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Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- February 21, 2024

One Liner Questions: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Who is the senior national women’s team set to clash with in their maiden game at the Turkish Women’s Cup?
  2. On what day did the Indian Senior Women’s Team have their last training session before their opening game?
  3. From which city did the team travel to reach Alanya for the Turkish Women’s Cup?
  4. How many national champions will the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India honor?
  5. What is the big prize Sri Lankan cricketer Chamari Athapaththu aiming for?
  6. Which university did Shubhrant Patra represent at the 4th Khelo India University Games?
  7. How many goals did Harry Kane score in the league for Bayern Munich?
  8. Where is the Vooty Masters 2024 golf tournament being held?
  9. Who was the top performer in the Pro Kabaddi League match between U Mumba and Telugu Titans?
  10. Why has Jasprit Bumrah been released from the Indian squad?
  11. What is K.L Rahul’s participation in the final Test match subject to?
  12. What name did Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli give their newborn son?
  13. Who defeated the Kochi Blue Spikers in the Prime Volleyball League?
  14. Who passed away from cardiac arrest at the age of 63?
  15. What significant match is FC Barcelona playing in the UEFA Champions League?
  16. Where will the final-four stage of the National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy be held?
  17. Who overcame Amitesh Goenka in the CCI Snooker Classic 2024?
  18. What incident is the AIFF demanding clarification on from the Delhi Soccer Association?
  19. Who are U.P Yoddhas set to face in their last match of the season?
  20. For what reason has spinner Noor Ahmad been banned for 12 months?
  21. Which club is Kylian Mbappe reportedly finalizing an agreement to join?
  22. When will the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Playoffs begin?
  23. How many points did Pawan Sehrawat score in the match against U Mumba?
  24. What is the total prize purse for the Vooty Masters 2024 golf tournament?
  25. What does the name “Akaay” mean in Turkish?
  26. Who scored the winner in the 1990 World Cup final?
  27. Which team did Shubhrant Patra help win the 4x100m freestyle crown?
  28. Which city will host the Santosh Trophy for the first time?
  29. What was the final score between Chennai Blitz and Kochi Blue Spikers?
  30. Who informed of Andreas Brehme’s passing?


  1. Estonia.
  2. Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Istanbul.
  4. 105 National champions.
  5. The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup later this year.
  6. Jain University.
  7. 25 goals.
  8. Vooty Golf County Club in Vikarabad.
  9. Pawan Sehrawat.
  10. To give him rest.
  11. Fitness.
  12. Akaay.
  13. Chennai Blitz.
  14. Andreas Brehme.
  15. Against Napoli in the first leg of the Round of 16 stage.
  16. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  17. Nikhilesh Pillai.
  18. The incident during the Delhi Premier League match.
  19. Puneri Paltan.
  20. For breaching his Player Agreement.
  21. Real Madrid.
  22. February 26.
  23. 14 raid points.
  24. INR 1 crore.
  25. “The lighting moon.”
  26. Andreas Brehme.
  27. Jain University.
  28. Arunachal Pradesh.
  29. 15-10, 15-12, 16-14.
  30. His partner Susanne Schaefer.

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Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- February 6, 2024

One Liner Questions: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. When does the senior men’s calendar for the 2024-25 season kick off?
  2. What date is the ISL scheduled to begin?
  3. When will the Indian Women’s League start?
  4. Who is returning to lead Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy after recovering from a health emergency?
  5. Where will the Zimbabwe vs India five-match T20I series be held?
  6. Until what year has Nikhil Chaudhary re-signed with Hobart Hurricanes?
  7. Which championships did Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur kick off?
  8. How many Indian chess players occupied slots in the junior world rankings?
  9. Who matched the achievement of being the joint second-fastest to reach 31 Test centuries?
  10. What injury did Lance Morris suffer during the third ODI against West Indies?
  11. When is the first edition of the Indian Veteran Premier League set to kick off?
  12. Who scored a double century in the second Test against England?
  13. How many wickets did Jasprit Bumrah take in the second Test against England?
  14. Who became the fastest Indian fast bowler to reach 150 wickets?

