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Business quiz questions- March 22, 2024


  1. Which Hyundai Motor Group brands will be provided during the South Korea-Africa Summit?
  2. When is the first Korea-Africa summit scheduled?
  3. What does the MoU between Mahindra & Mahindra and ATEL aim to expand?
  4. Who was elected as co-chair of the ITU’s Digital Innovation Board?
  5. What significant milestone did Jupiter Wagons Limited achieve with its acquisition?
  6. What is the location of BIPL’s facility?
  7. What is the annual production capacity of BIPL after its acquisition by JWL?
  8. What infrastructure does the MoU between Mahindra & Mahindra and ATEL concern?
  9. What does the RBI’s omnibus framework for SROs cover?
  10. What was the global market reaction to the US central bank’s outcome?
  11. What did Indian markets react positively to?
  12. How many offline tuition centres is Byju’s planning to shut down?
  13. When did Myntra Birthday Blast conclude?
  14. How many styles did MBB offer from how many brands?
  15. With whom did TCS sign a strategic partnership?
  16. What will TCS modernize for Ramboll?
  17. How many weekly domestic flights will Indian operators conduct in the summer schedule?
  18. What was the percentage rise in weekly domestic flights compared to last year?
  19. What did the global cellular IoT module shipments experience in 2023?
  20. How much did Alphatron Capital raise in its first fund?
  21. What advantage do Indian startups have according to Kunal Bahl?
  22. What concern does ADIF have regarding Google Play Store’s commission?
  23. What type of cyber-attack targeted Polycab India?
  24. In which years did housing sales peak during election years?
  25. What is the aim of the ‘Viksit Bharat Startup Mahakumbh 2024’?


  1. Genesis brand’s G90 and G80 sedans.
  2. June 4-5.
  3. Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.
  4. Dr Neeraj Mittal.
  5. Acquiring its own wheel plant.
  6. Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (formerly Aurangabad), Maharashtra.
  7. 20,000 wheels and 10,000 axles annually.
  8. EV charging infrastructure.
  9. Objectives, functions, eligibility criteria, and governance standards for SROs.
  10. A relief rally in global equity markets.
  11. The outcome of the US FOMC meeting.
  12. About 200 centers.
  13. March 10.
  14. Over 2.9 million styles from over 6,000 brands.
  15. Ramboll.
  16. Ramboll’s IT operating model.
  17. 24,275 weekly domestic flights.
  18. Approximately six percent.
  19. Their first-ever annual decline.
  20. $30 million (nearly Rs 249 crore).
  21. Creating world-class products with minimal funding.
  22. High commission rates for in-app purchases.
  23. Ransomware attack.
  24. 2014 and 2019.
  25. To celebrate startups and foster collaboration among entrepreneurs and investors.

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Additional Questions

  1. Who is sponsoring the first Korea-Africa summit by providing official vehicles?
  2. What is the primary focus of the partnership between Mahindra & Mahindra and ATEL?
  3. How many G90 and G80 sedans will Hyundai provide for the South Korea-Africa Summit?
  4. Which department announced India’s election as co-chair of the ITU’s Digital Innovation Board?
  5. How many countries’ ministers are part of the ITU’s Digital Innovation Board?
  6. What type of company did Jupiter Wagons Limited acquire?
  7. What does the RBI’s new framework aim to recognize?
  8. What was the reaction in the equity markets to the US central bank’s decision?
  9. What expectations did the US FOMC meeting outcome set for FY25?
  10. How many offline tuition centres did Byju’s close in February?
  11. How many new brands launched during Myntra Birthday Blast?
  12. What is the duration of TCS’s strategic partnership with Ramboll?
  13. How many weekly domestic flights were operated during the winter schedule?
  14. What factors contributed to the decline in global cellular IoT module shipments?
  15. What is the target demographic for Alphatron Capital’s first fund?
  16. How has AI impacted startups in India according to Kunal Bahl?
  17. What was the Competition Commission of India’s stance on Google Play Store’s fees?
  18. When did the ransomware attack on Polycab India occur?
  19. What trends were observed in housing sales during election years according to Anarock.Group?
  20. How many exhibitors participated in the ‘Viksit Bharat Startup Mahakumbh 2024’?

