Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq-2022

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Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq-2022

  1. Which component of the computer system can you actually touch?

(A) data

Operating systems (B)

Hardware (C)

software (D)

2- Computer IC chips are typically constructed of:

(A) Lead

Silicon (B)

Chromium, (C)

(D) Gold

3 of the following are not input devices.

Mice (A)

Light pen (B)

Keyboard (C)


4- Which of the following is a non-volatile memory example?

(A) Memory cache



None of the above (D)

5-The following sums up one gigabyte roughly:

(A) 1000,000 bytes

(B) 1000,000,000 bytes

(C) 1000,000,000,000 bytes

None of these (D)

Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq

6-Which of the following does not serve as an illustration of an operating system?

(A)-Windows 98,

B-BSD Unix

C-Microsoft Office XP

D-Red Hat Linux

7-. An electronic device known as a………. processes data and transforms it into information.


(B) processor

(C) case

(D) stylus

8-bit is meant for

A- Binary information word

B-Binary digit

C-Binary tree

D- Bivariate Theory

  1. The phrase “page traffic” refers to

(A) The quantity of pages in memory at any particular time.

(B) The number of papers that must be sent in response to a specific page request.

(C) The in-and-outflow of pages from memory.

(D) The quantity of loaded memory pages with running processes.

10 A interpreter is

(A) A programme that loads programmes into memory and gets them ready to run.

(B) A programme that seems to run a source programme in machine language

(C) A programme that automatically translates assembly code into machine language is option

(D) A programme that accepts a high-level language programme and generates an object programme.

Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq

11-The 8085 microprocessor has how many buses connected to it?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) 8

12 – The data bus uses how many bits?

(A) 7

(B) 8

(C) 9

(D) 16

13-.……………. is processed by the computer into information.

(A) Data

Numbers (B)

(C) Alphabets

(D) Pictures

14-An assembler is

(A) Dependent on the programming language.

(B) Dependent on syntax.

(C) Machine dependent

(D)- Data dependent

15 One kilobyte is equal to:

(A) 1000 bytes

(B) 100 bytes

(C) 1024 bytes in

(D) 1023 bytes in

Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq

16- The binary representation of the number 7 is –

(A) 110

(B) 111

(C) 101

(D) 100

17- In which generation of computers, transistors were used?

(A) Initial

Second (B)

Third (C)

Fourth (D)

18-What does “ALU” stand for?

(A) Long Unit Arithmetic

All longer units (B)

(C) Concerning Logic Units

(D) Logical and Arithmetic Units

19–The term ‘Pentium’ is related to –


Hard Drive (B)

Microprocessor (C)

Mouse (D)

20- Which of the following computer types has the most power?

(A) A super-microphone

(B) Supercomputer


(D) Minicomputer

21-The most prevalent kind of storage devices are……….

(A) persistent

optical (B)

magnetised (C)

flash (D)

22-The group of software applications that control a computer’s hardware and software are referred to as

(A) System compiler

Operation system (B)

(C) Operating system

None of these (D)

23- If a programme is able to handle data mistakes, it might be referred to as

(A) Robust

(B) dependable

Unreliable (C)

(D) Consistent performance

24-. Which of the following loaders is launched at system startup or initialization?

(A) Bootloader

(B) Compile and Go loader

C-Bootstrap loader

(D) Associated loader

25- Storage mapping is carried out by

Linker (A)

(B) Compiler

Loader (C)

(D) Operating system

Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq






5-1000,000,000 bytes

6-Microsoft Office XP


8-binary digit

9-The movement of pages in and out of memory.

10- A program that appears to execute a source program as if it were machine language

Computer general knowledge questions and answers mcq

11- 3



14-Machine dependant.

15-1024 bytes



18-Arithmetic and Logical Units


20-Super Computer


22-Operating system


24-Bootstrap loader

25- Compiler

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