One Liner Answers: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. The senior men’s calendar for the 2024-25 season is set to kick off with the Durand Cup on July 26.
  2. The ISL is scheduled to begin on September 14.
  3. The Indian Women’s League will start in late October.
  4. Mayank Agarwal is returning to lead Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy.
  5. The Zimbabwe vs India five-match T20I series will be held at Harare Sport Club in Harare.
  6. Nikhil Chaudhary has re-signed with Hobart Hurricanes until 2026.
  7. Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur kicked off the 1st BIMSTEC Aquatics Championships 2024.
  8. Five Indian chess players occupied slots in the junior world rankings.
  9. Williamson matched the achievement of being the joint second-fastest to reach 31 Test centuries.
  10. Lance Morris suffered a side strain during the third ODI against West Indies.
  11. The first edition of the Indian Veteran Premier League is set to kick off on February 23, 2024.
  12. Yashasvi Jaiswal scored a double century in the second Test against England.
  13. Jasprit Bumrah took a six-wicket haul in the second Test against England.
  14. Jasprit Bumrah became the fastest Indian fast bowler to reach 150 wickets.

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Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- January 24

  • Taekwondo Premier League Winner: Punjab Royals.
  • Taekwondo Premier League Final Venue: Saroornagar Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.
  • Nitish Reddy’s Score in Col CK Nayudu Trophy: 233.
  • Key Bowlers for Hyderabad against Himachal Pradesh: B Punnaiah and Ilyaan Sathani.
  • Hyderabad’s First Innings Lead over Himachal Pradesh: 118 runs.
  • Gold Medalists in Gymnastics and Cycling at Khelo India Youth Games: Nishka Aggarwal (gymnastics) and Aashirwad Saxena (cycling).
  • Nishka Aggarwal’s Score in Gymnastics: 42.95 points.
  • Cycling Event Won by Aashirwad Saxena: 1 km time trial.
  • ICC Men’s ODI Team of the Year Captain: Rohit Sharma.
  • Pro Kabaddi League Team Winning Against Telugu Titans: Haryana Steelers.
  • Australian Cricketer Celebrating Ayodhya Ram Temple Consecration: David Warner.
  • Praise for Rohit Sharma’s Captaincy: From former Indian pacer Zaheer Khan.
  • Top Teams in Under-13 Apollo Tyres HotFut Youth League: SDFC Panthers and Snipers.
  • Scorers for Hyderabad Women against Gajwel FC: Sushmitha and Nainika.
  • Final Score of Hyderabad vs. CFI in Rajiv Gandhi All India Under-19 T20 Championship: Hyderabad won by one wicket with 155/9.
  • England Player Missing First Practice Session in India: Shoaib Bashir (visa issues).
  • Boxer Returning to Indian Team for Paris Olympics Qualifiers: Mohammad Hussamuddin.
  • Reason for Virat Kohli Missing First Test Against England in Hyderabad: Personal reasons.
  • Rohan Bopanna’s Partner in Australian Open Men’s Doubles: Matthew Ebden.

Questions-Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Who won the inaugural Taekwondo Premier League?
  2. Where was the Taekwondo Premier League final held?
  3. What was Nitish Reddy’s score in the Col CK Nayudu Trophy match?
  4. Who were Hyderabad’s key bowlers against Himachal Pradesh?
  5. What was Hyderabad’s lead in the first innings against Himachal Pradesh?
  6. Who won gold medals in gymnastics and cycling at the Khelo India Youth Games?
  7. What score did Nishka Aggarwal achieve in gymnastics?
  8. What event did Aashirwad Saxena win in cycling?
  9. Who was named as the captain of ICC Men’s ODI team of the year?
  10. Which Pro Kabaddi League team won against Telugu Titans?
  11. Which Australian cricketer celebrated the consecration of Ayodhya Ram Temple?
  12. Who praised Rohit Sharma for his captaincy?
  13. Which teams are at the top in the under-13 category of the Apollo Tyres HotFut Youth League?
  14. Who scored for Hyderabad Women in their win over Gajwel FC?
  15. What was the final score of Hyderabad versus CFI in the Rajiv Gandhi All India Under-19 T20 Cricket Championship?
  16. Who missed England’s first practice session in India due to visa issues?
  17. Which boxer returned to the Indian team for the Paris Olympics qualifiers?
  18. Why won’t Virat Kohli play in the first Test against England in Hyderabad?
  19. Who are Rohan Bopanna’s partner in the Australian Open men’s doubles?