Additional Answers

  1. Hyundai Motor Group.
  2. Creation of an expansive EV charging infrastructure.
  3. 77 G90 flagship sedans and 42 G80s.
  4. Department of Telecommunications (DoT).
  5. Ministers and Vice Ministers from 23 member countries.
  6. Bonatrans India Private Limited (BIPL), a wheel plant.
  7. Self-regulatory organisations (SROs) for regulated entities.
  8. A major boost for midcap and smallcaps.
  9. Hopes for three rate cuts.
  10. 50 centers.
  11. Over 50 new brands.
  12. Over the next 7 years.
  13. 23,732 flights.
  14. Inventory adjustments and reduced demand in key market verticals.
  15. US investors interested in India’s technology and tech-leveraged companies.
  16. They are building competitive products with significantly less funding.
  17. Dismissed applications for interim relief against the fees.
  18. March 17, 2024.
  19. Peaks in housing sales were observed in 2014 and 2019.
  20. 1,306 exhibitors.

Business quiz questions- March 6, 2024

One-liner: Business quiz questions

  1. Who inaugurated the Rajasthan Tourism pavilion at ITB Berlin?
  2. What is the potential market value of Tata Sons according to Spark PWM?
  3. By how much has Mahanagar Gas Ltd reduced CNG prices in Mumbai?
  4. What is the new price of CNG in Mumbai after the reduction?
  5. Who inaugurated 15 National Highway projects in Himachal Pradesh?
  6. What does UDGAM portal stand for?
  7. What deadline has CBDT extended for trusts and institutions to correct their form submissions?
  8. Which bank’s report discusses states’ capex and fiscal discipline?
  9. Which company has RBI instructed to stop financing against shares and debentures?
  10. How many CNG stations were dedicated to the nation by Minister Hardeep Singh Puri?
  11. How much debt capital has mPokket raised from BPEA Credit?
  12. What sector has Prime Minister Narendra Modi unlocked for public-private participation?
  13. What index inclusion is considered a vote of confidence in the Indian economy?
  14. What is India’s target for its share of the global space economy by 2040?
  15. What share of world market cap is technology nearing?
  16. Which company will provide mobile infrastructure services on Mumbai Metro 3 line?
  17. What is NABARD’s projected priority sector credit potential for FY 2024-25?
  18. What portion of smallcap stocks have become multibaggers since the Covid-19 market bottom?
  19. Which mine is set to become Asia’s largest coal mine?
  20. What is the value of BHEL’s EPC order from NTPC Ltd?
  21. What has Google temporarily reinstated?
  22. What is not a primary factor in the India story, according to Herald Van Der Linde?
  23. What correlation does Moody’s report discuss?
  24. With whom has Swiggy signed an MoU to provide food delivery on trains?
  25. What has PC Jeweller received from SEBI?
  26. What has Byju’s stated about its fund management?
  27. What financial trend is causing concerns at Indian banks, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence?
  28. What has the Indian Newspaper Society requested from the government?
  29. Which large traffic generators have opposed the fair-share contribution proposal, according to COAI?

One Liner Answers to Business quiz questions

  1. The Indian Ambassador to Germany, P. Harish, and Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Tourism, M.R. Sinarem.
  2. Rs 7-8 trillion.
  3. Rs 2.50 per kg.
  4. Rs 73.40 per kg.
  5. Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari.
  6. Unclaimed Deposits-Gateway to Access inforMation.
  7. 31st March, 2024.
  8. Bank of Baroda.
  9. JM Financial Products Limited.
  10. 201 CNG stations.
  11. Up to Rs 500 crore.
  12. The space sector.
  13. Inclusion in the Bloomberg Emerging Market Index.
  14. A five-fold increase.
  15. Nearing 40%.
  16. ACES India Pvt Ltd.
  17. Rs 3.62 lakh crore.
  18. More than two-thirds.
  19. Gevra mine.
  20. Over Rs 9,500 crore.
  21. All the delisted apps of developers with appeals pending in the Supreme Court.
  22. Visible and robust earnings growth.
  23. The correlation between board gender diversity and credit ratings.
  24. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).
  25. A show-cause notice for alleged non-compliance of listing and disclosure requirements.
  26. That no funds have been siphoned off.
  27. The rise in loan-to-deposit ratios (LDRs).
  28. To waive the 5% customs duty on newsprint.
  29. Google.

