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Quiz on World Current Affairs- February 20, 2024

One Liner Questions: Quiz on World Current Affairs

  1. Where and when will the inaugural Green Games Summit be held?
  2. What event does the Green Games Summit precede?
  3. What could the February 8 general elections outcome in Pakistan affect?
  4. What did Fitch Ratings say about Pakistan’s political situation?
  5. Where did a commercial vessel crew abandon their ship due to an attack?
  6. Which rebels claimed the attack on the commercial vessel in the Gulf of Aden?
  7. How many missiles hit the Rubymar according to Lloyd’s List Intelligence?
  8. By what percentage did Israel’s GDP contract in the last quarter of 2023?
  9. What caused a significant drop in Israel’s private consumption?
  10. What proceedings did the European Commission open against TikTok?
  11. How many houses will India build in Sri Lanka for plantation workers?
  12. Which social media platform experienced disruptions in Pakistan?
  13. How many people were killed in the 2023 Nottingham murders?
  14. Who is the Hamas leader the IDF is closing in on?
  15. What concerns are mounting with South Korea’s parliamentary elections?
  16. How many migrants did the Moroccan Navy rescue?
  17. For what elections did Iran’s Supreme Leader call for a high turnout?
  18. What did Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman denounce?
  19. What is essential for resolving the conflict according to the Palestinian presidency?
  20. How many Palestinians were killed during an Israeli raid on a West Bank camp?
  21. What has the Ceylon Electricity Board urged due to dry weather?
  22. What is the Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip as of the last report?
  23. Who did PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari say would be their presidential candidate?
  24. How many scam cases did Singaporean police receive in 2023?
  25. Who was found dead in Cairo according to the Yemeni embassy in Egypt?
  26. What did the Jordan Armed Forces thwart?
  27. What did PTI’s Prime Ministerial candidate say about forming the government?

One Liner Answers to Questions: Quiz on World Current Affairs

  1. Nairobi, on the weekend of February 24.
  2. The sixth session of the UN Environment Assembly at the UNEP headquarters.
  3. Pakistan’s efforts to secure a financing agreement with the IMF.
  4. The uncertain political landscape could complicate negotiations for a new financing deal.
  5. Gulf of Aden.
  6. Houthi rebels of Yemen.
  7. Two missiles.
  8. 19.4%.
  9. A 26.9% drop in private consumption due to the war with Hamas.
  10. To assess potential breaches of the Digital Services Act.
  11. 1,300 houses.
  12. X, formerly Twitter.
  13. Three, including an Indian-origin teen.
  14. Yahya Sinwar.
  15. The proliferation of AI-generated deepfake videos and images.
  16. 141 migrants.
  17. The elections for parliament and a clerical body on March 1.
  18. The US Senate for approving a $14-billion aid package for Israel.
  19. A Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  20. Two Palestinians.
  21. To use electricity sparingly.
  22. 28,985.
  23. Asif Ali Zardari.
  24. 46,563 cases.
  25. Major General Hassan bin Jalal al-Obaidi.
  26. An attempt to infiltrate and smuggle narcotics from Syrian territories into Jordan.
  27. The party will form the government in the Centre and provinces.

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Quiz on World Current Affairs- February 3, 2024