Answers-Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Punjab Royals emerged as the champions.
  2. The final was held at Saroornagar Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.
  3. Nitish Reddy scored 233.
  4. B Punnaiah and Ilyaan Sathani were key bowlers.
  5. Hyderabad took a 118-run lead.
  6. Nishka Aggarwal in gymnastics and Aashirwad Saxena in cycling won gold medals.
  7. Nishka Aggarwal scored 42.95 points.
  8. Aashirwad Saxena won the 1 km time trial.
  9. Rohit Sharma was named as the captain.
  10. Haryana Steelers won against Telugu Titans.
  11. David Warner celebrated the event.
  12. Former Indian pacer Zaheer Khan praised Rohit Sharma.
  13. SDFC Panthers and Snipers topped the league.
  14. Sushmitha and Nainika scored for Hyderabad Women.
  15. Hyderabad won by one wicket with a score of 155/9.
  16. Shoaib Bashir missed due to visa issues.
  17. Mohammad Hussamuddin returned to the team.
  18. Virat Kohli withdrew citing personal reasons.
  19. Rohan Bopanna partnered with Matthew Ebden.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- January 11, 2024

One-Liner Questions: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Who won the recent match between Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv?
  2. What is Mark Selby’s achievement in the MrQ Masters snooker tournament?
  3. What is the slogan for the 9th Asian Winter Games?
  4. What are the allegations against Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Vishwas?
  5. Which teams are joint leaders in Group B of the Kalinga Super Cup?
  6. What was the outcome of the IWL match between Odisha FC and HOPS FC?
  7. Who defeated Lakshya Sen in the first round of the Malaysia Open?
  8. Who did Karan Singh defeat to reach the pre-quarterfinals of the PET ITF Mandya Open?
  9. Where is the 2024 edition of the Women’s Premier League likely to be hosted?
  10. What is at stake in the Kalinga Super Cup 2024 for Chennaiyin FC?
  11. Who is leading the Afghanistan U19 Squad for the ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024?
  12. What new role has Dinesh Karthik been named for with the England Lions?
  13. Which teams are playing in the second semifinal of Ultimate Kho Kho Season 2?

Answers: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Maccabi Haifa secured a 1-0 victory over Maccabi Tel Aviv.
  2. Mark Selby scored his second MrQ Masters match win in five years by defeating Robert Milkins 6-1.
  3. The slogan for the 9th Asian Winter Games is “Dream of Winter, Love among Asia”.
  4. Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Vishwas are accused of opening sports academies in Dhoni’s name and extorting money despite a cancelled contract.
  5. Jamshedpur FC and Kerala Blasters are joint leaders in Group B.
  6. Odisha FC won against HOPS FC with Pyari Xaxa scoring in the last minute of the first half.
  7. Lakshya Sen was defeated by China’s Weng Hong Yang in a straight-game.
  8. Karan Singh defeated Tsung-Hao Huang of Taipei.
  9. The 2024 Women’s Premier League is likely to be hosted by New Delhi and Bengaluru.
  10. Chennaiyin FC aims to win a spot in the AFC Champions League 2 group stage by winning the Kalinga Super Cup.
  11. Naseer Khan is leading the Afghanistan U19 Squad.
  12. Dinesh Karthik has been named batting consultant of England Lions.
  13. Chennai Quick Guns will face Telugu Yoddhas in the second semifinal.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- December 30, 2023