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Additional One-liner Questions

  1. What initiative was dedicated by Minister for Petroleum and Natural Hardeep Singh Puri related to LNG?
  2. What is the main goal of the new CNG stations inaugurated across 17 states?
  3. For what purpose will mPokket use the funds raised from BPEA Credit?
  4. What significant increase is expected in India’s share of the global space economy according to Union Minister Jitendra Singh?
  5. What unique achievement has technology’s market cap share reached according to DSP Mutual Fund?
  6. Which event in Saudi Arabia saw the contract signing for Mumbai Metro 3 line’s mobile infrastructure services?
  7. What significant growth does NABARD’s credit potential reflect for FY 2024-25?
  8. How did smallcap stocks perform compared to the Nifty Index since the Covid-19 market bottom?
  9. What expansion has been approved for SECL’s Gevra mine?
  10. What major EPC order did BHEL secure from NTPC Ltd?
  11. Why has Google temporarily reinstated certain apps?
  12. How does Herald Van Der Linde view India in relation to global investment funds?
  13. What does Moody’s report reveal about board gender diversity in companies?
  14. What new service will Swiggy offer to train passengers?
  15. What non-compliance issues are raised in the SEBI notice to PC Jeweller?
  16. How has Byju’s responded to allegations about fund management?
  17. What challenge is highlighted by the trend of surging credit in Indian banks?
  18. What request has been made by the Indian Newspaper Society to the government?
  19. Why have large traffic generators opposed the proposal for a fair-share contribution?


  1. India’s first small-scale LNG unit at Vijaipur in Madhya Pradesh.
  2. To promote the use of CNG as a greener alternative to conventional fuels.
  3. To meet the growing credit demand and accelerate product development.
  4. A five-fold increase to $100 billion by 2040.
  5. Nearing 40% of world equity market capitalisation.
  6. LEAD-2024, ‘A Digital DAVOS’ event.
  7. A 32% increase from the previous year’s assessment.
  8. One-third outperformed the Nifty Index, while only 10% gave negative returns.
  9. Expansion of production capacity to 70 million tons per annum.
  10. The Singrauli Super Thermal Power Project Stage-III (2×800 MW) in Uttar Pradesh.
  11. Due to appeals pending in the Supreme Court.
  12. They view India and China as separate entities and maintain interest in India.
  13. A correlation exists between board gender diversity and higher credit ratings in advanced economies, but not in emerging markets.
  14. Deliver food to passengers on select trains and stations.
  15. Alleged non-compliance with the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015.
  16. Stating that no funds have been siphoned off and clarifying fund management changes.
  17. Concerns over the increasing loan-to-deposit ratios (LDRs) affecting bank margins.
  18. To waive the 5% customs duty on newsprint.
  19. Concerns over the potential impact on their operations and the sharing of rising network costs.

Business quiz questions- February 25, 2024

One Liner: Business quiz questions

  1. Who refuted reports of being fired from Byju’s?
  2. What did Byju Raveendran say about the management and Board of Byju’s?
  3. What advice did Union IT and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw give to entrepreneurs?
  4. At which event did Ashwini Vaishnaw speak?
  5. How does Henry H. McVey view India’s e-commerce industry’s future?
  6. What significant partnership might Adani Group and Uber announce?
  7. How many vehicles is Uber’s fleet in India expected to grow to in the short term?
  8. What has improved significantly since FY20 according to Nomura?
  9. What recent trend has V K Vijayakumar observed in FPI equity outflows?
  10. What did Uber’s global CEO say about his discussion with Gautam Adani?
  11. What will Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicate to the nation?
  12. What is the length of Sudarshan Setu?
  13. Who met to discuss future collaborations in India focusing on green energy?
  14. What action did Google take regarding its AI platform Gemini’s responses about Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
  15. Which two companies joined forces to establish a charging network in India?
  16. How much did ‘Article 370’ make on its first day?
  17. What did Kalyani Steel Limited sign with the Odisha government?
  18. What record did India dedicated funds achieve according to Elara Securities?
  19. What has the IBC incentivized debtors to do?
  20. What app has Air India’s CEO Campbell Wilson announced?
  21. What investment did Pernod Ricard India announce?
  22. What did Prosus NV and Peak XV Partners vote regarding Byju Raveendran?
  23. What new permission did the RBI issue regarding PPIs?
  24. What is the main goal of the RBI’s new direction on PPIs?
  25. How does CARE Ratings view the IBC’s impact on debtors?
  26. What industry is expected to power Apple’s growth in India?
  27. How much did Apple’s revenue in India increase last year?
  28. How many iPhone units were shipped in India last year?

