to enhance ease of doing business?
  24. What sector’s demand underperformance did JM Financial Institutional Securities report on?

Answers: Current affairs on business associate

  1. Rivian.
  2. A social media livestream.
  3. An 8% increase.
  4. Raj Pandya.
  5. The cybersecurity segment.
  6. Any resolutions in Byju’s meeting are invalid until the final hearing.
  7. NBCC (India) Limited.
  8. At least three to four.
  9. 11,000.
  10. An “Integrated Green Hydrogen Hub.”
  11. To promote coal gasification projects.
  12. Axis Bank.
  13. SIA Engineering Company Ltd.
  14. Eurolife FFH (powered by Fairfax Digital Services).
  15. India’s macro financial stability and digitalizing the KYC process.
  16. 9.5%.
  17. 20,153 crore.
  18. No.
  19. 6%.
  20. Third-party account takeover fraud.
  21. Tier 2 and 3 cities.
  22. Leonardo.
  23. The National Pension System Trust and the Pension Fund regulations.
  24. The FMCG sector’s underperformance in rural demand.

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Current affairs on business associate- November 20, 2021

1- What does CAIT stand for in full?

2- Which airline has reinstated in-flight dining and beverage service on all of its routes?

3- What exactly is DIPAM?

4- What does IIWBR stand for? Who is in charge of it?

5- What is the average wheat yield per hectare in India?

6- During the rabi marketing season 2021-22, the Indian government acquired how many lakh tonnes of wheat?

7-What is Tuhin Kanta Pandey’s background?

Current affairs on business associate

8- What is India’s wheat production according to the fourth and final advance production forecasts for crop year 2020-21?

9- Can you name a few companies that have paid out healthy dividends to their shareholders?

10- Which airline currently flies more than 50 direct and 100 connecting destinations across India?

11- What is the definition of dividend yield?

12- Who has mutually agreed to reconsider the latter’s proposed investment in RIL’s ‘O2C’?

13- Which company has released the ‘AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+’ hatchback, which is priced at Rs 79.50 lakh (ex-showroom India)?

14- Who is Martin Schwenk, and what does he do?

Current affairs on business associate

15- Name the corporation whose performance brand ‘AMG’ has 13 products in India.

16- Who claimed the country’s central government wants to double the number of airports to more than 200 by 2023-24?

17- During the week ending November 12, what fell by $763 million?

18- What makes up India’s foreign exchange reserves?

19- What is the CBIC acronym?

  1. Who is Dr. Dhirendra Pal Singh?

Current affairs on business associate

21- Who is O.P. Jindal Global University’s Founding Vice Chancellor?

22- From April to October of the current fiscal year, 2021-22, India had a major increase in what product exports?

23-What does 23-DGCI&S stand for?

24-What does 24-APEDA stand for?

25-APEDA is part of the Ministry of what?

26-Who is the APEDA Chairman?

27- Name the company that has been subjected to rigorous scrutiny by Beijing as a result of new regulations imposed on the country’s major technological firms.

28- What is Sundaram AMC and what does it do?

Current affairs on business associate

29-Who approves Sundaram AMC’s acquisition of Principal India?

30-Which of the following showed a 5.2 percent increase across India in the fiscal year 2020-21?

Current affairs on business associate Answers-

1-The Confederation of All India Traders

2- Budget airline AirAsia India

3-Department of Investment and Public Asset Management

4- Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research; Its director is Dr. Gyanendra Pratap Singh

5- 35 quintal

6- A record of 433.44 lakh tonnes of wheat

7-DIPAM Secretary

8- 109.52 million tonnes.

9- Companies like Page Industries, Indian Oil Corporation, Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam, Coal India, Hindustan Petroleum, Power Finance Corporation, among others

10-AirAsia India

11- Dividend yield is a statistic that tells investors how much a firm pays out in dividends each year in relation to its stock price.

12-Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and Saudi Aramco.

13-Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz India

14-Martin Schwenk is the Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.

15-Mercedes-Benz India

Current affairs on business associate

16-Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M. Scindia

17-India’s foreign exchange reserves

18- India’s forex reserves comprises of foreign currency assets (FCAs), gold reserves, SDRs, and the country’s reserve position with the IMF.

19- The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

20-Dr. Dhirendra Pal Singh is the Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC).

21-Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar

22- Agricultural and processed food products

23- Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics

24-Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority

25-Ministry of Commerce

26-M. Angamuthu


28-Sundaram AMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sundaram Financial Ltd, a non-banking finance company.

29- Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

30-The Housing Index of the Consumer Price Index

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