One-Liner Questions-Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Who is the head coach of the South Africa U19 men’s cricket team?
  2. What international cricket events did South Africa host in early 2023?
  3. On what date will Maharashtra celebrate ‘State Sports Day’ annually, starting in 2024?
  4. Who announced the ‘State Sports Day’ in Maharashtra?
  5. How much grant will the Maharashtra government provide each district for sports celebrations?
  6. When is David Warner’s final Test match scheduled?
  7. What did Greg Chappell say about David Warner?
  8. When is the India Open Super 750 taking place?
  9. Which Indian shuttlers will compete in the India Open Super 750?
  10. Who will Bengal Warriors face in the PKL Season 10 opener?
  11. Which cricket players were named in the New Year’s Honours List?
  12. What recognition did Stuart Broad receive in the New Year’s Honours List?
  13. Why does Bajrang Punia want wrestling activities to resume in India?
  14. When is Naomi Osaka returning to tennis and where?
  15. What impact has motherhood had on Naomi Osaka?
  16. What achievements did the Australian men’s cricket team secure in 2023?
  17. Who captained Australia to their recent cricket successes?
  18. Who won the toss in the second ODI between Australia Women and India Women?
  19. Who makes her ODI debut for India in the match against Australia Women?
  20. Who will Caroline Wozniacki face in the ASB Classic match?
  21. Who are the new captains of Sri Lanka’s men’s ODI and T20I teams?
  22. When and where will the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualifiers Ranchi 2024 be held?
  23. Who made history for China at the United Cup?
  24. Why is Gerald Coetzee out of the second Test against India?

Answers-Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Malibongwe Maketa.
  2. U19 Women’s T20 World Cup and the senior Women’s T20 World Cup.
  3. January 15.
  4. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Youth Welfare Minister Sanjay Bansode.
  5. Rs 225,000.
  6. January 3, against Pakistan.
  7. “David Warner has been fantastic for Australian cricket.”
  8. January 16-21, 2024.
  9. Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, Chirag Shetty, HS Prannoy, Kidambi Srikanth, Lakshya Sen, Priyanshu Rajawat.
  10. Gujarat Giants.
  11. Stuart Broad and Marcus Trescothick.
  12. Commanders of the Order of the British Empire (CBE).
  13. To prepare for the Paris Olympics.
  14. In Brisbane.
  15. Made her more open-minded, patient, and confident.
  16. World Test Championship mace and ODI World Cup trophy.
  17. Pat Cummins.
  18. Australia Women.
  19. Shreyanka Patil.
  20. Elina Svitolina.
  21. Kusal Mendis (ODI) and Wanindu Hasaranga (T20I).
  22. January 13 to 19 in Ranchi.
  23. Zhang Zhizhen.
  24. Pelvic inflammation.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers-December 19, 2023

One-Liner Questions-Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Why was Mitchell Johnson removed from guest speaking appearances at Optus Stadium?
  2. What changes were made to the West Indies squad for the final two T20Is against England?
  3. What is the significance of Alzarri Joseph being rested by the West Indies?
  4. What achievement is Pep Guardiola aiming for with Manchester City at the FIFA Club World Cup?
  5. How did Girona secure the top position in La Liga recently?
  6. Which team staged a comeback win against Salernitana in Serie A?
  7. Why did Chennaiyin FC lose against Punjab FC in the ISL match?
  8. Who is the new coach of Sevilla Football Club and until when is the contract?
  9. Which CCL franchisee was bought by BharatRizin?
  10. What was the outcome of the match between Puneri Paltan and Dabang Delhi K.C. in the PKL?
  11. What did Jose Mourinho reveal about his tenure at Manchester United?
  12. Which teams are Manchester City and Arsenal set to face in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16?
  13. Which groups registered wins in the Nagesh Trophy Men’s National T20 Cricket Tournament for the Blind?
  14. What was the result of the Pro Kabaddi League match between Bengal Warriors and U.P. Yoddhas?
  15. What is the significance of the Challenge Tour’s return to India?
  16. What are Brad Hogg’s predictions for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2024 Players Auction?
  17. What happened just before the start of the Pakistan President’s Trophy?

