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Current Affairs One Liners- November 8, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. How much has the Union Government released for tax devolution to state governments for November 2023?
  2. What was the outcome of Naresh Goyal’s plea in the Bombay High Court?
  3. How much would a global internet outage cost per day according to a new report?
  4. Which country is projected to lose the most in the event of a one-day internet outage?
  5. How much did IRCTC’s net profit jump in the July-September quarter of 2023-24?
  6. What was the increase in IRCTC’s total revenue for the same period?
  7. On what date were the attacks by Hamas leaders on Israel carried out?
  8. What did the Telugu Desam Party request from the Andhra Pradesh Governor?
  9. What relief did the Kerala High Court provide concerning firecrackers at religious places?
  10. What allegations were involved in Honey Singh’s divorce case?
  11. When did the IDF open a humanitarian corridor in Gaza?
  12. Who is the first Afghanistan batsman to score a century in the World Cup?
  13. How many cattle did Assam Police recover in a smuggling attempt?
  14. What is unique about Garuda Aerospace’s first retail outlet?
  15. Which sector’s stocks were buzzing on Tuesday according to Vaibhav Vidwani?
  16. What advice did Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar give regarding AI-generated deepfakes?
  17. Who replaced Shakib al Hasan in the Bangladesh squad for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023?
  18. What was nullified by the Delhi High Court concerning a land acquisition compensation?


  1. Rs 72,961.21 crore.
  2. The plea was dismissed.
  3. $43 billion.
  4. The United States.
  5. 30.4 per cent.
  6. Rs 995.31 crore.
  7. October 7.
  8. To check the “unruly” regime of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and “uphold democracy.”
  9. No crackers shall be burst at religious places at odd times.
  10. Domestic violence allegations.
  11. From 10 am to 2 pm, Israel time.
  12. Opener Ibrahim Zadran.
  13. At least 32 cattle heads.
  14. It will be the first drone manufacturer’s own retail outlet in the country.
  15. Pharma and healthcare.
  16. To file first information reports (FIRs) at nearest police stations.
  17. Wicket-keeper batter Anamul Haque Bijoy.
  18. An award of Rs 353.8 crore.

Current Affairs One Liners- August 5, 2023

Current Affairs One Liners in Quiz Questions with Answers format

  1. Who took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, referring to the renovation of railway stations as a tool to fool the people?
  2. Which former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister questioned the Centre’s claims of normalcy and alleged being put under house arrest?
  3. What compliance report has Twitter, now X Corp under Elon Musk, failed to publish for the May-June period in India?
  4. How is India’s diverse artisan community keeping handloom fashion alive through contemporary times?
  5. Who stepped down from the post of State general secretary of the Gujarat BJP?
  6. Why did China’s National Meteorological Centre renew a blue alert for typhoon Khanun?
  7. What is the title of the new one-minute promo for the ‘Star Wars’ series’ newest addition ‘Ahsoka’?
  8. How many deaths were reported from water contamination in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district, along with the number of hospitalized patients?
  9. Why did Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal state that the conviction of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi in a defamation case will not stand?
  10. What contributed to the increase in the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s All Rice Price Index?
  11. What request has the district Police Commissioner made to declare an area as a no-fly zone, following a private company’s helicopter incident?
  12. What recent approval has the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made for the treatment of postpartum depression?
  13. What upcoming feature is Google working on for Android smartphones regarding QR codes?
  14. Whose Bazball style of playing in Test cricket did Australia’s veteran spinner Nathan Lyon criticize?
  15. Which actor, known for roles in ‘Scarface’ and ‘Breaking Bad’, passed away at the age of 83?
  16. What decision did the Central government defer regarding the import of laptops and computers?


  1. Lalan Singh
  2. Mehbooba Mufti
  3. Monthly India compliance report
  4. India’s diverse artisan community
  5. Pradipsinh Vaghela
  6. Typhoon Khanun’s movement on the East China Sea
  7. ‘Masters and Apprentices’
  8. Six deaths; 185 hospitalized patients
  9. Called the conviction unwarranted and predicted it will not stand
  10. India’s prohibition of non-parboiled Indica rice exports and tighter supplies
  11. Declare the area a no-fly zone
  12. Oral medication to treat postpartum depression (PPD) in adults
  13. Automatically detects, zooms in, and reads QR codes
  14. England’s Bazball style of playing
  15. Mark Margolis
  16. Restriction on the import of certain laptops and computers

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