One Liner Answers to Business quiz questions

  1. Byju Raveendran.
  2. The management and Board remain unchanged, and the rights issue has seen an overwhelming response.
  3. To mold their business and strategic plans according to India’s growth in the next 10 years.
  4. EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023.
  5. More democratized, influenced by digitalization of consumer and business infrastructure.
  6. A joint venture to expand Uber’s fleet to use alternative and renewable energy.
  7. 200,000 vehicles.
  8. Corporate earnings momentum.
  9. A decline in FPI equity outflows despite rising bond yields in the US.
  10. It was terrific to discuss India’s growth and rising entrepreneurship.
  11. Sudarshan Setu, the country’s longest cable-stayed bridge.
  12. 2.32 Km.
  13. Gautam Adani and Dara Khosrowshahi.
  14. Worked quickly to address the responses.
  15. Log9 and Trinity Cleantech.
  16. Rs 5.75 crore nett.
  17. An MoU for a Titanium Metal and Aerospace Components Manufacturing Complex.
  18. The 49th straight week of inflows.
  19. To settle their defaults even before the cases are admitted under the code.
  20. The Cabin Executive Plus (CE Plus) app.
  21. An investment of up to 200 million euros for a malt spirits distillery.
  22. To oust Byju Raveendran as CEO.
  23. To issue PPIs for making payments across various public transport systems.
  24. To provide convenience, speed, affordability, and safety of digital modes of payment.
  25. It is incentivizing debtors to settle their defaults before the cases are admitted.
  26. High-tech electronic manufacturing.
  27. Nearly 42 percent to $8.7 billion.
  28. About 39 percent to 9.2 million units.

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Business quiz questions- February 14, 2024

One Liner Business quiz questions

  1. Who announced layoffs affecting hundreds of employees in the media sector?
  2. What percentage of its global workforce is Instacart laying off?
  3. How many employees is Mozilla laying off?
  4. What is Mozilla’s new focus for Firefox?
  5. What did the US inflation rate exceed in January?
  6. What is the Federal Reserve Chairman’s target inflation rate?
  7. How many startups has APEDA facilitated in marketing and exporting millet-based products?
  8. What caused US stocks to tumble recently?
  9. What will Bosch Ltd acquire stakes in?
  10. What is the travel time reduction expected from the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet train?
  11. Will Paytm QR codes function beyond February 2024?
  12. What was the cause of the Pakistan Stock Exchange’s recent slide?
  13. What is the outlay for the construction of the 4-lane section on NH-6 in Mizoram?
  14. How much is allocated for the construction of a new highway connecting Majuli and Jorhat?
  15. By how much did funding into Karnataka-based tech startups fall in 2023?
  16. What does Valentine’s Day celebrate according to Aparajita Sengupta?
  17. How many red roses is Nepal importing from India for Valentine’s Day?
  18. How many smartphones were shipped in India in 2023?
  19. With which university is Samsung Research America partnering for 6G network development?
  20. What is the new round under the PLI scheme focused on?
  21. How much growth did Oracle report in cloud consumption in India?
  22. What joint venture did JSW Steel form with JFE Steel Corporation?
  23. What new feature has Google rolled out to its Meet app?
  24. What is the purpose of Pratt & Whitney’s new India Digital Capability Centre?