Answers-Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Mitchell Johnson was removed due to his scathing article on former teammate David Warner.
  2. Alzarri Joseph and Shimron Hetmyer dropped out of the West Indies squad.
  3. Joseph was rested to prepare for the upcoming tour of Australia.
  4. Pep Guardiola wants Manchester City to win the FIFA Club World Cup, the only trophy they haven’t won yet.
  5. Girona reached the top of La Liga after a 3-0 win against Alaves.
  6. Atalanta defeated Salernitana 4-1 in Serie A.
  7. Chennaiyin FC lost to Punjab FC 0-1 after having two goals disallowed.
  8. Quique Sanchez Flores is the new coach of Sevilla FC until June 2025.
  9. BharatRizin bought the Bhojpuri Dabanggs franchisee in the Celebrity Cricket League.
  10. Puneri Paltan defeated Dabang Delhi K.C. 30-23 in the Pro Kabaddi League.
  11. Mourinho said Manchester United couldn’t succeed with some players and staff during his tenure.
  12. Manchester City will face Copenhagen and Arsenal will play against Porto.
  13. Kerala, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana won in their respective groups.
  14. Bengal Warriors and U.P. Yoddhas tied 37-37 in the Pro Kabaddi League.
  15. The Challenge Tour returns to India with events in Delhi and Kolkata.
  16. Brad Hogg predicts Mumbai Indians’ interest in Gerald Coetzee and Lance Morris for the IPL auction.
  17. Sui Southern Gas Pipelines withdrew from the Pakistan President’s Trophy before it started.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- December 6, 2023

One-Liner Questions: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Who scored the winning goal for Borussia Monchengladbach in their German Cup quarterfinals match against Wolfsburg?
  2. What has been James Rodriguez’s performance for Sao Paulo so far?
  3. Which club is Nicolas de la Cruz potentially leaving, and which club is he reported to join?
  4. Which club did Sebastian Jurado join on loan from Cruz Azul?
  5. Who scored a hat-trick for the Indian Junior Men’s Hockey Team against Korea?
  6. How did the Indian junior women’s hockey team defeat New Zealand in the FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2023?
  7. What did Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola say about their Premier League title prospects?
  8. Who replaced Paul Heckingbottom as manager of Sheffield United?
  9. Who was the star performer in Gujarat Giants’ victory over U Mumba in the Pro Kabaddi League?
  10. Which renowned Indian boxer attended the World Boxing Council (WBC) Convention in Uzbekistan?
  11. What did Faf du Plessis say about his return to international cricket?
  12. What is Mohun Bagan Super Giant’s motivation in their ISL match against Odisha FC?
  13. Which teams won in the Nagesh Trophy Men’s National T20 Cricket Tournament for the Blind 2023-24?
  14. When and where is the SSP Chawrasia Invitational golf tournament scheduled?

Answers: Latest Sports Quiz with Answers

  1. Kouadio Kone scored the winning goal for Borussia Monchengladbach.
  2. James Rodriguez scored one goal and provided three assists in 14 matches for Sao Paulo.
  3. Nicolas de la Cruz might leave River Plate to join Flamengo.
  4. Sebastian Jurado joined FC Juarez on loan from Cruz Azul.
  5. Araijeet Singh Hundal scored a hat-trick for the Indian Junior Men’s Hockey Team.
  6. The Indian junior women’s hockey team beat New Zealand 3-2 in sudden death in a penalty shootout.
  7. Pep Guardiola said he feels Manchester City will win an unprecedented fourth straight Premier League title.
  8. Chris Wilder replaced Paul Heckingbottom as Sheffield United’s manager.
  9. Sonu Jaglan was the star performer for Gujarat Giants.
  10. Neeraj Goyat represented India at the WBC Convention in Uzbekistan.
  11. Faf du Plessis opened up on the prospects of making a return to international cricket.
  12. Mohun Bagan Super Giant is seeking revenge against Odisha FC for a previous defeat.
  13. Karnataka defeated Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra won against Pondicherry.
  14. The SSP Chawrasia Invitational is scheduled from December 7 to 10 at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- November 21, 2023

