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Business quiz questions- November 3, 2023

One-liner Questions:

  1. Which two organizations recently partnered to bridge the skills gap in tech and engineering sectors?
  2. What joint venture did Minda Corporation Ltd announce with a Taiwanese company?
  3. How much profit did Adani Power report in the July-September quarter?
  4. Which South Korean carmaker has partnered with Chinese EV maker BYD?
  5. What has been a noteworthy feature of India’s recent macro-economic dynamics, according to Bandhan AMC’s Suyash Choudhary?
  6. Which companies has NODWIN Gaming partnered with for the 4th edition of DreamHack?
  7. What is the projected valuation of the Indian gaming market by FY28?
  8. What new scheme was launched by YEIDA to boost hotel establishments in Greater Noida?
  9. What are the features of the new 5G smartphone launched by Lava?
  10. Which Indian minister inaugurated an SBI branch in Sri Lanka?
  11. What is the projected global shipment percentage for India-made iPhones by 2024?
  12. Which US-based cybersecurity company announced layoffs ahead of its acquisition by Cisco?
  13. How did the market react to the US Federal Reserve’s pause decision, according to V.K. Vijayakumar?
  14. What is the nature of the transaction between Kotak Mahindra and Zurich Insurance Company?
  15. What was Tata Steel’s financial performance in the second quarter of 2023-24?


  1. The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and HCLTech.
  2. A joint venture for sunroof solutions with HSIN Chong Machinery Works Co. Ltd. (HCMF).
  3. A consolidated net profit of Rs 6,594 crore.
  4. KG Mobility has partnered with BYD Co.
  5. The increase in the trend rate of India’s services trade surplus.
  6. Intel, Monster, Hyundai, TVS Raider, Opraahfx, BenQ, and ACT.
  7. Likely to hit $7.5 billion.
  8. A new plot allotment scheme in line with Yogi Adityanath’s vision.
  9. Blaze 2, with a 6.56-inch HD+ IPS Punch Hole display, premium glass back, and Ring Light.
  10. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
  11. 20 to 25 per cent, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.
  12. Splunk announced to lay off about 7 per cent of its global workforce.
  13. The commentary was not as hawkish as feared.
  14. Zurich will invest approximately Rs 4,051 crore to acquire a 51 per cent stake in Kotak General Insurance.
  15. A consolidated net loss of Rs 6,511 crore.

Business quiz questions- October 19, 2023

One-Liner Questions

  1. Which country is the first HP market to launch a refurbished PC initiative?
  2. How is HP planning to run its refurbished PC program in India?
  3. What season is currently happening in India?
  4. Which brand is associated with innovation, quality, and affordability in India?
  5. How many jobs were slashed in Google’s news division?
  6. By what percentage did Tesla’s profits fall in Q3 compared to the year-ago period?
  7. What was Tesla’s revenue for Q3 of 2023?
  8. How much will Netflix’s Basic plan cost now in the US?
  9. When is Suzuki planning to roll out the first batch of electric vehicles from its India plant?
  10. How many fake input tax credit cases were detected by DGGI in the current financial year?
  11. What new feature did YouTube introduce for news stories?
  12. What action has Fitch taken regarding Israel’s sovereign debt rating?
  13. What was Wipro Ltd’s consolidated revenue for the period ended September 30, 2023?
  14. How many wholly-owned subsidiaries will Wipro Ltd merge with itself?


  1. India is the first HP market to launch a refurbished PC initiative.
  2. HP will run this program through an HP certified partner who will sell these affordable HP PCs to retail customers and businesses.
  3. The Indian festive season is currently happening.
  4. The brand associated with innovation, quality, and affordability in India is realme.
  5. At least 40-45 jobs were slashed in Google’s news division.
  6. Tesla’s profits fell 44% in Q3 compared to the year-ago period.
  7. Tesla’s revenue for Q3 of 2023 was $23.4 billion.
  8. Netflix’s Basic plan will now cost $11.99 per month in the US.
  9. Suzuki plans to roll out the first batch of electric vehicles from its India plant as early as 2025.
  10. DGGI has detected a total of 1,040 fake input tax credit cases in the current financial year.
  11. YouTube introduced an immersive watch page experience for news stories.
  12. Fitch has placed Israel’s sovereign debt rating of “A+” on “Rating Watch Negative.”
  13. Wipro Ltd’s consolidated revenue for the period ended September 30, 2023, stood at Rs. 22,515.9 crore.
  14. Wipro Ltd will merge five of its wholly-owned subsidiaries with itself.