One Liner Answers to Business quiz questions

  1. Paramount Global announced layoffs affecting hundreds of employees.
  2. Instacart is laying off about 7% of its global workforce.
  3. Mozilla is laying off 60 employees.
  4. Mozilla’s new focus for Firefox is bringing “trustworthy AI” into the browser.
  5. US inflation exceeded Wall Street’s expectations in January.
  6. The Federal Reserve Chairman’s target inflation rate is 2%.
  7. APEDA facilitated around 500 startups in marketing and exporting millet-based products.
  8. US stocks tumbled after fresh data revealed stubborn inflation in January.
  9. Bosch Ltd will acquire stakes in two solar power generation companies.
  10. The travel time between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is expected to be cut to 2 hours by the Bullet train.
  11. Yes, Paytm QR codes will continue to function as usual beyond February 2024.
  12. The slide in the Pakistan Stock Exchange was caused by uncertainty regarding the formation of the government.
  13. An outlay of Rs. 1742.11 crore is approved for the construction of the 4-lane section on NH-6 in Mizoram.
  14. Rs 382.10 crore is allocated for the construction of a new highway connecting Majuli and Jorhat.
  15. Funding into Karnataka-based tech startups fell by 72% in 2023.
  16. Valentine’s Day celebrates modern love in all forms, including families, partners, friends, and pets.
  17. Nepal is importing over 300,000 stems of long-stem roses from India for Valentine’s Day.
  18. India shipped 146 million smartphones in 2023.
  19. Samsung Research America is partnering with Princeton University for 6G network development.
  20. The new round under the PLI scheme is focused on manufacturing Advanced Chemistry Cells (ACC).
  21. Oracle reported a 50% growth in cloud consumption in India.
  22. JSW Steel formed a joint venture with JFE Steel Corporation to set up a plant for manufacturing grain-oriented electrical steel.
  23. Google rolled out a second screen “companion mode” to the Meet app.
  24. The purpose of Pratt & Whitney’s new India Digital Capability Centre is to drive digital and business transformation worldwide.

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Business quiz questions- January 15, 2024

One Liner: Business quiz questions

  1. What did SpiceJet receive from the Bombay Stock Exchange?
  2. What is the future plan for Apple’s Siri quality control team in San Diego?
  3. What was the IndiGo passenger’s experience on the Kolkata-Bengaluru flight?
  4. How many flights were affected by delays at IGI Airport due to fog?
  5. What is the prediction for Asia’s top companies regarding technology upgrades by 2025?
  6. What are the main topics to be discussed by world leaders in Davos?
  7. Under what theme will the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting convene in 2024?
  8. How many IT and tech companies have laid off employees in the first two weeks of the New Year?
  9. What is Australia’s stance on Elon Musk-owned X regarding harmful content?
  10. How did the markets react to IT results declared last week?
  11. What caused Rapido’s losses to surge in the last fiscal year?
  12. What happened to the price of Bitcoin after the trading of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US?
  13. How many employees were laid off by Veeam Software recently?
  14. What is the status of the El Nino weather phenomenon and its impact on India?
  15. What is the agenda for the upcoming meeting of the Tea Board?
  16. Where and when is the World Economic Forum-2024 annual meet taking place?

Answers: Business quiz questions

  1. SpiceJet received in-principle approval from BSE for issuing equity shares and warrants on a preferential basis.
  2. Apple plans to combine its Siri quality control team in San Diego with the one in Austin, Texas.
  3. The IndiGo passenger experienced a “worst flight experience” with a seven-hour delay on the Kolkata-Bengaluru flight.
  4. 150 flights were delayed, 11 diverted, and some cancelled at IGI Airport due to dense fog.
  5. 60% of Asia’s top companies will upgrade hardware and software by 2025 for better work experiences.
  6. World leaders in Davos will discuss wars, shipping crises, cyberattacks, and the climate emergency.
  7. The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 will convene under the theme ‘Rebuilding Trust’.
  8. At least 46 IT and tech companies laid off over 7,500 employees in the first two weeks of the New Year.
  9. Australia criticized Elon Musk-owned X for failing to curb harmful content.
  10. Markets reacted positively and unexpectedly to the IT results declared last week.
  11. Rapido’s losses increased due to higher rider costs, IT, and employee benefits.
  12. Bitcoin’s price plummeted to around $42,000 after the start of spot Bitcoin ETF trading in the US.
  13. Veeam Software laid off approximately 300 employees in a recent organizational restructuring.
  14. The El Nino is active in the Pacific Ocean but is expected to withdraw by April-June, impacting Indian agriculture.
  15. The Tea Board meeting on January 15 will decide on no-plucking times in tea gardens across India.
  16. The World Economic Forum-2024 annual meet will take place in Davos, Switzerland, from January 15 to 19, led by Heavy and Medium Industries Minister M.B. Patil.