One-liner Questions

  1. Who did the officials of the Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) meet in Delhi?
  2. Why was the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia in India recently?
  3. What did CABI officials present to Richard Marles?
  4. Which country won the Men’s Cricket World Cup final against India?
  5. Where is the next ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup scheduled?
  6. Who is the captain of the West Indies team for the upcoming ODI series against England?
  7. Who are the uncapped players in the West Indies squad?
  8. Who scored the goals for Brazil in the Under-17 FIFA World Cup quarterfinals against Ecuador?
  9. How many shots did Brazil make against Ecuador in the Under-17 FIFA World Cup?
  10. Which veteran Argentine winger is expected to return for the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Brazil?
  11. What major ICC men’s events did India win between 2007 and 2013?
  12. What happened to Gujarat Giants in the Legends League Cricket match against Manipal Tigers?
  13. Which teams will compete in the final of the 3rd Hockey India Senior Women Inter-Department National Championship?
  14. What did Puma and La Liga unveil on Monday?
  15. What injury did FC Barcelona’s midfielder Gavi suffer against Georgia?
  16. What did Thomas Muller appeal for ahead of the 2024 UEFA Euro?
  17. Who will lead the Indian team in the T20I series against Australia?
  18. Who is the favorite in the ITF Women’s World Tour event in Pune?
  19. Which teams won on the fourth day of the 13th Hockey India Senior Men National Championship?
  20. Which Indian driver was signed as a Reserve Driver for Mahindra Racing in Formula E?
  21. Who is India facing in their second match of the Preliminary Joint Qualification Round 2 for FIFA World Cup 2026?


  1. The officials of CABI met Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Richard Marles.
  2. The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia was in India to watch the ODI cricket World Cup final.
  3. They presented a Blind Cricket ball to Richard Marles.
  4. Australia beat India.
  5. The next ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will be in the West Indies.
  6. Shai Hope is the captain.
  7. Sherfane Rutherford and Matthew Forde.
  8. Estevao Willian and Luighi Hanri scored for Brazil.
  9. Brazil made 21 shots.
  10. Angel Di Maria.
  11. India won the T20 World Cup in 2007, the ODI World Cup in 2011, and the Champions Trophy in 2013.
  12. Gujarat Giants lost six wickets in the last three overs, leading to a ten runs loss.
  13. Railways and Indian Oil Corporation.
  14. Orbita Yellow Ball, a high-visibility ball.
  15. Gavi suffered a knee injury.
  16. Thomas Muller demanded calmness and confidence.
  17. Suryakumar Yadav will lead.
  18. Pune’s Rutuja Bhosale.
  19. Hockey Karnataka, Manipur Hockey, Hockey Bengal, and Hockey Andhra Pradesh.
  20. Kush Maini.
  21. India is facing Qatar.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- November 13, 2023

One-Liner Questions

  1. Who was recently inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame from India?
  2. What milestone did Virender Sehwag achieve in international cricket?
  3. Who scored a brace for Liverpool in their win over Brentford?
  4. What is Mohamed Salah’s goal involvement record at Anfield in the Premier League?
  5. What did KL Rahul achieve in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup against the Netherlands?
  6. Who is India’s head coach expressing confidence about handling World Cup pressure?
  7. What was the final score in the Chelsea vs Manchester City Premier League match?
  8. When will the Israeli Basketball Super League resume after its suspension?
  9. Who led Lithuania’s women’s basketball team with the highest points against Poland?
  10. Which country won the Billie Jean King Cup for the first time?
  11. Who won the 40th Athens Marathon with a new course record?