Questions: Quiz on World Current Affairs

  1. Who will take the position in the Australian Senate next week?
  2. What role does Varun Ghosh hold at Francis Burt Chambers?
  3. Which IDF brigade destroyed a Hamas rocket-making unit?
  4. Where was the Hamas rocket-making complex located?
  5. What has put the focus back on the security of Indian-origin students at Purdue University?
  6. What is Purdue University’s rank in the 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankings in the US?
  7. What is causing a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel to be on hold?
  8. How many member states of the EU endorsed the EU AI Act?
  9. How many children in the Gaza Strip are estimated to be unaccompanied or separated from their parents?
  10. Who claimed to have struck the Israeli city of Eilat with ballistic missiles?
  11. Why did the US carry out airstrikes against Iran-backed militias?
  12. What measures has the UK’s Labour Party announced to win back the support of the British Indian community?
  13. How many pro-Iran fighters were killed in US airstrikes in Syria?
  14. Which coalition launched airstrikes against Houthi sites in Yemen?
  15. Why has former US President Donald Trump’s federal trial been postponed?
  16. What was the performance of US stocks on Friday following a strong jobs report?
  17. What was the criminal network in Cyprus involved in besides facilitating illegal migration?
  18. Where were gunshots fired at the house of a Sikh activist in Canada?
  19. What did US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin say about his recent health condition?
  20. How many Indian students have died recently in the US, sparking safety concerns?

Answers: Quiz on World Current Affairs

  1. Indian-origin barrister Varun Ghosh will take the position in the Australian Senate next week.
  2. Varun Ghosh is a barrister at Francis Burt Chambers.
  3. The IDF’s 646th Brigade destroyed the Hamas rocket-making unit.
  4. The Hamas rocket-making complex was located in Nuseirat in central Gaza.
  5. The recent death of Purdue University student Neel Acharya has put the focus back on security.
  6. Purdue University is ranked No. 33 in the US.
  7. A rift between senior Hamas leaders is causing the ceasefire to be on hold.
  8. The 27 member states of the EU endorsed the EU AI Act.
  9. An estimated 17,000 children in the Gaza Strip are unaccompanied or separated from their parents.
  10. Yemen’s armed Houthi group claimed to have struck Eilat with ballistic missiles.
  11. The US carried out airstrikes in retaliation to a drone attack that killed three American soldiers.
  12. The Labour Party announced measures like organizing trips to India.
  13. Six “pro-Iran fighters” were killed in the airstrikes.
  14. The US-British maritime coalition launched airstrikes against Houthi sites.
  15. Donald Trump’s federal trial has been postponed due to an appeals court having to dispose of his claim of immunity.
  16. US stocks opened mixed, with the Dow Jones losing 63 points.
  17. The criminal network in Cyprus was also involved in human trafficking and money laundering.
  18. Gunshots were fired at the house of a Sikh activist in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
  19. Lloyd Austin addressed uncertainties about his health condition and surgery.
  20. Four Indian students have died recently in the US.

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Quiz on World Current Affairs; Source: Twitter
Quiz on World Current Affairs: Source: Twitter

Quiz on World Current Affairs-July 5

  1. What record did Lahore break with its rainfall on Wednesday? Answer: A 30-year-old record of receiving over 290mm of rain within 10 hours.
  2. Who was the Indian immigrant killed in a hit-and-run accident in Brampton? Answer: Prakash Mariyappan
  3. Who claimed to be behind Imran Khan’s rise to the prime minister’s office in Pakistan? Answer: Javed Miandad
  4. How old were the two teenagers who shot and killed an Indian-American convenience store clerk in Georgia? Answer: 15 years old
  5. Which district in Sri Lanka reported the highest number of dengue cases this year? Answer: Gampaha district
  6. What caused floods in Ulan Bator, Mongolia? Answer: A dam damage at the Selbe River
  7. What is the literacy rate in the Philippines according to recent government data? Answer: 97 percent
  8. What was Singapore’s overall unemployment rate in May? Answer: 1.9 percent
  9. How many landmine and explosive remnant casualties did Cambodia record in the first half of 2023? Answer: 21
  10. What is the approval rating of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol according to a new survey? Answer: 38.4 percent
  11. What was the year-on-year inflation rate in the Philippines in June 2023? Answer: 5.4 percent
  12. What alert was renewed by China’s National Meteorological Centre on Wednesday? Answer: Yellow alert for high temperatures
  13. What was Russia’s GDP growth in the first five months of this year according to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin? Answer: 0.6 percent

Quiz on World Current Affairs

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