Business quiz questions- January 2, 2024

One-liner Questions: Business quiz questions

  1. Did Vodafone Idea confirm talks with Elon Musk for Starlink’s management in India?
  2. How did Vodafone Idea’s stock respond to the clarification about Starlink?
  3. What was the year-on-year growth for UVs in passenger vehicles?
  4. What is the name of Binny Bansal’s new venture?
  5. When was OppDoor, formerly known as Three State Ventures Pte Ltd, founded?
  6. How has the windfall tax on crude oil been adjusted by the government?
  7. Which company did Hindustan Unilever receive orders from?
  8. Which company leads the global premium smartphone market in 2023?
  9. What is the impact of the Simplified Certification scheme (SCS) by the TEC?
  10. Who has been given the charge of CMD at Singareni Collieries Company Limited?
  11. What is the sales record of BYD in the October-December 2023 quarter?
  12. How does India’s household debt compare with other emerging market economies?
  13. What change did Zomato make to its platform fee after New Year’s Eve?
  14. What was the financial performance of Sinohope Technology for the first nine months of 2023?
  15. What are Samsung Electronics’ strategic priorities for the new year?
  16. What changes have been made to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) rules?
  17. What incident is the DGCA investigating involving an Air India Airbus A320neo?

Answers: Business quiz questions

  1. No, Vodafone Idea denied any discussions with Elon Musk for managing Starlink in India.
  2. Vodafone Idea’s stock dropped over 4 percent to Rs 16.20 on the BSE.
  3. UVs saw a strong growth of 15 percent year-on-year.
  4. Binny Bansal’s new venture is named ‘OppDoor’.
  5. OppDoor was founded in May 2021.
  6. The government raised the windfall tax on crude oil to Rs 2,300 per tonne from Rs 1,300.
  7. Hindustan Unilever received orders from various tax authorities like Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Tax Officer, Bengaluru, and others.
  8. Apple leads the global premium smartphone market in 2023.
  9. The Simplified Certification scheme will reduce the time for certification from eight weeks to two weeks.
  10. N Balram, IRS, has been given full additional charge of CMD at SCCL.
  11. BYD sold a record 526,000 electric vehicles in October-December 2023.
  12. India’s household debt is much lower than other emerging market economies.
  13. Zomato increased its mandatory platform fee to Rs 4 per order from Rs 3.
  14. Sinohope Technology reported a net loss of $37 million for the first nine months of 2023.
  15. Samsung Electronics emphasized technological supremacy and adaptability to future changes.
  16. Inactive UPI IDs not used for over a year will be deactivated, and ‘UPI for Secondary Market’ was launched in Beta phase.
  17. The DGCA is investigating a “severe hard landing” of an Air India Airbus A320neo on its Cochin to Dubai flight.

Business quiz questions- November 3, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. Which two organizations recently partnered to bridge the skills gap in tech and engineering sectors?
  2. What joint venture did Minda Corporation Ltd announce with a Taiwanese company?
  3. How much profit did Adani Power report in the July-September quarter?
  4. Which South Korean carmaker has partnered with Chinese EV maker BYD?
  5. What has been a noteworthy feature of India’s recent macro-economic dynamics, according to Bandhan AMC’s Suyash Choudhary?
  6. Which companies has NODWIN Gaming partnered with for the 4th edition of DreamHack?
  7. What is the projected valuation of the Indian gaming market by FY28?
  8. What new scheme was launched by YEIDA to boost hotel establishments in Greater Noida?
  9. What are the features of the new 5G smartphone launched by Lava?
  10. Which Indian minister inaugurated an SBI branch in Sri Lanka?
  11. What is the projected global shipment percentage for India-made iPhones by 2024?
  12. Which US-based cybersecurity company announced layoffs ahead of its acquisition by Cisco?
  13. How did the market react to the US Federal Reserve’s pause decision, according to V.K. Vijayakumar?
  14. What is the nature of the transaction between Kotak Mahindra and Zurich Insurance Company?
  15. What was Tata Steel’s financial performance in the second quarter of 2023-24?