Business quiz questions- September 28, 2023

One-liner Questions

  1. What is causing the longest losing streak in world stocks in two years?
  2. Who announced the completion of an all-share combination with OneWeb?
  3. What is the new GST rate on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing in India?
  4. By how much did India’s external debt rise in the April-June quarter?
  5. What action was taken against ICICI Lombard General Insurance for failing to pay tax?
  6. Who from Asian Paints passed away recently and what was his contribution?
  7. What new financial solution has airpay launched in India?
  8. Which Indian company started production of Silicon Carbide devices for electric vehicles?
  9. What challenge did Sanjay Kumar Agarwal highlight in the context of global trade?
  10. What is the impact of India’s illicit financial flows on its GDP?
  11. How much did India’s current account deficit jump in the April-June quarter?
  12. What new product has AMD unveiled for fintech?
  13. What is the forecasted growth in global fabrication capacity for 200-millimeter wafers?
  14. What revenue opportunity could JioAirFiber unlock according to a report by Jefferies?
  15. What cities was JioAirFiber initially launched in?


  1. The longest losing streak in world stocks in two years is caused by concerns about persistently high global interest rates, potential higher US interest rates, and concerns over China’s beleaguered property market.
  2. Eutelsat Communications SA announced the completion of an all-share combination with OneWeb.
  3. The new GST rate on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing in India will be 28%.
  4. India’s external debt rose by $4.7 billion in the April-June quarter to reach the USD 629.1 billion mark.
  5. ICICI Lombard General Insurance received a warning from the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) for failing to pay tax of around Rs 1,728 crore and finished the day 1.7% down.
  6. Asian Paints’ Non-Executive Director Ashwin Dani passed away; he had been associated with the company since 1968 and had been a driving force behind the company’s technological excellence.
  7. airpay has launched a Zero-Interest Brand EMI solution in India to empower its merchants to offer flexible payment options.
  8. Continental Device India Private Limited became the first Indian company to start production of Silicon Carbide devices for electric vehicles.
  9. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal highlighted the challenge of illicit trade becoming larger than ever before as India rises as a global force in international trade.
  10. The impact of India’s illicit financial flows is around 5% of the country’s GDP according to a report released by the FICCI.
  11. India’s current account deficit jumped 7-fold to $9.2 billion in the April-June quarter.
  12. AMD has unveiled a new fintech accelerator card, Alveo UL3524, designed for ultra-low latency electronic trading applications.
  13. The forecasted growth in global fabrication capacity for 200-millimeter wafers is 14% over the next three years.
  14. JioAirFiber could unlock a US$7-10 billion revenue opportunity, especially among 85 million Pay-TV homes that do not currently have internet access.
  15. JioAirFiber was initially launched in eight key cities in India.

Business quiz questions-Dec 21, 2022

  1. Who interrogated Meta’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a hearing over the firm’s purchase of the well-known fitness app “Supernatural” owner Within, a virtual reality (VR) company?
  2. Who has started a thorough study to evaluate Broadcom’s planned acquisition of VMware, a provider of enterprise cloud software?
  3. Who was VMware accused of deceiving investors by hiding the business’ financial performance in September?

Business quiz questions

4- Whose prices in the US increased by more than 1% on Tuesday, raising hopes for a significant increase in their pricing in India on Wednesday?

5-By successfully purchasing Mittal Corp Limited (MCL) via the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) method; MCL is now aiming to boost its capital expenditure to Rs 10,000 crore in the next five years to match the plans for organic and inorganic growth through internal accruals.

6- In a written response submitted to the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, who claimed that the ministry had put into place a programme called “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India Phase II” (FAME India Phase II) to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles in the nation?

Business quiz questions

7-How many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of electric vehicles have registered as of December 9? 7.47 Lakh EVs have been sold as part of FAME India Phase II.

8-Which state gave the tourism industry industry status in anticipation of significant investments and to give the business a boost?

Business quiz questions

9- Who stated that while global inflation may have peaked, the risk-to-reward balance is shifting in favour of a “darker” future for the world and emerging market economies (EMEs) seem more vulnerable?

  1. Who are interested in 5G-powered smart gadgets with high speed and enhanced computing capabilities, but are bothered by issues with limited coverage, replacing old devices, and data privacy?

Business quiz questions


1-Lina Khan-led US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

2-The European Commission

3-The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

4-Gold and silver

5-Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited (SMEL)

6-Minister of Heavy Industries, Mahendra Nath Pandey


8- Assam

9- RBI

10-Indian consumers

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