  1. Virender Sehwag has been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame.
  2. Sehwag scored over 17,000 runs in his 14-year international cricket career.
  3. Mohamed Salah scored a brace for Liverpool.
  4. Salah has 119 goal involvements in 117 appearances at Anfield in the Premier League.
  5. KL Rahul hit the fastest World Cup hundred for India and showed excellent wicket-keeping skills.
  6. India’s head coach Rahul Dravid expressed confidence in handling World Cup pressure.
  7. The Chelsea vs Manchester City match ended in a 4-4 draw.
  8. The Israeli Basketball Super League will resume on November 25.
  9. Gintare Petronyte scored 25 points for Lithuania against Poland.
  10. Canada won the Billie Jean King Cup for the first time.
  11. Edwin Kiptoo won the 40th Athens Marathon, setting a new course record.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers- October 27, 2023


  1. Who won a gold medal in the men’s single SL3 category at the Para Asian Games in Hangzhou?
  2. How many gold medals has Pramod Bhagat won recently?
  3. Who scored for Internacional against Vasco da Gama in Brazil’s Serie A championship?
  4. How did Prado score the goal against Vasco da Gama?
  5. Which team did Bayer Leverkusen defeat in the UEFA Europa League group stage?
  6. Who scored the first goal for Bayer Leverkusen against Qarabag?
  7. Why will Israel host its Euro 2024 qualifying matches in Hungary?
  8. Who beat England in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup?
  9. What is England’s position in the World Cup after the defeat?
  10. How much has the sports budget increased under Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
  11. Where was the 37th National Games inaugurated?
  12. Who will become the first New Zealand umpire to stand in 200 first-class matches?
  13. Why is former Australian cricketer Greg Chappell in the news?
  14. Who was the top-performing Indian at the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championships?
  15. Why has Hasan Ali been ruled out of the World Cup match against South Africa?
  16. Which country leads the medal tally at the 15th Asian Shooting Championship?
  17. Who won the junior men’s Skeet at the 15th Asian Shooting Championship?


  1. Pramod Bhagat.
  2. Three – Paralympic Gold, World Championships Gold, and the Para Asian Games Gold.
  3. Mauricio Prado and Enner Valencia.
  4. With a left-footed finish after receiving a through ball from Alan Patrick.
  5. Qarabag.
  6. Florian Wirtz.
  7. Due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and UEFA’s suspension on holding matches in Israel because of the security situation.
  8. Sri Lanka.
  9. Their chances of defending their World Cup crown are likely over.
  10. It is three times more than earlier.
  11. At the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Fatorda, South Goa.
  12. Billy Bowden.
  13. He is facing a financial crisis and his friends are pushing for an online fundraising platform to assist him.
  14. Shubham Jaglan.
  15. Due to a fever.
  16. China.
  17. Harmehar Lally.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers-September 12


  1. Who replaced Shardul Thakur in the fourth game of Super 4 stage of Asia Cup 2023?
  2. Which country is hosting the fourth game of Super 4 stage of Asia Cup 2023?
  3. Why has Paul Pogba been provisionally suspended from playing?
  4. What substance was found elevated in Pogba’s anti-doping test?
  5. Why is Shreyas Iyer unavailable for Tuesday’s Asia Cup Super 4 game against Sri Lanka?
  6. Where is the Jharkhand Women’s Asian Champions Trophy Ranchi 2023 scheduled to be held?
  7. Who will India play against in their opening game of the Jharkhand Women’s Asian Champions Trophy Ranchi 2023?
  8. Who became India’s top wicket-taker in men’s ODIs this year after the Asia Cup Super Four match against Pakistan?
  9. Who won the 5th National Wheelchair Rugby Championship 2023?
  10. Who conducted the 5th National Wheelchair Rugby Championship 2023?
  11. Which two countries are playing a key match in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier?
  12. Who introduced the astrologer to Indian football team coach Igor Stimac?
  13. Who are the pacers added to Pakistan’s Asia Cup squad in place of Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf?
  14. What challenge is Ankit Baiyanpuriya, the former desi wrestler from Bayanpur, Sonipat, known for?
  15. What book does Ankit Baiyanpuriya incorporate in his routines for mental well-being?
  16. Why is Paraguayan midfielder Diego Gomez ruled out of the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Venezuela?
  17. What was the score in Brazil’s game against Bolivia in their FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign?