  1. The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and HCLTech.
  2. A joint venture for sunroof solutions with HSIN Chong Machinery Works Co. Ltd. (HCMF).
  3. A consolidated net profit of Rs 6,594 crore.
  4. KG Mobility has partnered with BYD Co.
  5. The increase in the trend rate of India’s services trade surplus.
  6. Intel, Monster, Hyundai, TVS Raider, Opraahfx, BenQ, and ACT.
  7. Likely to hit $7.5 billion.
  8. A new plot allotment scheme in line with Yogi Adityanath’s vision.
  9. Blaze 2, with a 6.56-inch HD+ IPS Punch Hole display, premium glass back, and Ring Light.
  10. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
  11. 20 to 25 per cent, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.
  12. Splunk announced to lay off about 7 per cent of its global workforce.
  13. The commentary was not as hawkish as feared.
  14. Zurich will invest approximately Rs 4,051 crore to acquire a 51 per cent stake in Kotak General Insurance.
  15. A consolidated net loss of Rs 6,511 crore.

Business quiz questions- October 19, 2023

One-Liner Questions

  1. Which country is the first HP market to launch a refurbished PC initiative?
  2. How is HP planning to run its refurbished PC program in India?
  3. What season is currently happening in India?
  4. Which brand is associated with innovation, quality, and affordability in India?
  5. How many jobs were slashed in Google’s news division?
  6. By what percentage did Tesla’s profits fall in Q3 compared to the year-ago period?
  7. What was Tesla’s revenue for Q3 of 2023?
  8. How much will Netflix’s Basic plan cost now in the US?
  9. When is Suzuki planning to roll out the first batch of electric vehicles from its India plant?
  10. How many fake input tax credit cases were detected by DGGI in the current financial year?
  11. What new feature did YouTube introduce for news stories?
  12. What action has Fitch taken regarding Israel’s sovereign debt rating?
  13. What was Wipro Ltd’s consolidated revenue for the period ended September 30, 2023?
  14. How many wholly-owned subsidiaries will Wipro Ltd merge with itself?


  1. India is the first HP market to launch a refurbished PC initiative.
  2. HP will run this program through an HP certified partner who will sell these affordable HP PCs to retail customers and businesses.
  3. The Indian festive season is currently happening.
  4. The brand associated with innovation, quality, and affordability in India is realme.
  5. At least 40-45 jobs were slashed in Google’s news division.
  6. Tesla’s profits fell 44% in Q3 compared to the year-ago period.
  7. Tesla’s revenue for Q3 of 2023 was $23.4 billion.
  8. Netflix’s Basic plan will now cost $11.99 per month in the US.
  9. Suzuki plans to roll out the first batch of electric vehicles from its India plant as early as 2025.
  10. DGGI has detected a total of 1,040 fake input tax credit cases in the current financial year.
  11. YouTube introduced an immersive watch page experience for news stories.
  12. Fitch has placed Israel’s sovereign debt rating of “A+” on “Rating Watch Negative.”
  13. Wipro Ltd’s consolidated revenue for the period ended September 30, 2023, stood at Rs. 22,515.9 crore.
  14. Wipro Ltd will merge five of its wholly-owned subsidiaries with itself.

