National Flag of India: A Dive into its Measurements

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National Flag of India: Its Size and Dimensions

The Indian tricolor, popularly recognized as the national flag of India, is a spirited symbol reflecting the nation’s unity, diverse essence, and deep-rooted cultural legacy. Ready to uncover the specifics of its design and dimensions? Here we go!

Essence and Interpretation of National Flag of India

India’s National emblem consists of three equally broad horizontal bands. Let’s understand the story each one narrates:

Saffron (Upper Band): A testament to bravery, devotion, and the spirit of giving. This hue captures the essence of Indians always standing up for their country’s prosperity.

White (Center Band): A beacon of honesty, sanctity, and serenity. This color proudly stands for India’s unity in diversity, marking the harmonious blend of varied faiths and ethnicities.

Green (Lower Band): Embracing prosperity, vitality, and good fortune. This captures India’s agricultural lineage and dedication to eco-friendly growth.

Ashoka Chakra: Nestled in the heart of the white band, this deep blue 24-spoked wheel stands for moral uprightness, evolution, and the never-ending cycle of life. It also mirrors India’s path to inner enlightenment and self-recognition.

Sizing it RightNational Flag of India

Bound by the standards of the Flag Code of India, the tricolor’s specifications ensure consistency and honor. Let’s unwrap the crucial metrics:

Proportions: The flag’s breadth is precisely two-thirds its length, making the proportion 2:3.

Size Variants: Depending on the context of usage and presentation, the Flag Code lists diverse dimensions. Check them out:

6300 x 4200 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 1295 mm
3600 x 2400 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 740 mm
2700 x 1800 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 555 mm
1800 x 1200 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 370 mm
1350 x 900 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 280 mm
900 x 600 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 185 mm
450 x 300 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 90 mm
225 x 150 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 40 mm
150 x 100 mm – Ashoka Chakra: 25 mm

Ashoka Chakra Diameter: Spanning three-fourths of the white band’s breadth, the wheel sits perfectly centered, equally spaced from its top and base.

Displaying the Tricolor National Flag of India Respectfully

The reverence for the Indian National Flag is paramount. A quick look at its decorous handling:

1-Never let it graze the ground.

2-Ensure it flutters upright when on display.
3-The saffron stripe always takes the upper spot, while the green remains at the base.
4-Commercial utilization is a no-no.
5-Avoid immersing or lowering it in salutation.
6-Torn or stained flags should be discreetly and respectfully discarded.

7-It’s not for fashion or decorative use.

By sticking to these uncomplicated rules, we can pay homage to the respect and dignity the Indian tricolor truly merits.

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