International News in Short- One Liners

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International News in Short- One Liners

One-liner Questions:

  1. Who did David Cameron speak to just after being appointed as the new British Foreign Secretary?
  2. What warning did UNRWA issue regarding its operations in Gaza?
  3. What limitation does the UK’s post-Brexit Points Based Immigration System impose on migrant workers?
  4. What risk do thousands of migrant workers in the UK face, according to a new report?
  5. How many patients died in the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza due to a fuel outage?
  6. Who were among the dead at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza?
  7. What project will King Charles III launch on his 75th birthday?
  8. What event will King Charles III host at Buckingham Palace?
  9. How does King Charles III rank in terms of longest-lived British monarchs?
  10. What did the US Supreme Court release for the first time?
  11. What emergency was declared in a town in Iceland?
  12. What geological feature is Iceland known for?
  13. What is significant about the Litli-Hrutur eruption in the Fagradalsfjall area?
  14. Who captured the Hamas parliament building in Gaza?
  15. Who did the IDF reportedly kill in Gaza?
  16. Who were involved in confrontations that resulted in four deaths in Lebanon?
  17. What incident occurred on the campus of Louisiana Tech University?


  1. David Cameron spoke to his American counterpart Antony Blinken.
  2. UNRWA warned that its humanitarian operations in Gaza would halt due to depleted fuel reserves.
  3. The UK’s system limits migrant workers’ abilities to change jobs.
  4. Migrant workers face the risk of exploitation due to failures in the employer sponsorship scheme.
  5. At least 34 patients died in the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.
  6. Seven newborns were among the dead at Al-Shifa Hospital.
  7. King Charles III will launch the Coronation Food Project.
  8. He will host a reception for 400 NHS nurses and midwives.
  9. He is the sixth longest-lived British monarch.
  10. The US Supreme Court released its first-ever set of ethics rules.
  11. An emergency was declared over a possible volcanic eruption in Grindavik, Iceland.
  12. Iceland is known for its active volcanic sites.
  13. Litli-Hrutur’s eruption was significant as the site was dormant for eight centuries.
  14. The IDF captured the Hamas parliament building in Gaza.
  15. The IDF killed Khamis Dababash, a senior Hamas operative.
  16. Confrontations between Hezbollah and the Israeli army resulted in four deaths.
  17. A random act of violence involving stabbings occurred at Louisiana Tech University.

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