Business quiz questions- September 28, 2023

One-liner Questions

  1. What is causing the longest losing streak in world stocks in two years?
  2. Who announced the completion of an all-share combination with OneWeb?
  3. What is the new GST rate on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing in India?
  4. By how much did India’s external debt rise in the April-June quarter?
  5. What action was taken against ICICI Lombard General Insurance for failing to pay tax?
  6. Who from Asian Paints passed away recently and what was his contribution?
  7. What new financial solution has airpay launched in India?
  8. Which Indian company started production of Silicon Carbide devices for electric vehicles?
  9. What challenge did Sanjay Kumar Agarwal highlight in the context of global trade?
  10. What is the impact of India’s illicit financial flows on its GDP?
  11. How much did India’s current account deficit jump in the April-June quarter?
  12. What new product has AMD unveiled for fintech?
  13. What is the forecasted growth in global fabrication capacity for 200-millimeter wafers?
  14. What revenue opportunity could JioAirFiber unlock according to a report by Jefferies?
  15. What cities was JioAirFiber initially launched in?


  1. The longest losing streak in world stocks in two years is caused by concerns about persistently high global interest rates, potential higher US interest rates, and concerns over China’s beleaguered property market.
  2. Eutelsat Communications SA announced the completion of an all-share combination with OneWeb.
  3. The new GST rate on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing in India will be 28%.
  4. India’s external debt rose by $4.7 billion in the April-June quarter to reach the USD 629.1 billion mark.
  5. ICICI Lombard General Insurance received a warning from the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) for failing to pay tax of around Rs 1,728 crore and finished the day 1.7% down.
  6. Asian Paints’ Non-Executive Director Ashwin Dani passed away; he had been associated with the company since 1968 and had been a driving force behind the company’s technological excellence.
  7. airpay has launched a Zero-Interest Brand EMI solution in India to empower its merchants to offer flexible payment options.
  8. Continental Device India Private Limited became the first Indian company to start production of Silicon Carbide devices for electric vehicles.
  9. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal highlighted the challenge of illicit trade becoming larger than ever before as India rises as a global force in international trade.
  10. The impact of India’s illicit financial flows is around 5% of the country’s GDP according to a report released by the FICCI.
  11. India’s current account deficit jumped 7-fold to $9.2 billion in the April-June quarter.
  12. AMD has unveiled a new fintech accelerator card, Alveo UL3524, designed for ultra-low latency electronic trading applications.
  13. The forecasted growth in global fabrication capacity for 200-millimeter wafers is 14% over the next three years.
  14. JioAirFiber could unlock a US$7-10 billion revenue opportunity, especially among 85 million Pay-TV homes that do not currently have internet access.
  15. JioAirFiber was initially launched in eight key cities in India.

Business quiz questions-Dec 21, 2022

  1. Who interrogated Meta’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a hearing over the firm’s purchase of the well-known fitness app “Supernatural” owner Within, a virtual reality (VR) company?
  2. Who has started a thorough study to evaluate Broadcom’s planned acquisition of VMware, a provider of enterprise cloud software?
  3. Who was VMware accused of deceiving investors by hiding the business’ financial performance in September?

Business quiz questions

4- Whose prices in the US increased by more than 1% on Tuesday, raising hopes for a significant increase in their pricing in India on Wednesday?

5-By successfully purchasing Mittal Corp Limited (MCL) via the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) method; MCL is now aiming to boost its capital expenditure to Rs 10,000 crore in the next five years to match the plans for organic and inorganic growth through internal accruals.

6- In a written response submitted to the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, who claimed that the ministry had put into place a programme called “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India Phase II” (FAME India Phase II) to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles in the nation?

Business quiz questions

7-How many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of electric vehicles have registered as of December 9? 7.47 Lakh EVs have been sold as part of FAME India Phase II.

8-Which state gave the tourism industry industry status in anticipation of significant investments and to give the business a boost?

Business quiz questions

9- Who stated that while global inflation may have peaked, the risk-to-reward balance is shifting in favour of a “darker” future for the world and emerging market economies (EMEs) seem more vulnerable?

  1. Who are interested in 5G-powered smart gadgets with high speed and enhanced computing capabilities, but are bothered by issues with limited coverage, replacing old devices, and data privacy?

Business quiz questions


1-Lina Khan-led US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

2-The European Commission

3-The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

4-Gold and silver

5-Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited (SMEL)

6-Minister of Heavy Industries, Mahendra Nath Pandey


8- Assam

9- RBI

10-Indian consumers

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