Telangana Current Affairs

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Telangana Current Affairs play an important role to develop the knowledge of the state ruled by CM KCR.

Telangana Current Affairs help candidates to gain knowledge of the state and prepare for the examinations.

Telangana Current Affairs- May 24, 2023

When do the decennial celebrations of Telangana Formation Day begin?
Answer: June 2.

What is the purpose of the grand celebrations planned by the Bharat Rashtra Samithi government?
Answer: To highlight the state’s achievements in the last nine years.

Who is personally finalizing the activities and monitoring the preparations for the celebrations?
Answer: Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Where will KCR pay tributes to Telangana martyrs to inaugurate the celebrations?
Answer: Gun Park in Hyderabad.

Where will KCR unfurl the national flag and address the participants?
Answer: Dr. BR Ambedkar Telangana secretariat premises.

What will be celebrated on June 3 during the Telangana Formation Day celebrations?
Answer: Telangana Farmers Day.

What department will organize programs at Rythu Vedikas on Telangana Farmers Day?
Answer: State Agriculture department.

What achievements of the state’s agriculture sector will be highlighted during the celebrations?
Answer: Free electricity, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, and other schemes.

Who will participate in the community dine with all the farmers?
Answer: Public representatives and officials.

When will Safety Day (Suraksha Day) be observed?
Answer: June 4.

What will the State Police department organize during Safety Day?
Answer: Programmes to explain police efforts in maintaining law and order, friendly police policy, and efficient services.

What will be celebrated on June 5 to highlight achievements in the energy sector?
Answer: ‘Telangana Vidyuttu Vijayotsavam’ (Telangana Power Victory Day).

What will be explained during the meetings at constituency level on Telangana Vidyuttu Vijayotsavam?
Answer: The qualitative change achieved by the state in the power sector.

What other celebration will take place on June 5?
Answer: Singareni celebrations.

When will the Telangana Industrial growth Festival be held?
Answer: June 6.

What is the purpose of the Telangana Industrial growth Festival?
Answer: To highlight the progress achieved in the industrial sector.

What will be celebrated on June 7?
Answer: Irrigation water day.

What will be explained during the meetings organized in each constituency on June 7?
Answer: The progress achieved in the irrigation sector.

Where will the state-level meeting of the State Irrigation department be held?
Answer: Hyderabad.

What will be celebrated on June 8?
Answer: ‘Oorura Cheruvula Panduga’ (celebrations at Water bodies in every village).

What cultural programs will be held on June 8?
Answer: Batukamma and Bonalu.

What activities are planned for June 8 near the ponds?
Answer: Rallies by fishermen and meetings on the embankments.

What will be celebrated on June 9?
Answer: ‘Telangana Sankshema Sambaralu’ (Celebrations of welfare programs).

Who will participate in the meetings held on June 9?
Answer: Beneficiaries of Asara Pensions, Kalyana Lakshmi, and other welfare schemes.

What will be celebrated on June 10?
Answer: Telangana Good Governance day.

What will be the focus of the programs on June 10?
Answer: Conveying the benefits of making government systems more accessible through administrative reforms.

What will be celebrated on June 11?
Answer: Telangana Literature Day.

Where will the district-level kavi Sammelanams be held on June 11?
Answer: In each district.

What level of programs will be held on June 11?
Answer: State-level programs.

When will Telangana Run be held?
Answer: June 12.

Who will organize Telangana Run?
Answer: The state police department.

Who will participate in Telangana Run?
Answer: Youth, students, public representatives, officials, and others.

What will be celebrated on June 13?
Answer: Telangana Women’s Welfare Day.

What will be explained on Telangana Women’s Welfare Day?
Answer: The government’s programs and welfare schemes for the welfare of women.

What will be awarded on June 13?
Answer: Awards to the best women employees.

What will be celebrated on June 14?
Answer: Telangana Medical Day.

What will be highlighted on Telangana Medical Day?
Answer: Revolutionary developments in the medical and health sector.

What will the health department explain on June 14?
Answer: The medical facilities provided to the people and the strengthening of infrastructure.

What will happen on June 14 regarding infrastructure in the medical sector?
Answer: The Chief Minister will lay the foundation stone for the construction of a new building of a 2,000 bed super specialty hospital and expansion of NIMS, Hyderabad.

What will be celebrated on June 15?
Answer: Telangana Palle Pragathi Day.

What will be showcased on Telangana Palle Pragathi Day?
Answer: The progress achieved by Telangana villages that have become a role model.