  1. Axar Patel.
  2. Sri Lanka.
  3. Because of an anti-doping offence.
  4. Elevated levels of testosterone.
  5. He is yet to fully recover from back spasm.
  6. Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Astro Turf Hockey Stadium, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
  7. Thailand.
  8. Kuldeep Yadav.
  9. Maharashtra.
  10. The Indian Rugby Football Union (Rugby India) in association with the Wheelchair Rugby Federation of India and Mitsubishi Corporation.
  11. Cameroon and Burundi.
  12. The All India Football Federation (AIFF).
  13. Shahnawaz Dahani and Zaman Khan.
  14. 75-day hard challenge.
  15. Bhagavad Gita.
  16. A left thigh strain.
  17. 5-1 in favor of Brazil.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers-August 9, 2023

  1. In which position did India’s Aditi Ashok finish in the Women’s Scottish Open?
    • Answer: Tied 55th.
  2. Which athletes’ World Records were ratified by World Athletics for this season?
    • Answer: Kenyan Faith Kipyegon (women’s 1500m and 5000m) and Ethiopian Lamecha Girma (men’s 3000m steeplechase).
  3. Why was West Indies’ Nicholas Pooran fined 15% of his match fee by the ICC?
    • Answer: For breaching Level 1 of the ICC Code of Conduct (public criticism).
  4. What did Nicholas Pooran’s innings contribute to West Indies’ victory against India in the second T20I?
    • Answer: He scored 67 off 40 deliveries, helping West Indies chase down India’s total.
  5. What is the fresh official name of the Spanish La Liga this season?
    • Answer: Liga EA Sports.
  6. How did Pakistan bounce back into contention in the AHF Men’s Asian Champions Trophy?
    • Answer: They defeated China 2-1.
  7. How did England and Australia advance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup?
    • Answer: England advanced through a penalty shootout, while Australia won with a 2-0 victory.
  8. How did the Indian men’s hockey team fare against the Republic of Korea in the Asian Champions Trophy?
    • Answer: They emerged as 3-2 winners.
  9. What sport did visually challenged cricketers excel in, according to Mohammad Kaif?
    • Answer: Cricket.
  10. Why will Giuliano Simeone miss the entire season?
    • Answer: He suffered a double fracture in his left leg during a friendly game.
  11. Which cricketing association recently concluded its own T20 league called Sher-E-Punjab T20 Cup?
    • Answer: Punjab Cricket Association (PCA).
  12. Who did Karolina Pliskova line up to face in the second round of the Canadian Open?
    • Answer: Reigning World No.1 Iga Swiatek.
  13. Who defeated Venus Williams in the first round of the Canadian Open?
    • Answer: Madison Keys.

Latest Sports Quiz with Answers-July 12, 2023

  1. Who became the first Indian bowler to claim the wickets of a father and son duo in Test cricket?
    • Answer: Ravichandran Ashwin
  2. Which Spanish defender did FC Goa sign ahead of the 2023-24 season?
    • Answer: Odei Onaindia
  3. How did India’s Ganemat Sekhon perform in the Women’s Skeet event at the ISSF World Cup in Italy?
    • Answer: Shot a perfect round of 25, but missed making the final despite a national record score of 120 in qualifying.
  4. Who did Aryna Sabalenka defeat to reach the Wimbledon semifinals?
    • Answer: Madison Keys
  5. Which zone’s bowlers took control in the rain-hit Duleep Trophy final, reducing South Zone to 182/7?
    • Answer: West Zone
  6. In which position does India’s Shubman Gill wish to cement himself in Test cricket?
    • Answer: Number three
  7. Which broadcasting network acquired the TV rights for the ACC Men’s Emerging Asia Cup 2023?
    • Answer: Star Sports
  8. Who won the toss and elected to bat first in the first Test between India and West Indies?
    • Answer: Kraigg Brathwaite (West Indies captain)
  9. Who is the India national football team captain who recently won three back-to-back titles?
    • Answer: Sunil Chhetri
  10. Which Indian shuttlers made a bright start at the Badminton Asia Junior Championships in Yogyakarta?
    • Answer: Young Indian shuttlers (no specific names mentioned)
  11. Which Indian cricket coach recalled Virat Kohli’s Test debut in 2011 and saw something special in him?
    • Answer: Rahul Dravid (India head coach)

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