What will be celebrated on June 16?
Answer: Telangana Pattana Pragathi Day.

What will be highlighted on Telangana Pattana Pragathi Day?
Answer: The progress achieved by urban bodies.

When will Telangana Tribal Festival be celebrated?
Answer: June 17.

Where will meetings be held for Telangana Tribal Festival?
Answer: In the newly-formed tribal villages.

What will officials explain during Telangana Tribal Festival?
Answer: The measures taken by the government for tribal welfare.

What will be celebrated on June 18?
Answer: Telangana Drinking Water Festival.

What will be highlighted during Telangana Drinking Water Festival?
Answer: The transformation of Telangana into a 100% drinking water supply state through Mission Bhagiratha.

What will be celebrated on June 19?
Answer: Telangana Green Festival (Haritha utsavam).

What will be taken on June 19 as part of Telangana Green Festival?
Answer: A large-scale plantation program in all villages and towns across the state.

What will be explained during Telangana Green Festival?
Answer: The efforts made to increase greenery in the state by the state Forest Department and the improvement of forest cover.

What will be celebrated on June 20?
Answer: Telangana Education Day.

Where will meetings be organized on Telangana Education Day?
Answer: In all educational institutions across the state.

What will be highlighted during Telangana Education Day?
Answer: The achievements in the field of education.

What will be held on June 21?
Answer: Telangana Spiritual Day.

Where will various programs be held on Telangana Spiritual Day?
Answer: At temples, mosques, churches, and other places of worship.

When will Telangana Martyrs Commemoration Day be observed?
Answer: June 22.

How will people pay homage to the martyrs on Telangana Martyrs Commemoration Day?
Answer: By observing silence and taking part in a big rally at Tank Bund in Hyderabad.

What will be inaugurated by KCR on June 22?
Answer: The newly-constructed Martyrs Memorial near Tank Bund.

Telangana Current Affairs- May 10, 2023

  1. What is the demand of Junior Panchayat Secretaries in Telangana?
  • They are demanding the regularisation of their services.
  1. What action did the state government warn of in case the JPSs fail to join duty?
  • The state government warned that their services will be terminated.
  1. How many Junior Panchayat Secretaries are there in Telangana?
  • There are about 9,500 Junior Panchayat Secretaries in the state.
  1. What assurance did the Chief Minister of Telangana give to JPSs?
  • The Chief Minister assured that their services will be regularised.
  1. What is the current salary of the JPSs in Telangana?
  • The JPSs are receiving Rs 29,000 as consolidated pay, and after deductions like EPF, they get Rs 26,000.

What were the results of the Telangana Board of Intermediate Education’s first and second year exams?
The overall pass percentage was above 55, with 63.85% clearing the first year and 67.26% passing the second year.
Who announced the results?
Education minister P. Sabitha Indra Reddy announced the results.
How many students appeared in the exams conducted in March and April?
A total of 9,48,153 students had appeared in the exams.

When will advanced supplementary exams be conducted?
Advanced supplementary exams will be conducted from June 4.
What measures has the government taken to ease pressure on students?
The government has done away with the system under which intermediate marks were given weightage in EAMCET, the annual entrance test conducted for admissions to engineering, agriculture, and other professional courses.

What is the pass percentage of Telangana intermediate first year students?
The pass percentage of intermediate first year students is 63.85%.

What is the pass percentage of Telangana intermediate second year students?
The pass percentage of intermediate second year students is 67.26%.

When can students apply for recounting and revaluation of their exam papers?
Students can apply for recounting and revaluation from May 10 to May 16.

Which district achieved the best result in Telangana intermediate first year exam?
Medchal Malkajgiri district achieved the best result in the first year.

Which district performed well in Telangana intermediate second year exam?
Mulugu district performed well in the second year.

Which colleges had a high pass percentage in the Telangana intermediate exams?
Telangana State Residential Junior Colleges (TSRJC), social welfare junior colleges, BC welfare junior colleges, model schools junior colleges, KGBV junior colleges, and Telangana minorities residential junior colleges had a high pass percentage.

What is Tele Manas?
Tele Manas is a separate cell set up by the Telangana Board of Intermediate Education to help students overcome any stress, strain, and anxiety related to their exams. The services of psychologists and psychiatrists for counseling and guidance are available, and students can contact the toll-free number 14416.

Telangana Current Affairs- Feb 18, 2023

1-Actor Sonu Sood, who is renowned for his charitable endeavours, was recently honoured when Gismat Prison Mandi in Kondapur, Hyderabad, unveiled the largest plate in India, the “Sonu Sood Plate,” in all 17 of its locations.

  • Sonu Sood praised Gismat Jail Mandi for having such a creative idea about food that will only make people happier.

2-In what is believed to be a second plot to assassinate a lawmaker from the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi, police in Telangana’s Nizamabad area seized explosive ingredients from a home (BRS).

  • In total, 95 gelatin sticks and 10 detenoators were taken from the home of Bonta Suguna, a woman who had previously been detained for planning to assassinate A. Jeevan Reddy, a Telangana Assembly member from the Armoor constituency in the Nizamabad district.

3-On Friday, the Telangana administration challenged the Telangana High Court’s order to transfer the probe into a purported attempt to poach four Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MPs to the CBI to the Supreme Court.

  • Before a court presided over by Judge B. R. Gavai, senior attorney Dushyant Dave made the following submission on behalf of the state government: “How do I go to the CBI? The BJP is the target of the FIR’s accusations.

Telangana Current Affairs

4-Political figures and celebrities from all across the nation wished Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) a happy birthday on his 69th birthday on Friday (Feb. 17).

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the first to wish KCR a happy birthday through Twitter, writing, “Happy birthday to Telangana Chief Minister Shri K Chandrashekhar Rao garu. He deserves a long life and excellent health, I pray.
Narendra Modi

5-KCR succeeded in his campaign to carve off a separate Telangana state from Andhra Pradesh, and in 2014 he was elected as the first chief minister of Telangana.

6- KCR helped the TRS party win the 2018 assembly elections for a second time in a row. He changed the TRS into the BRS in 2022 as a possible national rival to the BJP and Congress.

7-Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, criticised Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday for calling the Center’s goal of a $5 trillion GDP a joke.

  • With her hands folded, she declared that she was pleading with KCR not to laugh about the goal.
  • The minister was addressing Doordarshan’s Amrit Kaal Budget event in Hyderabad.
Nirmala Sitharaman
Nirmala Sitharaman

Telangana Current Affairs

8-K.T. Rama Rao, the minister of information technology for Telangana, issued a letter to Nirmala Sitharaman, the minister of finance for the Union, on Thursday raising significant concerns about the budget proposal for building data embassies in Gujarat International Financial Tec-City (GIFT city).

  • The minister described the “great hazards” associated with placing multiple international data embassies in one place, especially in an earthquake-prone region.
  • The letter also outlines Hyderabad’s benefits as a prime site for data centres.

9-According to KTR, Hyderabad is ideally situated for the construction of data centres because it is located in Seismic Zone-II, one of India’s least seismically active regions.

  • The startup showcase, a forum for emerging entrepreneurs in the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, will be held during 10-BioAsia 2023, Asia’s largest life sciences and healthcare conference.
  • A startup stage pavilion and an incubator pavilion will be part of the Telangana government-organized life sciences event’s Innovation Zone.
Telangana Current Affairs

10-Hyderabad will host BioAsia 2023 from February 24 to 26.

Telangana Current Affairs

11-More than 3,000 international attendees from more than 50 nations are anticipated during BioAsia’s 20th anniversary event.

12-Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (I&C and IT), Government of Telangana, claimed that the sheer volume of startup financing and deals is proof that Hyderabad has become one of the top five startup centres in the nation.

13- Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Thursday declared looking into the viability of replicating the Telangana model for the conservation of this priceless natural resource and replenishing the water level in the state in an effort to stop the groundwater table from diminishing.

  • Bhagwant Singh Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, stated on Thursday that his state’s irrigation system will be modelled after Telangana’s successful one in order to replenish groundwater and channel river water properly.
  • He added that Punjab has to adequately harness river resources to relieve the pressure on groundwater due to paddy farming while on a day-long study trip to Telangana to examine various irrigation projects in that state.
Bhagwant Singh Mann
Bhagwant Singh Mann

Telangana Current Affairs

14-Mann, who visited the Siddipet district with officials, told reporters that the over use of groundwater resources for producing paddy caused the ground water level in several areas of Punjab to drop to worrying levels.

15-Bhagwant Singh Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, visited the check-dams built at Erravelly on 15 to learn about the artificial recharge structures created by the irrigation department.

  • Also, the chief minister went to Pandavula Cheruvu in the Gajwel constituency to observe the tank restoration projects being carried out as part of Mission Kakatiya.

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